Assassination!: The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents



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Smith, Brendan Powell.

Assassination! : the brick chronicle presents attempts on the lives of twelve US presidents / Brendan Powell Smith. pages cm

Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 978-1-62087-998-6 (hardcover : alk. paper) 1. Presidents--Assassination--United States--History--Juvenile literature.

2. Presidents--Assassination attempts--United States--History--Juvenile literature. 3. LEGO toys--Juvenile literature. I. Title.

E176.1.S644 2013



Printed in China

Editor: Julie Matysik

Designer: Brian Peterson

Managing Editor: Abigail Gehring

For Lucia, Jessica, and Lila.

“Assassination is not an American practice or habit, and one so vicious and so desperate cannot be engrafted into our political system. This conviction of mine has steadily gained strength since the Civil War began. Every day’s experience confirms it.”

—William Seward, 1862

Chapter 1
January 30, 1835

A cold, damp January morning in 1835: Andrew Jackson exits the Capitol building where he has just attended a funeral service for a congressman.

Leaning on his cane and on Treasury Secretary Levi Woodbury for support, the sixty-seven-year-old president approaches the Capitol steps, unaware of the lurking danger just behind the next pillar.

Suddenly, a flamboyantly dressed man emerges in front of the president with a pistol aimed directly at Jackson’s chest. Standing only six feet away from his target, he pulls the trigger and a loud bang is heard.

Jackson is momentarily stunned, but unhurt.

Realizing it was a misfire, the man quickly discards the pistol and produces a second pistol from his coat. He takes aim at the president again and pulls the trigger.

Another loud bang, but the second pistol also misfires. By this time, Jackson has become outraged and charges at the assassin with his cane.

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