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Melissa's Acceptance (3 page)

“I’ll get if for you. Stay where you are, Melissa.” Luke stood quickly and left the room. Within seconds, he was back with her purse, and then retrieved a glass of water for her to wash the pills down.

Damian and Luke brought their mugs to the table and sat on either side of her, eying her with what looked like desire in their eyes. More of their delectable scent wrapped around her and her breasts felt swollen and heavy. Her nipples hardened even more and her pussy dripped more juices onto her panties. She was so turned on she wanted to take hold of her breasts and massage the ache away, and that wasn’t the only thing she wanted to do. Melissa wanted to shove her hand down into her panties and rub her clit to relieve the throbbing in her pussy. But what would be even better was if these two men touched her and took the interminable ache away.

Shit! Get those thoughts out of your head right now, Mel. What the hell is going on with me?


* * * *


“She is so beautiful, Damian. Her hair has so many colors and it looks like it’s threaded with fire, and her eyes! Man, her eyes look like emeralds sparkling in the sun, and her body. Shit, I have never seen such a fragile little thing. Even though she is average height for a woman, she’s so slender it looks as if a slight breeze would whisk her away.”
Luke was fascinated with his mate and couldn’t stop looking at her. He wanted to scoop her up into his arms and hold her against him forevermore.

“She is absolutely gorgeous, Luke. Her face reminds me of a pixie. Her eyes remind me of a cat with that tilt at the end. She is going to be one little wildcat in bed. She is trying to ignore the mating musk but she keeps breathing in our scent. My wolf is clawing at me to claim her and it’s a struggle to keep it under control.”
Damian smiled at Melissa.

Her eyes looked hazy from the effects of the mating musk and Luke wondered if she would be able to stop herself from doing what came naturally when a werewolf met their mate. Their Alpha’s mate, Tessa Michaels, had kept Lucien, Rafe, and Gabe on their toes when they were trying to court her. He wondered if Melissa would do the same or if she would be more accepting of them.

When Melissa shifted in her seat and looked from him to Damian, Luke realized they were making her feel uncomfortable. Neither he nor Damian had said anything out loud since they’d taken their seats and neither of them had been able to take their eyes off of her. He felt a little bad about that, but he just couldn’t seem to pull his gaze away from her. She was so damn beautiful and all he wanted to do was strip her down until she was naked and sink his hard cock into her until he was balls-deep, and claim her.

“What? Why are you staring at me?” Melissa snapped.

“Sorry, little one, we don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but your beauty is breathtaking,” Damian said in a low husky voice.

“Oh for goodness sake. Please don’t lie to me.”

“What makes you think I’m lying, Melissa?” Damian looked at her through narrowed eyes.

“Don’t you dare piss her off, Damian!”

“I have no intention of making our mate angry.”

“Yeah, well, you just seem to have a knack for annoying people.”

“Fuck you, Luke.”

“Anyone can see I’m not beautiful. I’m too thin, I have freckles, and my hair can’t seem to decide what color it wants to be, plus I have red in it.” Melissa glared at Damian and crossed her arms over her chest.

Oh baby, you aren’t beautiful, you’re fucking gorgeous.
Luke wished he could say that out loud, but he wanted to see how Melissa interacted with his arrogant brother and didn’t want to distract her.

“Who told you that you aren’t beautiful, Melissa?” Damian almost growled that question and Luke could see that his wolf was coming to the surface. He stretched out a leg and gave his brother a kick, hoping he would get the hint and control his beast.

“No one. I’m just stating the obvious.”

“Melissa, your ‘obvious’ and mine are polar opposites.”

“Mmm,” Melissa hummed as though she still didn’t believe Damian, and then changed the subject. “Where are we?”

“We are about half an hour away from the Shifters Inn we met inconspicuously at last night, near Sugar Creek.” Damian gave her a speculative glance but didn’t say anything more.

“Shit! That’s quite a ways from where I wanted to be. Where is my car?”

“It’s still in the parking lot of the inn. I asked our friend Flynn, the manager of the inn, to keep an eye on your car. You don’t have to worry about it,” Damian explained.

“Thank you for looking after me, but I really think I should be heading home now. If one of you could give me a lift back to my car I would really appreciate it.” Melissa got to her feet and started swaying.

“I don’t think so, honey.” Luke jumped to his feet to steady her. “Doc Jonas said we had to keep a careful watch on you for the next forty-eight hours and since it’s only been just over fourteen hours, you’re not going anywhere.”

“I’m feeling much better. I’ll be fine.”

Her face had lost all color and Luke knew she wasn’t fine at all. There was no way she was leaving until she was one hundred percent healthy. If he and Damian let her go, she could end up passing out in her car while she was driving. A shudder wracked his body and guilt assailed him. If it hadn’t been for him she wouldn’t be hurt at all, but there was no way in hell she was getting behind the wheel of a car.

“Yeah, we can tell you are feeling much better. That’s why your face has gone as white as a sheet and you’re trying not to pass out,” Damian said. “There is no way in hell you are in any condition to drive, Melissa. You could be putting yourself and other people at risk if you got behind the wheel of a car today. Don’t be so damn stubborn.”


“No buts,” Luke said.

“You are going to go back to bed right now. You’re not going anywhere until Doc Jonas has given you the all-clear. Do you understand?” Damian scooped her up into his arms, not giving her a chance to reply or argue, and carried her to the bedroom where he placed her gently on the bed. She was asleep within seconds without voicing any more protests.

Chapter Two


Melissa felt so much better when she woke later that day, and even though she knew she should go home, she didn’t want to. She was drawn to Luke and Damian and craved to be near them. She’d never felt that way before and couldn’t understand why she was reluctant to leave.

After what she’d just been through with Wesley, she should be a lot more wary, especially of men she didn’t know. It wasn’t that Wesley had hurt her physically—now that she thought about it he came across as weak and insipid, a real mommy’s boy, and she never should have gone out with him in the first place—but he had really hurt her feelings and her confidence as a woman and she didn’t know if she wanted to put herself through such a humiliating experience again. After a quick shower and brushing her teeth, she found her clothes draped over a small sofa along the wall, and when she picked them up she realized that they had been cleaned. She wondered if Luke and Damian had washed her clothes or if they’d had someone else do it for them, but she didn’t remember seeing anyone else in their home. With a shrug of her shoulders, she got dressed and then went in search of Luke and Damian. She was just glad that it was the weekend and she didn’t have to go to work.

Damian was just coming out of the kitchen and he had what smelled like a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Hi baby, how are you feeling?”

“Much better. Thank you.”

“Here.” Damian passed the mug to her. “I heard you get up and thought you would like a cup.”

“Thanks.” Melissa took a sip of coffee and sighed. It was made just the way she liked it.
Wait a minute. Did Damian say he heard me get up?
Melissa looked back down the long hallway and frowned.
Would he really have been able to hear me? Maybe he heard water running through the pipes?

Melissa inhaled through her nose and was about to ask Damian a question, but the words went right out of her head. She drew in another deep breath and groaned when her body reacted to that amazing scent. When she looked up into Damian’s brown eyes, she could have sworn they were glowing, but after blinking and looking again she figured she had imagined it. But there was no way to mistake the lust in his gaze.

“You feel it, don’t you, baby?” Damian moved closer.

“What?” Melissa felt like she was being enveloped in a haze of lust and couldn’t seem to get her body to move back. Not that she really wanted to. In fact, she wanted to be as close to him as possible.

“You feel the attraction to Luke and me, too, don’t you?” He took another step forward and she frowned up at him.

Why is my head so foggy? Why do I want to jump your bones? You are so damn sexy, all I want to do is touch you and your brother.

Melissa frowned and, finally getting her body to cooperate with her mind, took a step back, and then she bumped into the wall. Damian kept right on coming until there were bare inches separating his body from hers. He was so damn handsome she couldn’t take her eyes off his face. She loved the stubble along his jawline and wanted to reach out to see what it felt like. She hadn’t even realized she started to do just that until her hand moved in front of her face, and she quickly dropped it back down to her side again.

Damian clasped her hand in his and then brought it up to his face and flattened her palm against his cheek. “You can touch me anytime and anywhere you like, baby. Don’t be shy with me.”

She drew in a ragged breath when he moved her hand on his face and she had to push down the giggle forming in her chest when his whiskers tickled her skin.

“Do you like touching me, Melissa?”


“That’s real good, baby. I would love to touch you all over and have your hands all over me.”

It took a moment for her to register what he’d said and when she did, she tugged her hand from his face. “What are you doing to me?”

“It’s the mating musk, baby. You can try and resist but in the end you will be ours.” Damian slowly leaned forward and then his lips were on hers.

She sighed with relief when he began to kiss her. His lips were firm, yet warm and soft, and just the lightest touch of his mouth to hers was driving her crazy. He brushed them back and forth, teasing her until she thought she’d go insane. Melissa reached up, cupped the back of his neck and pressed her mouth harder to his.

She heard him growl and then his tongue was in her mouth. He swirled that muscle around every inch of her cavern and then slid it along hers. Liquid fire raced through her veins and it was almost impossible to stay upright when her knees were threatening to buckle. The cup was taken from her hand and then she stood on tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. The pressure on her breasts felt good since they were smashed up against his chest, and when his arms came around her waist she couldn’t help but sigh into his mouth.

Melissa was lost in a sensual storm and didn’t want it to end. She’d never felt such a deep need, such hunger in her life and knew she should be questioning what she was doing, but she couldn’t seem to get her brain and body in sync. Damian’s arms moved from around her waist and his hands caressed down her body until he was cupping both her ass cheeks.

She groaned and tilted her pelvis forward when his hard, jean-covered cock ground into her mound. When he lifted her up, Melissa enfolded his waist with her legs and then he was moving. She felt every bump and grind as he walked, but not once did she manage to open her eyes to see where he was taking her. She didn’t want to lose the sensual connection of their mouths and clung to him tighter.

He sat down on something and she ended up straddling his lap with his hard penis nestled against her pussy. Melissa whimpered when his cock pushed against her mound and her clit ached so much it felt like it was swollen to twice its normal size.

Damian finally slowed the kiss and lifted his head. It was hard to open her eyes but she managed to get her heavy lids to obey her command. He looked as hungry and desperate as she felt, and she didn’t question her reaction to him until another set of hands landed on her shoulders.

Melissa turned her head and met Luke’s ravenous gaze and alarm bells started going off in her head. Even though she was surrounded by their scrumptious, musky scent, she was able to get her brain into gear. She scrambled from Damian’s lap and stumbled across to the other side of the room. At least that was what she intended to do, but her knees decided to buckle and she only made it as far as the chair across from the sofa Damian was sitting on.

Luke looked like he was about to follow her so she held her hand up to stop him. “Stay away from me.”

Luke sighed and then dropped down onto the cushion beside Damian. They were both still looking at her as if she was their next meal, but at least they were keeping their distance.

“What the hell have you done to me?”


* * * *


“I think we should tell her, Damian.”
Luke glanced at Damian.

“Yeah, but what if she freaks out and wants to leave?”

“She’s already upset. We can’t let her think there is something wrong with her or that we’ve done something to her. If we don’t explain, she’s going to leave anyway. What have we got to lose?”

Damian threaded his finger through his hair and sighed. He knew that Luke was right. They needed to tell her what they were.

“Come over here, baby.” Damian held his hand out to Melissa but stayed in his seat. He didn’t want to upset her more than she was or make her feel pressured in any way.

“I’m fine where I am, thanks.”

Damian sighed, but let her stay where she was. “We have something we need to tell you and it’s going to be hard for you to believe us, but I want you to try and keep an open mind. Okay?”

Melissa looked at him warily but nodded.

He glanced at Luke and saw his brother looked as nervous as he felt, but telling Melissa they were werewolves and that she was their mate was the right thing to do.

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