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Authors: Francesca St. Claire

LusitanianStud (5 page)

I hesitated only for a moment. “Yes.” I stared deep into his
eyes, my heartbeat a loud roar in my chest. “Yes.”

Without saying another word, Diogo took my hand and led the
way across the bow bridge, and along a short path leading to an area above the
waterfall where large, smooth granite boulders and round pools were connected
by natural waterslides. I smiled, pleased he’d chosen such a beautiful,
romantic setting for our reunion.

“I’ve pictured us here lots of times,” Diogo said, locking
his arms around my waist and kissing me lightly on the lips. “Touching and
feeling the slippery wetness of the water all over you.”

I shuddered, aroused by his words. I had always wanted to
hear him say that. For years I’d imagined us moving slowly into each other’s
arms as the water flowed all around us. Some nights the images were so vivid,
my orgasm would be so hard and fast I’d barely lie down before it was all over.
Other nights I would envisage his sexy lips slowly kissing my neck and breasts,
him sliding his long fingers inside me while his warm mouth drove me insane
with need until I was panting for release.

How would it be now?

His fingers touched my jaw and I stared into his eyes, heat
spreading from head to toe as his gaze, filled with raw lust and deep passion,
locked with mine. I would like to have seen something else there, though lust
and passion suited me for now.

I pulled his zipper down. He tugged at my shorts and top.
His hand stroked my damp hair and he brought a handful to his lips. “I’m glad
you haven’t cut it. It would have been a great shame.” He’d always loved my
hair, often complimenting me on it, and once he’d even confessed he found it
highly arousing and sexy as it brushed against his chest when I straddled him.

He let it slide between his fingers, then cupped the back of
my head for a deep, hard kiss. Jesus, how could a single kiss pack so much passion?
Or make me want him so furiously?

I reached for him and pulled his pants and boxer-briefs
down. His dick sprang up proudly and it took every ounce of control for me not
to pounce on him. He was magnificent—beautifully toned muscles, perfectly
proportioned body and a smile that made me go weak at the knees every time he
favored me with it.

I could hardly wait to get my hands on him.

He laid me down on a flat rock, water trickling under me,
keeping my skin cool under the hot sun before he joined me. He palmed my
breast, rolled his tongue down my throat and sucked my nipple into his mouth. I
arched into him, bringing my hot core closer to his hard erection as he tongued
his way down my body. I opened my legs, flaunting myself to his avid stare. He
brushed one finger over my trimmed mound before plunging into my slit, drawing
out my juices. His dark, intense gaze held mine as he spread my legs wider
before he lowered his head. I waited for him to touch my clit, the anticipation
killing me, but he ignored it and licked my plump lips instead. I moaned out
loud and wiggled my hips to get his tongue closer to where I wanted it to be.
He chuckled a little and poked his hardened tongue to my entrance. I writhed
with every lick, one hand clawing his shoulder, the other clasping his hair. He
was relentless in his pursuit, stroking and sucking my rock-hard clit. I
groaned with every touch, little shudders shooting up my thighs. He wedged his
shoulders farther between my legs, sliding down the rock, dropping his lower body
inside the shallow pool as he continued his relentless assault on my pussy.
When his finger circled my entrance and my breath caught. I tensed, arched into
his mouth and hung in limbo for only a moment that felt like eternity. I loved
this moment when orgasm was imminent, wanting to hold on a few more seconds
before paradise ended. Another hard lick to my clit, a couple more thrusts into
my channel, and I exploded.

“God, oh God, I’m coming,” I cried out, my eyes rolling to
the back of my head.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me now! I’m not done with you

I threw an arm over my eyes and offered him a lazy smile and
an unfocused look softened by extreme bliss. That was just about all the energy
I could sum up right then. But he deserved more than a smile.

“My turn.” I slid down the slick rock and crawled over him. “Lie
back and enjoy it,” I invited him before I slowly glided down his body, my
puckered nipples grazing his pecs, abs and finally bouncing off his erection. I
sat back on my heels—heated by the sun, the spring water in the shallow pool
felt good on my overheated legs and butt, and so did his skin under my touch. I
closed one hand on his cock, the other around his balls, and shuddered when he
moaned. I lowered my head and closed my lips around his tip. He groaned, and
from the corner of my eye I saw his hand twitch.

“Ohhh it feels good.” I took more of him into my mouth and
swirled my tongue before I tightened my lips on his shaft. “Ohhh!” I managed to
smile, although my mouth was full with his deliciously cool, slippery cock. I
slid my hand up to his puckered nipple and rolled it between my two fingers. He
shuddered and grasped my shoulder with a tight grip. “That’s wonderful.”

I bobbed my head up and down, taking him deeper and deeper
into my throat, and was rewarded with faster bursts of breath and a gasp that
echoed above the sounds of nature.

Oh, I loved his response, knowing I could get him so hot and
bothered was exciting. I pulled back slowly. Licking my lips, I smiled at him.
Now that I had him focused, it was time for a little teasing. I brushed my hair
over his hard, slick dick. His nostrils flared and he tugged me onto him.

“Think you can tease me and get away with it?” he asked, his
voice low and raspy, his lips brushing mine. “You know what happens when you
play with fire…”

His words and low delivery sent shivers of renewed desire up
and down my body.
Yes, yes,
brand me.
God, I hadn’t been this
excited and aroused since…the last time I’d been with him. Oh God, I was in so
much trouble.

He kissed me long and deep, and I hummed with satisfaction,
clasping his hard warm skin, pressing against his fabulously fit body, never
wanting to let go of him. His mouth, an endless source of pleasure to
me—curved, sexy lips and a sharp, commanding tongue—brushed, caressed, then
stroked mine, bringing me to near combustion. Again. He stroked and kneaded my
butt, rocked his stiff cock against my throbbing core. Jolts of electricity
rushed to all my nerve endings and I thought for sure I’d melt in a pool and be
washed down the stream. I looked deep into his eyes as I caressed his balls,
hypnotized by his velvety dark gaze, and returned his kiss with all the pent-up
need rising afresh in me. I moved my hand up to the base of his cock,
overwhelmed by how wonderful it felt to hold such a beautiful, vibrant part of
his body in my hand. Then I slid down his hard body ’til my lips touched his
cock. I ran my tongue from bottom to tip in long, slow licks and was
immediately rewarded with an “aaaah” and then an “oh, you’re…amazing!”

Yeah, well, too bad he’d wasted seven years, but I wouldn’t
go into that now, I had a job in hand to finish—couldn’t help but smile at my
own pun. I gave a few more licks to the tip of his dick and watched him buck
and hiss, his hand tight on my shoulder. I eased back a little, then shifted my
tongue to his balls. I drew them gently into the warmth of my mouth and hummed
when he moaned. When I blew hot air against his skin he moaned. I was rewarded
with a “that’s fucking great!” That was the encouragement I needed and I
pressed my tongue to his taint as I clasped his blood-engorged cock.

Shuddering, Diogo threw his head back and released a low
groan as warm cum erupted from him. I rode the wave with him, my fingers
holding firmly as he bucked and groaned ’til he ran on empty.

I slid into his lap and he closed his arms around me. “Thank
you. That was… You’re fantastic,” he said, kissing the top of my head.

Hmm, glad he thought so, I wanted to be fantastic for him. I
hugged him a little tighter and closed my eyes, the sun and his body heat
lulling me to sleep.

“Come home with me,” he murmured in my ear. “I need to be
inside you, slide into your warmth, wrap myself around you.” His kiss was slow
and sweet and I wanted nothing more than to have him make love to me, thrust
deep and long ’til exhaustion. “I don’t have protection with me, and we’re too
old for playing the odds.”

I could have reassured him on that account, but I too wanted
to go home where we could have guaranteed privacy. Not that I hadn’t enjoyed
sex al fresco, but I didn’t care to give sexual gratification to some Peeping

* * * * *

I rode behind Diogo, just as I had seven summers before,
arms tight around his waist, my blonde hair flowing in the wind. We entered his
estate through the open iron gates at a canter, only to slow down upon
approaching the barn. There he dismounted with the elegance and suppleness I
remembered from before, then grabbing me by the waist, he lifted me over the
horse’s rump, high in the air until I stood in front of him.

“Come,” he said, taking my hand.

We entered the barn through a wide French door to find a
beautifully decorated room with a fireplace as a centerpiece, an assortment of
comfortable sofas and thick rugs, strategically placed lamps and artwork, and
an interesting-looking spiral staircase leading to a loft.

“I didn’t know barns looked like this,” I said, glancing
around the room. Everything from furniture to artwork screamed money and masculine
good taste—clearly this was his hangout. “This place is beautiful!”

“Thanks. Come, I’ll give you a tour of the bedroom,” he
said, winking at me before he led me up the stairs where a king-size bed placed
in front of a large window took up most of the space. Diogo pulled back the
plaid duvet before he turned and took me in his arms, then placing me gently in
the middle of the bed, he joined me there.

“Now where were we?” he murmured, and I giggled excitedly
before our mouths and arms met and we kissed, lingering as we lay on our sides
facing each other. I slid my hand under his shirt and his smooth skin felt cool
from the fresh spring water. The light scent of horse and Diogo’s own smell
filled my nostrils, awaking memories. I pushed his shirt aside and stroked his
wide chest, his strong back, his narrow hips, then his gorgeous butt,
reacquainting myself with his magnificent body, dazed from the pleasure of
being in his arms. His lips and tongue explored, stroked, aroused me, and I
moaned happily as my eyes drifted shut. Diogo pulled me closer, his hard cock
straining in his pants.

“How could you say you didn’t want me,” he rasped against my
throat. “How could you think of denying us this pleasure,” he groaned, shoving
his fingers through my hair and taking my mouth for a long, deep kiss.

Really, what was I thinking?

“We’ve got way too many clothes on,” he said as he reached
for my espadrilles.

I chuckled, amused. “Those aren’t clothes.” He only shrugged
before he kissed my ankle, then the top part of my foot. I began breathing hard
and gasped when, with his gaze steady on mine, he wrapped his lips around my
big toe. The sensation was so deliciously sensual and exquisite I shuddered and
moaned as I clutched the sheet. With my eyes half shut I watched Diogo remove
my shorts and panties, then his own clothes and shoes. He was fully aroused and
it was a beautiful sight to behold. Long and thick, his cock sprang up above a
pair of strong hairy legs and below a flat stomach I so anxiously wanted to get
my hands on. I tugged my top over my head and leaned back on my elbows.

Diogo kneeled, completely still, by my feet and I watched his
cock jut up proudly. I licked my upper lip and stroked his shaft with my toes.
He climbed swiftly over me and I opened my legs for him, the reaction coming so
naturally, as if we’d been together just the night before.

He belonged between my legs. I belonged in his bed. I was as
certain of this as I was that my heart belonged to him. And always had.

Retrieving a condom from the side table, Diogo kept his gaze
on my naked body as he sheathed himself. “You’re still the most beautiful woman
in the world to me,” he said as he finished slipping on the condom.

The words were music to my ears. I wanted to be beautiful
for him. I wanted to be everything to him, as I’d been once before. “You’re
beautiful too.”

Diogo chortled and slid up to kiss me on the mouth, then
glided down to take a nipple into his mouth.

I moaned as I clutched his head.

His fingers slipped over my mound, parting my folds to
stroke my clit. I moaned louder and longer.

“Mmm, so swollen and ready for me,” he croaked before taking
the other nipple, his fingers applying just the right pressure to my clit,
quickly arousing me to a maddening frenzy.


“I know. I want you too.”

Then he kissed me hard, his words echoing in my head. I had
his lust—always had—but today I needed more. I just had to show him how I loved
him and hoped to rekindle his past love for me.

Diogo deepened the kiss and groaned. “You’re driving me
insane with need, Sarah, and I won’t last if we don’t slow down.”

Dizzy, my pulse hammering in my temple, I could hardly catch
my breath as I gripped him tighter, need, hunger and love driving me.

“Take me, Diogo. Take me now!”

He thrust a finger inside me and I jerked up. “Oh, you’re so
wet already,” he rasped.

“Yes,” I hissed. “Hurry!”

“Okay.” He pushed my legs apart, bent over me and I pulled
him closer for another lingering kiss. As his tongue thrust inside my mouth he
placed his cock at the entrance of my wet tunnel and slowly pushed in.

Oh my God!
I moaned loudly. “Oh so good!”

Diogo withdrew until just the head of his cock was nestled
in my opening, then he thrust deeper, harder than before. I raised my legs and
wrapped them around his waist, changing the angle so he could go deeper. I
watched his eyes drift shut, his face a picture of bliss as he moved
relentlessly in and out of me, groaning as heat rose to his face and dew
covered his golden skin. And then I too closed my eyes and let myself go,
holding on to his rigid arms, crying out when he hit the spot that brought me
to the edge. “Yes, yes, right there. Oooh,” I whimpered.

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