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De Potter's Grand Tour (29 page)

I'd like to thank the following people who helped make this book possible: My mother, who gave me the key to the gilt cabinet when I was a young girl, thus igniting my interest in the dusty treasures left behind by lost stories; the librarians in Rochester, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia, and Nicolas de Potter of Belgium, who helped me ferret out revealing clues from the muddle of history; Lisa Wright at the University of Rochester, John Knight at Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and Steve Boldt, who helped put my words and pictures into print; Aimee Lykes, in memory, and Heather Partis, who gave me access to material on their side of the family; my agent, Geri Thoma, who brought me into the warmth of her office when I was twenty-two and has been giving me shelter ever since; my editor, Ileene Smith, who worked tirelessly to make this book stronger; my colleagues Kenneth Gross, Jennifer Grotz, and Stephen Schottenfeld, who, with their work and probing conversations, spark ideas; my friends and fellow artists—Maureen Howard, Mark Probst, Steve Erickson, Lori Precious, and Louise Glück—who helped me find my way through a labyrinth that at times threatened to defeat me; my daughters, Kathryn and Alice, who are my inspiration; and James Longenbach, who keeps me marveling as we travel together on this grand tour through life.


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A Note About the Author

JOANNA SCOTT is the author of ten books, including
The Manikin
, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize;
Various Antidotes
, which were both finalists for the PEN/Faulkner Award; and the critically acclaimed novels
Make Believe
, and
Follow Me
. She is a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Lannan Award.


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First edition, 2014


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Scott, Joanna, 1960–

De Potter's grand tour / Joanna Scott. — First edition.

   pages cm

ISBN 978-0-374-16233-7 (hardcover) — ISBN 978-0-374-71046-0 (ebook)

1. Voyages around the world—Fiction. I. Title.

PS3569. C636D43 2014



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