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Broken Together (64 page)

were the results?” I inquired breathlessly.

flipped through a couple of pages on her clipboard. “Her creatinine dropped to
one point six, and her BUN is at thirty-three. Her kidneys and liver are

God.” Rafael pulled me into his arms.

she patted my arm. “We’ll remove her arterial line if those numbers continue to
improve. Your friends will be allowed to see her, and you’ll be able to hold
her as often as you like once that line is removed.”

relinquished all of the fear and all of the tears that had accumulated over

held me while I cried. “The nurse shift change is about to begin. Let’s grab
some breakfast and call your parents.” We walked out of the NICU arm in arm.

eyes widened when I saw everyone sitting in the waiting room. My eyes slid
toward Maxim. He looked smug. “You managed to get them all in before visiting

nodded. Once.

eyed our family and friends. “Gabriella’s blood was drawn early this morning.
Her liver and her kidneys are improving. She doesn’t need surgery.”

cheers echoed down the hall.

* * * *

moves like molasses when you’re living in fear. With faith and hope, time moves
surprisingly fast. Our NICU days poured into weeks, then months. We celebrated
every accomplishment… the day the arterial line was removed, the night the
feeding tube was removed, the day the phototherapy was discontinued, and the
day Gabriella graduated to the “feed and grow room.”

spent very little time in her Isolette once that arterial line was removed. Our
friends proved anxious to cuddle with her. Our nurses wrestled her away a time
or two, just so they could hold her. Cenia and Shae threw a baby shower at the
hospital when Gabriella was transferred to the “feed and grow room.”

daughter was in the NICU for ten weeks. She weighed a whopping four pounds the
day we drove her home. My parents surprised us by purchasing an elegant white
crib, a blue rocker recliner, and a beautiful chest of drawers. Magically, our
Santorini room was transformed into a whimsical nursery.

thrived. She ate well, cooed, and giggled, all the while wrapping us around her
little finger. My parents returned home. Lexie entered the fray and quickly won
Gabriella’s affections. Benjamim, Eva, Chief D’Souza, and Mariana spent a week
with us. Brady, Jase, Kadyn, Oni, and Shae continued jockeying for our guest

felt happy… blessed… content. So content, I was hesitant to climb out of bed.
Rafael was wrapped around me, radiating heat and strength. The cedar and cloves
from his cologne was coaxing me back to sleep. The house was still and dark.
Still, Gabriella had conditioned me to wake every three hours. I didn’t mind.
This, too, was a blessing; the fact that I could nurse my child. Gabriella
called to me without making a sound.

eased out from beneath Rafael’s arm, pressed a kiss against his prickly cheek,
and slid from bed. Quietly, I tiptoed to Gabriella’s room. Jase was sprawled
out, dozing in the recliner next to her crib. She lie nestled against his
chest. I thanked God for him before pressing a kiss to her head.

admired my daughter’s perky nose, her little bow lips, tousled hair, and the
long eyelashes that dusted her soft pink cheeks. I’d been praying every day…
praying that life wouldn’t break her the way it had broken me… but I knew, as
surely as God was resting his hand on my shoulder and peering down at her too,
that she’d never be broken and alone. She’d be
the day he called her home.

# #


About the Author

I live in Northern
Virginia with my football-crazed husband, two beautiful daughters, and two
psychotic Shih Tzus. I teach courses in international relations, foreign
policy, peacekeeping, and human security at the American Military University. I
also work as a reading tutor at my daughters’ elementary school. What can I
say? I still love school. Reading has long been my passion, so I belong to not
one but two book clubs, which I fondly refer to as my “good girl bookclub” and
my “bad girl bookclub.” Suffice it to say the “bad girl bookclub” is the one
that decided to read Fifty Shades of Gray.

I’ve been writing for as
long as I can remember. In my childhood, I loved writing poetry, song lyrics,
and short stories. Somehow, this morphed into Supreme Court briefs, government
reports, congressional bills, journal articles, and op ed pieces as I grew
older. And now? I’m writing romantic suspense novels and loving every minute of

Thanks for reading the fifth
and final book in The Broken Series. I am contemplating a spin off series, so
let me know which characters you’d like me to pursue. I love hearing from my
readers, so please stop by, drop me a note, and let me know what you
think about the series!

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