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Authors: Destiny Lewis,BWWM Crew

Love Country (BWWM Romance) (6 page)

“Damn you, put me down or I am going to scream. Now!” His hand connected again.


“Stop fighting me and squirming or you are only going to make it worse on yourself and you can scream all you want but I warn you I will stuff something in that sweet little mouth of yours. It might be better since you’re making my damn ears ring.”


She lifted herself enough to come right behind his head. “LET ME DOWN DAMMIT!” She screamed it so loud that even her own ears were ringing. To her amazement, he did what she commanded. She looked around to find herself in front of The Gazette. She turned to walk away just as she heard the click of the lock in the door. He grabbed her arm and hauled her none too gently into the office, locked the door back and dropped the key back into his pocket.


“Come here,” he demanded as she stepped backwards away from him. His eyes had a predatory look and she had a funny feeling that she had become the prey. She stood there and shook her head while she backed away from him. “Come here, I said. Now, Keeara. If I have to come get you it will only be worse.”


“Go back to blondie. She sure wanted your attention, not me. Now get outta my way. I want to go home.”


A grin split across his face as he looked at her. “Why, Keeara, are you jealous?”


“No why would I be? I don’t want you, remember? Besides, it seems by the way she was talking that she knows you in the sack. She can help your problem.” She gestured down at his pants. “Besides I told you that you had to keep that thing in your pants and you agreed.”


“As I remember you said at work. It is past closing time. I didn’t agree to that and besides the fact that was before you rubbed your little ass across my dick and got it as hard as a damn light pole.”


She shrugged her shoulders at him while her eyes sent sparks at him. “Again, something blondie can help you with.” She backed up a few more steps as he made his way towards her. He pulled the shirt over his head and then unbuckled his jeans then pushed them until they fell in a pile at his feet. Leaning over he pulled first one, then the other shoe from his feet. He then peeled his socks from his feet and stood in front of her in nothing but his boxer briefs, which did nothing to hide himself from her eyes.


Keeara could do nothing as he made his way toward her. Turning, she ran through the front of the building into the back and found herself trapped in his office. It was the last door she had come to. She tried to push the door shut behind her but he was there pushing it open.


“Nice choice. I may have you leaning over my desk or maybe spread out on it like the first time.” He grinned wickedly at her. Keeara couldn’t help it as her heart beat picked up. She was hot all over as she looked down his body. He was magnificent and she found her eyes coming to rest between his legs. He was slender but built with a wide chest and muscles bulging from his arms. Her eyes again rested between his legs and when she lifted them to his face, she saw a grin come across it. “See what you do to me, my little hellion?” He stroked his hand down the front of his boxer briefs and smiled anew at her gasp.


“Let me outta here now. You can’t keep me here. Dammit, Craig, this isn’t fair. Go find someone who wants you.”


He quickly closed the gap between them and grabbed her closer. He looked down into her eyes and grabbed her ponytail, wrapping the long tresses around his hand. “You wanted me that first time. You want me now.”


“That was before.”


“Before what? Before you knew who I was? I'm still the same fucking person dammit and I will show you. You may say no, but your body is screaming yes for me to fuck you.” He emphasized his words by running his hand down her chest. Even through her shirt and bra she could feel the tingling heat radiating from his touch. She moaned as she felt her nipple pucker where he massaged her through the fabric. His lips captured hers in a kiss that spoke every word he wouldn’t. He held her head still as his lips nipped and licked at her mouth telling it to open. When she finally gasped at his passionate touch, he kissed her deeper, pushing his tongue into her mouth to trace her teeth and suck on her sweet tongue.


Keeara’s whole body was pulsing with heat. She couldn’t help it. She wanted him as much as he said she did but she couldn’t. She felt his hands travel down her body to raise her shirt and throw it away from them. He unclasped her bra and flung it, not caring where it landed. Next he had her jeans down around her ankles. She fluttered as his lips left hers to trail kisses all the way down her stomach. He skipped over to the front of her thighs, nipping lightly and making her groan loudly. She needed to push him away but he was already trailing his tongue along her calves and removing her shoes and socks and then her pants. He picked up her foot and lightly nipped her big toe. He looked up at her and she almost swooned from the heated stare he gave her as his hands traveled back up her body. He gripped her leg and put it over his shoulder. Before she knew what he was doing, both of her legs were draped over his shoulders as his hands held her ass in place. He rose from his crouched position, cradling her in his arms.


She shuddered when she felt his breath against her most intimate place as he breathed in her scent and lightly blew on her through the satin of her panties then she felt the hot touch of his tongue. She felt it even though there was still a piece of clothing that stood between his mouth and where she wanted him to touch. She was on fire and couldn’t take it any longer. She gripped his head and brought him closer as he held her by the small of her back. Without breaking contact, he carried her to the desk and threw everything to the ground. She felt something press into her neck and quickly threw it away before she heard a thud against the wall.


Keeara heard a tear and then felt the cool air touch her swollen lips. She was so ready for him she thought she would scream if he didn’t fuck her soon. He, on the other hand, acted as if he had all the time in the world as he caressed her body softly licking here and nibbling there. There wasn’t a part of her body that didn’t feel his hands and mouth work over it. She felt like pudding and melted in his embrace. He took long licks between her nether lips and then inserted his tongue inside her, bringing back moisture as he increased the pace. Finally she exploded on his tongue.


Craig finally raised his face back up to hers, letting her legs fall around his waist. He smiled down at her as he licked her cream from his lips. His hands eased up her body to cup her breasts and he looked down at how right she felt in his hands. She fit him perfectly and there was no way in hell he was going to let her go.


He leaned over and sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. She tasted herself on his lips and she felt her body start to burn with desire again. She moaned as he pushed himself against her. She felt him rub himself against her clit through his underwear. He was torturing her, she knew it. She looked back up at him and her mind finally gave in. The hell with it, she thought.

Chapter 9

“Damn you, Craig.” She pulled his mouth down to hers and kissed him deeply. She sat up on the desk and slowly pushed him back and around the desk until he sat in his office chair. “My turn.” She looked up at him with a mischievous glint to her eye. Slowly she slid his underwear down his legs and threw them to the side. His penis sprang forward. It was perfect. She glided her hand over it and squeezed him from the base to the tip over and over. He groaned loudly and she took a swipe across the top, gathering the moisture on her tongue. Her taste buds screamed at the taste of him. Spice and musk mixed together to form an explosion on her tongue. She slowly drew the head of his penis into her mouth and he gasped.


“Oh God. Yes! Your mouth feels like heaven. Go ahead take me in your mouth all the way.” She looked up as she took him in so far he hit the back of her throat. She gulped and gulped and watched as his head fell back against the chair. He was breathing hard and she reached up to his chest to run her hand down to his stomach where the sweat was trickling. He looked down at her and she was sure that his eyes got even darker as she slowly slid him in and out of her mouth, repeating the slow deliberate movements he had given her. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her up against his body.




“Uh-uh. You will pay for that, my little hellion.” He kissed her deeply before turning her away from him. “Hold the edge of the desk. That’s it. Lay flat against the desk. No matter what, don’t let go. If you let go then I will stop. Do you understand?" She couldn’t say a word as she gripped the desk with her body drawn tight in anticipation. She was burning all over and just wanted him inside her.


“Craig.” Her voice had a pleading tone to it as well as a warning. She heard him chuckle behind her and then felt his hands on her ass, massaging the globes simultaneously. She moaned when she heard him drop to his knees behind her and felt him spread her legs wide. His tongue was next as it glided across her clit from behind. She moaned and almost let go of the desk.


“Don’t let go or I will stop.” She gripped the desk harder, but when he sucked her clit into his mouth, her hands dropped from the desk. She felt the sting of his slap as he smacked her ass. She yelped and felt his succulent mouth move away. “What did I say?” She moaned but still didn’t grip the desk again.


“I think you said hold on,” she whispered.


“Saucy, are we? Tell me, do you enjoy being spanked, my little hellion?”


She looked back at him with a grin. His hand came flat against her ass again and she yelped. He smiled as his hand slipped between her legs again.


“Just as I thought, wet as can be. Tell me you want it. I won’t fuck you unless you tell me you want it.”


She made an aggravated sound.


“Tell me. Go ahead, say ‘Craig I want you to fuck me.’ Say ‘Craig I need you to fuck me.’ Then I will sink into those sweet clutches.” He slipped two fingers inside her when she shook her head no. He teased her G-spot until she was twisting back and forth and moaning in ecstasy. He abruptly removed his hands from her and stepped back while still resting a hand on her ass. She glared back at him and he smiled at her. She shook her head no again and he dropped to his knees. He would win this war. Parting her flesh, he licked her with the broadside of his tongue, taking numerous long licks and then thrust his fingers inside her, finding that spot once more. He sucked her clit into his mouth as his fingers brought her to the pinnacle of eruption. She felt him leave her and she groaned and turned around to look at him standing behind her again.


“Damn you.”


He smiled again as he petted her, applying pressure to her clit until she was writhing against the desk. “Say it.”


“Fine. Craig, please fuck me now damn you. If you don’t fuck me right now…Ahhhhh!”


Craig slammed into her from behind in one powerful thrust. She gripped around him, almost as if she was sucking him into her body. He moaned as he felt her heat envelope him. She was so damn tight he could bust then and there. She moaned deeply and pushed back against him. He gripped her hips and leaned down to her ear. “I’m going to fuck you hard and fast. Are you ready for it? This is going to be rough.”


“Yes, just please fuck me. Please, fuck me.”


He reared back and slammed into her again and again. She couldn’t catch her breath as he gripped her and held her in place for his onslaught. She moaned and loved every minute of it pushing back against him. She felt his balls slap against her as he pushed into her and slammed so hard she knew she would have marks on her abdomen the next day. He didn’t let up. He just kept slamming into her again and again. She felt his hand reach around and tease her clit, applying pressure and making little circles then she arched her back and exploded into a thousand little pieces just as she heard him shout his release.


He slumped against her for a minute and she welcomed the weight of his body as he nuzzled the back of her neck and shoulders. He kissed her lightly over and over and finally she felt his body leave hers. When she turned, she found him sitting in the chair. He reached his arms out to her and for some reason it felt natural to walk into them. He gathered her onto his lap and carried them both to the couch. Craig sat against the cushions and pulled her on top of him. Her eyelids started to drift close. The last thing she remembered was him pulling a blanket over the both of them before she passed out.


Keeara opened her eyes and looked around to see nothing. She almost forgot where she was until she felt the hard body beneath hers. She ran her hand up the chest and sighed. What had she done? She was almost tired of fighting it. For tonight, she decided to just hang on. She leaned up as if to get up and she felt a hand tighten on her waist.


“Don’t think for a second that you are going to be able to run away.”


She giggled. “I’m not. I have to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back. I promise.”


“Okay. But don’t be long.” She felt him rise to grind against her and gasped at the feeling of him hard and ready. She quickly rose and tried to make her way to the bathroom. There was so little light that her eyes had adjusted to the moon flowing through the blinds.

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