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Authors: Cyn Balog

Tags: #General Fiction Suspense

Dead River (24 page)

As the sun begins to slide behind the trees, Trey puts his arms around me and pulls me close. When he says “I love you,” I know that this, us, is one of those things.

“Who’s going to make the fire?” Angela asks.

“I’m on it,” I say, holding up two sticks.

Angela and Justin look at each other and burst out laughing. “I’ll believe that when I see it,” Justin mumbles.

“Prepare to be amazed,” I say, crouching over the fire pit.

I concentrate on wanting it. Two minutes later, a good-sized fire is crackling in the pit. My cousin and my ex-boyfriend exchange glances, sufficiently impressed. Trey leans over me and whispers, “I call that cheating, kid.”

I grin. “How is it cheating, using my innate Mistress abilities?”

He bows. “Oh, of course, Your Royal Highness.”

When I try to smack him, he grabs my hand and pulls me into another embrace. His kiss is hotter than any fire I could make.

Later, we all sit in a circle, toasting marshmallows, and when it’s time to tell stories, I’m the first to volunteer. Because I have a really good one. But this one is true, and best of all, it has a happy ending.


CYN BALOG fell out of the raft on her first, and only, trip down the Dead River. She is the author of
Starstruck, Sleepless
, and
Fairy Tale
. Cyn lives in Pennsylvania with her family. Visit her online at

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