Lake, Ciara - Xihirah [Xihiran Shifters 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Xihirian Shifters 1


Communication specialist Saleeya Stayvel was hired to ensure proper communication during the critical meetings on Xihirah meant to stop a war with The Realmist terrorist faction. With the universe hovering on war and at the mercy of those who are targeting non-earthen humanoids, more than just her linguistic skills will be put to the test.


The Xihirian Prince, Admoncor Kael Braeden, is the head of Xihirian Military Elite Force. Fierce, dangerous, and intuitive, he demands the respect of those around him. Unmated, his dark moods affect those around him until he finds himself in the presence of his mate. But in the midst of danger, deceit, and treachery, how can Kael and Saleeya’s romance blossom?


Futuristic, Science Fiction
69,263 words


Xihirian Shifters 1

Ciara Lake


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IMPRINT: Erotic Romance


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Xihirian Shifters 1


Copyright © 2011

Chapter One

Planet Xihirah, Municipality of Ferileson, Xihirian Year 22977

The bluish glow of the street lamps cast eerie shadows across his stone apartment house. This night was exceptionally dark. The streets were empty at this hour. A heavy cloud cover concealed the two moons. During the rainy season, the jungle’s humidity was incredibly oppressing. Perspiration slicked his back as he walked toward the apartment’s entrance. He rolled his shoulders, his muscles aching under the strain of two full months of extreme physical training in the Xihirian Military Elite Fields. While his body was in top physical form, he faced an even greater challenge, curbing the instincts his kind felt after prolonged abstinence. Here he was once again returning to his apartment without female companionship. Oddly, he really wasn’t interested in another meaningless sexual encounter.

The physical workouts and the combat training offered little emotional relief from the bleak loneliness of his everyday life. However, he welcomed the physical release it provided. His official military responsibilities exhausted him, and fortunately, when he finally got into bed each night, sleep did come easily. Long hours and the many burdens as Admoncor did provide his mind with diversions. At times, the diversions did allow him to let go of his personal longings. His younger brother taking a mate while he still was without a mate seemed only to confound his emotions, increasing his loneliness. A gush of cool air hit his face when he opened the large, beautifully etched glass doors leading into his apartment’s foyer. The white stone floors gleamed under the elegant jeweled chandelier’s dim light. A delicious aroma wafted from the kitchen. The tranquility of his home did not hide the tension that he brought with him. The apprehension surrounding him was palpable. His loyal staff was more cautious around him. Despite his mood, the apartment’s elegant decor was inviting, calling him to unwind. In fact, he did relax a bit as he took in his familiar surroundings. Kael enjoyed his personal domain away from the chaos of the Palace and his family’s constant need for his attention. He loved his family, but as of late, he felt impatience with them, especially with his sisters’ constant need to engage him in their activities. He regretted the tense aura that surrounded him here and at the Palace. Occasionally he attempted small talk to alleviate the stress levels among his staff.

“Callen, see that my meal’s ready when I am,” Kael barked when he caught sight of the elderly house manager. The man’s plump cheeks flared bright red as Kael issued his brisk order.

“Yes, Admoncor Braeden.” Callen nodded before he turned to the kitchen.

“Callen,” Kael called after him.

Callen paused to look over his shoulder. “Yes, sir?”

“The apartment house looks wonderful. Thanks for all of your hard work. I should tell you more often how much I appreciate your service to me.”

“Thank you, Admoncor. It’s a pleasure to serve you.”

As Kael entered his bedroom, he headed toward his cleaning chamber. He tossed his clothing to the floor. Stepping into the luxurious shower, Kael leaned against the ornately mirrored wall. He stared at his reflection. Thankfully, water was something Xihirah had no shortage of. Hot water beat down on his aching body, easing away some of his tensions. The soothing steam floated up, and he inhaled deeply, taking it into his lungs. Pushing his hair off his forehead, Kael stared at his reflection. His eyes rarely looked humanoid anymore.

“What the fuck’s my problem? I’m really not worried about the upcoming committee meetings. And I could care less about whom they select to replace Niles Karson to head up the Space Station security.” Kael shuddered at the echo of his voice bouncing off the shower walls. “I’m not jealous of my brother, Klayvin. I’m happy he’s mated,” Kael said, trying desperately to convince himself. “So why am I so tense and unhappy?” Kael soaped his chest and arms. “I don’t need a fucking mate anyway.” Kael shrugged his shoulders as he tried to reassure himself. “She’d probably hate my
personality. She’d run for her life.” Kael examined his quickly fading scrapes and bruises from that day’s training exercises. Washing methodically, he quickened his pace. Hunger was gnawing at his stomach. An irritable, sexually frustrated, hungry Alpha Prime Wolfton did not make a good mix. Understandably, it made others nervous. Hell, he made himself nervous. He did not want or like to lose his temper. Realizing how close his beast simmered at the surface, Kael knew he needed to eat to soothe his beast. He didn’t need uncontrolled, volatile emotions to cause an unwanted shift.

Finishing his shower, he quickly dressed into a fresh pair of leisure trousers and a soft white shirt. Kael made his way down the long hallway to the dining room. He took his seat at the head of the long, elegant wooden dining table. Fresh flowers adorned the room and the center of the table. Sweet smelling, petite, well-rounded Melia rushed in and out of the room setting the table. Kael inhaled deeply when she placed the platter of food on the table. Her sweet, feminine scent combined with the delicious aroma of the succulent meats made him feel more agreeable. Kael’s mood shifted to a more pleasant disposition when she brushed against him to place more platters on the table. Kael growled low in his throat as his senses absorbed the stimulating surroundings. Melia quickened her pace at the sound of the low rumble that emanated from Kael’s chest.

The soft clearing of a throat drew his attention. At the sight of a nervous Callen hovering in the doorway, Kael growled in frustration.
Just once, I’d like to be able to eat in peace.
He glared at the other man. “What is it?”

“Admoncor Braeden, your father’s on the vid-com. Where would you like to take it?”

“Transfer it to
my office. I’ll be there shortly,” Kael irritably snapped.

“Your father indicated that it’s urgent,” Callen informed him and walked out.

“Fuck, can’t I eat in peace? What does my father want at this late hour?” His chair skidded back across the room when he lunged to his feet. With his temper firmly leashed, he strode through the now empty hallway to answer the vid-com. The office’s huge vid-screen, covering an entire wall, hosted his father’s image. “Hello, Father, what causes a call at this hour? Is all well at the Palace?” He crisply addressed his father.

“Kael, there’s urgent military business to discuss with you. Come to the Royal Palace Offices immediately. Be here promptly. I’m waiting.”

“May I inquire what this is concerning? Can’t this wait until later?” Kael questioned. “I’ve been working long hours, and frankly, I’m exhausted.”

“Son, I’m sorry, but this can’t wait. I’ll explain when you get here. Come now. I can send a transport for you.”

“No, I’ll transport myself.”

“Very good.” The communication terminated abruptly, and the screen flashed to blue.

“Damn the Moons of Xihirah, all I want is to eat my food in peace and go to bed.” Kael gritted his teeth. “Callen, get my uniform. You’ll fly me to the Royal Offices. I need to rest in the transport on the way.” Kael exited his office, continuing to issue orders. “Melia, prepare my food so that I can take it with me.”

“Yes, Admoncor Braeden,” Callen and Melia acknowledged in unison.

* * * *

From the shadows, he adjusted the cowl of his robe. Staring out into the vast emptiness of space, he contemplated his plan. A slow, ugly smirk twisted his features as he watched the stars in the blackness of space slip by. Soon, very soon, he and his comrades would have revenge. The animals pretending to be human would be put in their place. Spreading their inferior seed, creating impurities in the human race would soon be ended. Those who dared to oppose the Realmist agenda would suffer…including the prim-faced Ambassadors of Communication and Culture, Saleeya and her associate, Mia. Everyone on the so-called Council of Planets would suffer for their hypocrisy.

He snickered, his palms grating against each other as he thought of how he would carry out his plan. The destruction of the beasts’ culture and other similar cultures would be forthcoming. Anyone who supported the animals or subhumans would be destroyed as well. Anyone who dared to procreate with these beasts would be wiped out along with the mongrels they spawned. The universe would finally be free from their filth. His laughter echoed in the darkness.

* * * *

Recently appointed Ambassadors of Communication and Culture, Saleeya and Mia, rested in the new, spotless, and gleaming travel quarters aboard the Kriton Transport. “Saleeya, you must rest for the upcoming meetings. Before you know it, we’ll be on Xihirah,” Mia warned.

“I can’t relax, Mia.” Saleeya sighed. “I’m too nervous and excited. Why, it hardly seems a season since things became so horrid.”

Mia raised an eyebrow. “That’s true, but these talks may help make a difference. But, we need to be in our top form because the ruling Wolfton class isn’t easy to deal with and neither is that small-minded, ill-tempered Minister Vitalion. The Council members count on our skills to assist in developing a line of communication with the Royal Wolftons and all of the peoples involved. Xihirah has significant cultural differences from ours and other humanoid civilizations. We have to be careful with and mindful of the differences. The Sovereign, Kliven Braeden, along with his second son, Kael, will be present at all of the meetings. Admoncor Kael Braeden is the leader of their Elite Military Force.” Mia grinned, met her friends’ gaze. “Xihirians are extremely temperamental, especially the royal Wolfton shifters. Admoncor Braeden’s notorious for his impatience and temper. Minister Vitalion’s afraid of him. Wolftons are feral humanoids. They can be deadly if overly aggravated. Dealing with them can be a delicate situation for outsiders.” Mia attempted a semi-passable imitation of Minister Vitalion. Amid Saleeya’s giggles, Mia settled back on the bunk. “So seriously, we both need to rest. We need to be prepared to watch for all cues on how the communication is proceeding. Plus, all that attentiveness will be emotionally draining.” Mia glanced pointedly at the other woman.

“Yes, yes, I know,” Saleeya eagerly agreed, nodding her head up and down. “I’m not looking forward to dealing with the ruling class of Wolftons. I’ve read reports that they’re the most temperamental of the Xihirian shifters. I tried to find as much information about Xihirah as I could. From what I understand, they’re known to quickly appraise people, situations to decide the worthiness of their attention. Therefore, we do need to be at our best. You know, Xihirah has a truly interesting culture. Also, they have their share of prejudices toward others. They believe that Earthen- or Trivirian-type humanoids are inferior, unless deemed a possible mate. If they deem someone as a possible mate, they call them transformable, non-Xihirian humanoids.”

“I’ve been told if a female happens to be transformable, they’d better run fast or be forever bound to a Xihirian beast and their way of life. The males are overbearingly controlling of their mates. They make their mates sex slaves to their enormous cocks.” Mia giggled at her bit of juicy information.

“What?” Saleeya demanded with a nervous chuckle. “How would you know about the size of their cocks?”

Mia shrugged her shoulders and faced Saleeya’s stunned expression to answer, “Saleeya dear, despite the complete waste of time it requires, I’ve been known to listen to the idle gossip. It’s quite helpful in gaining useful information.” Mia gave Saleeya a shrewd look. “Females talk and they love to talk about males and sex.” Mia winked.

“And I guess you like to talk about males and sex, too.” Saleeya laughed. She could feel blood rushing to her face.

“Yep, it’s all in the endeavor to have a complete understanding of various cultures,” Mia teased back. “From what I have discovered from all my
listening in,
some non-Xihirian females really enjoy intercourse with these oversized males’ enormous cocks. I’ve heard that Wolfton shifters’ cocks grow even bigger when they reach climax with their mate. This is supposed to increase the pleasure for their female mates, enslaving them to the male.”

Saleeya’s eyes widened at Mia’s explicit information, “Oh, my Kriton’s Moons, are you joking with me?”

“No, Saleeya, I’m entirely serious. Personally, I can’t imagine any enjoyment in having a huge Xihirian male grunting on top of me, with the chance he could shift, and his cock the size of a battering ram jammed inside of me. Just think, if it gets bigger, oh my!” Mia shook her head. “I don’t wish to be enslaved to that.”

“It might not be all that bad,” Saleeya countered. “I hear most Xihirians are very attractive. They exude a sexual magnetism that seduces their intended mates. Also, I’ve heard when one is mated to a Xihirian it’s difficult to keep your hands off them because of this magnetism. I’ve never heard of the growing cock theory. Their magical magnetism produces a constant need for touching. The need for sex is almost frantic between mates. Sort of like a sex dependency. That actually sounds sort of thrilling to me.” Saleeya lowered her head and grinned.

“Shame on you, you hussy.” Mia winked again. “Saleeya, how did we get on this outrageous topic?” Mia asked and grinned from ear to ear. “One minute we’re talking about politics, moody men, and the next we’re talking about cocks and mating with humongous shifters. We’re naughty girls with overly active imaginations.” Mia laughed loudly and clasped her hand over her mouth, rocking back and forth on her seat. “I feel like we’re at the University talking about the guys on the athletic fields.”

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