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Hot Holiday Houseguests (6 page)

She moaned on his cock and felt Jack’s hips thrust for more. In a few strokes, he came, bending over her body and sucking her tits.

Paul eagerly took his brother’s spot, and Jack stuck his hand down her jeans. “How many times can we get her off?” he asked softly. Jack added a little snow on her breast and watched her bow.

She fucked his fingers slower and pulled Paul close.

“Mark.” Kelly reached a hand out in his direction.

“Later,” he said.

That was odd, but Kelly didn’t let him ruin her sexual buzz. She filed his distance in her memory. Paul pulled back and came on her chilled breast as Jack tried to fit four fingers in her cunt. Mark stepped up and covered her mouth as she bucked and cried out. Her hands clung to him as her pussy left a wet spot in her jeans.

Mark unzipped his fly, and his hard cock sprang free. He didn’t let her suck it but jerked himself hard at the tip until he added his cum to her breast.

“Done?” Mark asked.

She nodded, and he removed his hand from her mouth.

“Thanks.” If the neighbors heard her scream, she’d be humiliated forever.

“Let’s get you inside and warm.” Mark looked at his cousins. “Don’t you two have an interview?”

“Shit. We’re going to be late.” Paul zipped up.

Jack followed, not looking as concerned.

“Damn, I’m sorry. I forgot.” Kelly got up and closed her jeans. She found her bra, and they headed inside. Now, she understood why Mark had held back. For a second, she’d really believed he was annoyed at her wanting to share the men.

“They’ll make it. But I had to short myself a little.” Mark grabbed some snow and slid it down the crack of her pants.

She jumped and wiggled.

“You’ll make it up to me later,” he said.

“Always. I shouldn’t have started it now. It just seemed like a moment.” She moved close and kissed him. “Let’s go in.”

“I need to shower you off.” He rubbed their cum into her breasts.

Once in the kitchen, she felt she had to ask. “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about our situation with the guys.”

If she didn’t ask now, it’d make things harder later. She was getting attached to Jack and Paul. Having the other guys around. The sex and the fun. They were a family.

“Okay, talk.” Mark kept going up to the master bath, and she followed. They peeled off their clothes and put them in the hamper.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore?” She shifted her weight to one hip.

Mark closed in on her. “You started that out there. If you’re not in the mood or tired, all you have to do is say the word. You know they can control themselves.”

Her breathing felt heavy. “It’s not that. I like the sex a lot. The holidays will be over soon and they’ll leave. We won’t have them around. And my father was right.”


Taking a deep breath, Mark hoped this wasn’t the end. With Kelly’s past, he’d walked a fine line regarding kink and sex play. Pushing her without going too far. This was something he wanted, and all her signals said she did as well, but maybe it had been too much to hope for. Her family might have messed up her mind too much to let this sort of sex life happen, even if she loved it.

“What’s normal? You’re enjoying it, and so am I. The stockings are great; the guys really feel at home. I can tell you like them. Are you not getting enough alone time with me?” He steered her into the shower.

She shook her head. “No, it’s not that. I love the guys, and I love the sex. What about when we’re married? Are we taking them on the honeymoon? Will it continue? Can it? I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what? What people will think? We can keep it out of the backyard and the streets. That was you.” He lathered her breasts and watched the suds slip down her form.

“What if I can’t give it up? I’m getting used to having three men.” Her voice quivered. “I felt cheated when you didn’t get me off out there just now. I’m turning into a sex addict.”

He felt her stress level jumping up and forced himself not to laugh. “You’re not an addict. You’d never have been a virgin until college or been so nervous about the three men if you were an addict. Think of it as making up for lost time and all the repression you were put through. Enjoy the experience. You weren’t meant to be a nun.” He soaped her back and legs, kissing her body randomly. “It’s okay to enjoy sex our way. You’re not an addict.”

“So when we’re married?” Her nails dug into his shoulders. “Maybe we should stop now so it’s not so hard. I know they’ll find women and move on.”

Mark stood and turned her to look her in the eye. “Those two are not exactly the settling down type. They change jobs and goals like you change your shoes. Paul is too shy with women, and Jack comes off like a player. Can you imagine them supporting a household and having a family?”

She grinned. “No, not really. It’s like Jack got the wild side and Paul got the serious. Are you saying we can keep them?” She smiled wider.

Mark sighed in relief. She wanted more, not less. He hadn’t ruined the best thing that had ever happened to him. “Yeah, they’re staying. Maybe someday they’ll get an apartment or something, but as long as they kick in for food and utilities, I’ll share. But you’re mine.”

“Always. You’re sure? I don’t want it to be weird once we’re married.”

“It’s not average, but neither are you. This isn’t a crime. I love watching you and sharing you. It’ll only get better. You’re not a slut. You’re amazing, and I’ll never let you go unsatisfied. Trust me.”

“I do. But…”

“But what?” He held her.

“You can’t screw other girls. I couldn’t take that.” Her face reflected the dread that he might expect her to offer it. Kelly had given this situation a lot of thought, and he appreciated it.

He kissed her hard and slid them back under the water for a final rinse. “I love you. I would never do that. I don’t need it. You’re more than enough. I brought up the idea of sharing you with Paul and Jack. I want it. You don’t have to worry about me asking for wild stuff. You say no if you don’t like something. We’ll work out our sex lives as we go. You’re usually the one begging for more. Okay?” He turned off the water, and they exited the shower.

“Okay.” She smiled and kissed his shoulder.

After toweling each other off, he snapped the towel at her ass and saw a flicker of need in her eyes. “On the bed. On your stomach.”

She obeyed and looked over her shoulder, hiking her ass up in the air. “Thank you,” she said.

He grabbed the wooden paddle from their toy chest. “For what? I haven’t spanked you yet.”

Kelly blushed. “Loving me. Letting me get kinky and not judging me. Trusting me. Sharing me.”

Kissing her thigh, Mark felt a tug at his heart as well as his need. She was truly his. He had no fear of the future or sharing her. She loved him, and that’s all he needed.

Bringing the paddle down, he watched her eyes close. Rough wood on wet skin. She rocked for more. “We should try that picnic table screw in the summer when you can get naked.”

She moaned as he landed another strike. “Yes, but you’d do something like rub popsicles over me to keep me cool.”

Mark paddled her left cheek then the right until she bucked up. The hot pink patch would darken. They hadn’t hit her limit, but he had other plans. “Maybe I want your tits red this time. Very festive. Roll over.”

Slowly, she rolled onto her back and tucked a pillow under her head. “You get anything you want. Looks like you need to fuck me.”

Her eyes fixated on his cock.

He did, but he’d grown in self control since the guys had come to stay. His needs would wait. Finding the small ruler-like paddle, he teased and bounced her breasts with it. When she arched for more, he gave a sharp smack to the side of her tit.

Kelly moaned and spread her legs. Taking the hint, he tapped her mound until she lifted for more. Then another targeted slap on her breasts—nothing as intense as her ass could handle, but he knew her tolerances. He wanted her tits tender and pink so he worked with precision.

She moaned and yelped when he got near the nipple. When her fingers slid between her legs and rubbed her pussy slowly, Mark knew she was in heaven. Wetness glistened off her folds and fingers.

“Stop that.” He smacked her hand.

“I need to come,” she said huskily.

“Look at your chest,” he ordered.

She’d kept her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation, during most of his efforts. Her eyelids fluttered open, and her eyebrow arched. “The family dinner is tonight. My bra will drive me crazy.”

“Exactly. Be glad it’s not your ass. I won’t have you squirming through dinner.” He’d never given her such discipline right before a family function. “Paul and Jack will be there with me, knowing how pink and sore your tits are.”

He crawled on the bed, pinning her as his cock pressed to her wet cunt. “Now, I get mine.”

“Thank you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. When he filled her, she arched. “So much!”

“You can have it both ways. Great sex
a family life. You just have to want it.” He fucked her, holding her tight. “Do you want it, Kelly?”

“Yes!” she screamed. “Please Mark!”

His hand squeezed her breast. “Like it?”

“Yes.” She shuddered.

Mark kissed her. He’d never intended to play Dom, but the role felt natural. She needed it. He loved giving it. Having his way and pushing her limits turned him on.

Kneeling, he pulled her hips up off the bed and squeezed those cheeks hard. Watching her pushed him closer.

“Mark, oh God! I’m coming,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

He felt her pussy convulsing and the rush of her juices on his cock as he fucked her full tilt. Mark needed to fill her. The bliss in her face as she pinched her own nipples, avoiding the tender skin, pushed him over, and he came deep in her.

Some things he’d never share.

Shouting her name, he fell onto her, crushing her breasts with his hard chest.

She arched. “Mark!”

He couldn’t tell if she wanted more or for him to move. He tried to roll away.

“No.” She held him. “It’s so good.”

Mark rubbed his chest hair on her breasts until he saw her eyes roll back in her head. He reached into the nightstand and pulled out some rope.

“What are you doing now? I have to bake cookies for the dinner tonight. It’s Christmas Eve.”

“We’re just getting started.” He tied her to the four corners of the bed. “They should be home any time now. It was just an interview.”

“You’re not going to let them… You said the discipline was all yours. Just between us.”

He smiled down at her. “It is. They can’t paddle you or order you around. That’s mine. But I think you need to feel how much they want you. How much pleasure you share.” He tucked pillows behind her head and under her hips.

“But I like touching you and them.” She tested her restraints, not yet convinced he was serious.

“This time all you need to do is lie back and enjoy all of us touching you. Fucking and sucking you. If you don’t want something, just let me know. Then you can bake the cookies and spend the party enjoying the itchy lace bra I’m going to make you wear.”

“I want to do my share.”

“You will. This time you have no choice but to have three men and lots of orgasms. Maybe I should hang some mistletoe over your pussy?” He laughed.

“You’re filthy,” she said.

“You love it.” He caressed her tits. “Just think how good it’ll feel hugging all my family with these.”

She shivered.

The front door slammed, and her eyes grew wider.

“We’re up here,” Mark called.





Chapter Five



“Well, what have we here? A Christmas sex feast?” Jack walked around the bed.

Kelly pulled on her bonds and felt her face burn. No one but Mark had ever seen her like this. As much as it should embarrass her, it really aroused her. They knew her. They’d seen her red ass already. No secrets. No shame.

“Don’t make me wait.”

Paul chuckled. “You look so pretty tied up.” His hand skimmed the inside of her thigh.

“And horny. She’s been in need since you two left. If we don’t wear her out before dinner, she’ll be a naughty elf in front of the family.” Mark licked her breast roughly.

The sting shot deep into her chest, and she strained on the ropes. “You bastard.”

Jack massaged her foot. “You can’t have her this way in front of family. Looks like she was punished already.”

“That’s my area. You two get her off only. I’m the disciplinarian.” Mark teased her nipples.

Kelly’s cunt tingled as he got possessive. With Mark, Paul and Jack, she knew sex was okay. No one would judge her or belittle her for needing and wanting sex, no matter how much or what she begged for. That there were three such men in the world dazzled her. And they were hers!

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