Naughty Angel (Sexy Nerd Boys #2) (8 page)

Chapter 11


I blink the sleep from my eyes and reach for Eve beside me.

              “Sorry I fell asleep on you. You could have woken me if you wanted to leave,” She apologizes sleepily.

Wanted to leave? Is she crazy?

              “It was no problem, your bed's really comfortable,” I assure her with a laugh. That, and nothing in life has compared to sleeping with her tiny form tucked protectively against my body.

              “I’m going to go take a shower. Will you still be here when I get done?”

              “Sure, if that’s what you want.”

I don’t want to make any assumptions. Maybe she’s hoping I’ll get the hell out of here so she can start kicking herself for kissing someone so far beneath her.

              “Yes, please stay. We can go to breakfast?” She nervously toys with the hem of her shirt.

              “Sounds good. And hey, if you have any trouble in the shower just shout, I can come help you out,” I offer with a wink.

She blushes bright red and wiggles out of my arms. She gathers up some clothes and a towel and slips out into the hallway to go to the bathroom. I look over at her roommate's side of the room. It looks like she never came home last night.

I do my best not to picture Eve naked and soapy but that’s nearly impossible and I’m hard again in seconds. Fuck that girl does something to me that I just can’t escape.

I wonder if I can kiss her again. Was that meant only as a one time thing last night? Does she regret it? Before I can spend any more time pondering the situation Eve returns. Her hair hangs damp on her shoulders. She’s wearing tight jeans and a slightly baggy v-neck shirt that shows off a generous amount of cleavage. I think my mouth might actually start to water. I rise from the bed and stand in front of her only a few inches separating us.

Will she be mad if I kiss her? She licks her lips and I involuntarily reach for her hips, pulling her against me. She lets out a shaky breath.
Fuck it, she can be mad, but I need to taste her lips again.

I tilt her head up and bring my lips down to hers tentatively weary of a rebuff. But, to my surprise, she parts her lips immediately to deepen the kiss.

She tastes like minty toothpaste and I suddenly realize I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I pull back and smile sheepishly at her.

“Sorry, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“I don’t care,” She says getting up on her tiptoes to meet my lips once more.

This girl is going to be the death of me and I honestly don’t even mind. Her stomach growls loudly and we both pull back laughing.


She nods and smiles at me shyly, a faint pink in her cheeks from our kiss.


We go to the dinner a few blocks off campus and both order french toast.

“I want to ask you something,” Eve says sipping her orange juice as we wait for our food. Her cheeks go pink again and she casts her gaze downward.

This ought to be good.

“Sure.” I nod to encourage her to go on.

She chews her bottom lip for a moment and continues to look anywhere but at me.

“I was, um, wondering if could...kind of, I don’t know...sort of…” She stammers.

“Just spit it out already, Angel,” I laugh.

“Critique my kissing.” She goes from pink to deep red. “I mean, since it was my first time, and I don’t want to be some freak who doesn’t know how to kiss correctly. So, maybe you could kind of, give me some pointers based on the experience,” She rambles on until I reach across the table and rest my hand on hers in an attempt to calm her nerves.

“You want my honest opinion?” I try to conceal my smile and appear somber.

She nods furiously and finally meets my gaze.

“A+, Angel. You were hesitant at first, which is to be expected. But, to most guys, myself included, that can be a turn on itself. It’s a reminder you haven’t been out there hooking up with every guy you’ve come across. And, your work with my lip ring, mmmm.”

I have to stop to take a deep breath. Would Eve be as skilled working around my
piercings as she was with my lip ring? My cock immediately comes to life, very interested in my train of thought. With a shake of my head I force myself to focus on the conversation at hand.

“I can’t tell you the number of girls I’ve kissed who fumble around it trying to figure out what to do.”

“Really? I mean, you’re not just trying to be nice?”

“I’m not just trying to be nice,” I assure her. “But, if you feel that you could use more practice before you test your skills out in the field I’d be happy to be your test subject,” I say, only half joking. In fact, the idea of her out kissing guys all over campus makes me queasy.

Her eyes rake over me in a curious manner like she’s trying to assess the validity of the offer.

“Maybe that wouldn’t be the worst idea.” She casts her gaze downward again.

Come again?

“I mean, it would just be one friend helping out another friend. Right?”

“I’m sorry, what?” I must be dreaming right now.

“I mean, if you were serious about the offer. You’re my friend, and I trust you. I’m eighteen years old and I have less experience than the average fourteen year old. I think maybe that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to get some experience with someone who I can trust not to push me too far, too fast. You know, as a friend.”

There’s that word again,

“And, what would we tell people?”

“I don’t see why it would be anyone’s business.”

“So you want to be what? Friends with benefits?”

Story of my fucking life. I should've known this would turn out just like all the rest. Good girls take one look at me and can't wait to take a walk on the wild side, just as long as no one else finds out.

Eve squirms under my hard gaze.

“I guess so,” she answers.

I bite my tongue to keep the things I really want to say inside.
Why aren't I good enough to date openly? How long before you've taken what you want from me and moved on?

Without another word I toss thirty dollars on the table and stand to leave.




              The drive back to my dorm is quiet, I fidget awkwardly in my seat. Asher's jaw is set and his eyes are focused on the road. I wish I could take back everything I said this morning. Not because I don't want him, if  wanted him any more I might combust. But, I'm afraid I ruined our friendship.

When we pull up in front of my building we both sit for several seconds in silence. Asher's eyes are unfocused, clearly deep in thought.

“I’m not going to take your virginity sweetheart, okay?” There’s pain in his voice that I don’t understand. But, the anger that was present at the dinner seems to have faded.

I reach my hand out and touch his arm. He looks down at it like it’s an alien thing for a woman to touch him. But women touch him all of the time, I’ve seen it. My heart flutters in my chest. He's agreeing to this?

“I trust you, Asher.”

              “Don’t trust me too much though, I am still a guy,” He warns with a self-deprecating smirk. “I have to head over to the physics lab to meet with Dex, I’ll come by later?”

              I lean forward and place a kiss on his cheek before getting out of the car. I might be imagining things but I swear I see him touch the place on his cheek that I kissed him like he hopes that he’ll feel my lips on that spot forever.



Chapter 12


At around seven at night there’s a knock at my dorm room door. I can’t suppress my smile as I practically skip to the door, absolutely positive it’s Asher. I fling the door open and he’s standing there looking perfect, as always. I try to hold back a contented sigh. I feel like my insides are made of helium and I just might float away.

              “Hey,” I greet him. I can't believe he actually showed. After going from angry to reluctantly resigned I half expected he wouldn't come by like he said he would.

              “Hey there Angel, can I come in?”

I step back to let him in. He has a bag of goodies with him tonight.

              “What did you bring?”

              “Since you said that you wanted to experience all of the things that most high school kids do I thought we'd have a good old fashioned movie night, make out session.” He smirks at me playfully.

              “What?” I laugh.

“It’s what everyone does in high school. You hang out at the house of an opposite sex friend, put in a movie, and spend the whole time making out instead of watching the movie. with or without a little over the shirt second base action,” He explains.

My heart jumps around inside my chest excitedly.

“What movies did you bring?”

“I brought some classic ‘80’s teen movies. So, if by chance you get bored of making out then you can at least gain some inspiration for rebellious behavior from these flicks.”

              “I doubt I’m going to get bored making out with you,” I assure him.

Something sad passes through his eyes briefly but he tucks whatever it was neatly away and smiles.

              “I sure as hell hope not.” He motions for me to get comfortable and he puts in the first movie.

What kind of a name ‘Breakfast Club’ is for a movie? Is it about teenagers who eat breakfast together? Asher cozies up next to me on the bed and my stomach starts to turn itself in knots.

What now? Do I kiss him? Do I wait for him to kiss me? Does my breath smell okay? What did I do with my hands when we kissed last night? Crap, I can’t even remember.

              “Angel,” He whispers, his breath tickling my ear and sending goosebumps all over my neck. “Just relax, the second I laid down you went stiff as a board. And, the look on your face is like you’re laying in bed with a wild animal that you think is going to attack you. This is supposed to be fun. Relax, Okay?”

I nod and he pulls me against his chest gently.

              “Watch the movie, let things happen naturally,” He coaxes.

I take a deep breath and his masculine scent surrounds me. I start to feel my heart rate return to normal and I try to enjoy the simple fact that I’m cuddling in bed with a gorgeous guy, watching a movie like a normal college girl.



              Eve finally starts to relax a few minutes into the movie. It seems like she’s even enjoying it. And, just like usual, I get my own enjoyment out of her reactions to the movie. The way her eyes light up right before she laughs, the way she blushes when anything sexual is mentioned, and my favorite is the way she looks absolutely scandalized by the idea of drugs in someone’s locker.

              “I think this is exactly the sort of thing my parents were afraid of exposing me to if I’d gone to public high school.”

              “Sooner or later everyone is exposed to things: sex, drugs, temptation. Eventually you have to decide about yourself as a person and how you feel about participating in them or not.”

              “Have you done drugs?” She asks, her eyes wide as saucers.

              “I’ve dabbled,” I admit. “Does that surprise you?”

              “Everything surprises me,” She points out. “Why? Does it surprise most people to hear that you’ve ‘dabbled’ with drugs?”

              “Yes, but it’s usually the use of the word ‘dabbled’ that surprises them. They take one look at my piercings and tattoos and figure that I’m understating my use of drugs,” I explain somewhat bitterly.

              “I don’t understand.”

              “I’m the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. I look like trouble, I come from a poor family. People expect that I do drugs and generally get in trouble with the law.”

Now Eve looks truly surprised.

              “Asher, you’re a brilliant student, on your way to becoming a PhD student. And, you’re one of the kindest men I know. I think anyone who would just write you off as a druggie loser is really missing out on getting to know the real you.”

Her words are so raw and honest that they tear my heart wide open.

              I crash my lips into hers, trying to pour every ounce of appreciation I can into it. She really sees me.

My god this girl is a quick study. Her tongue thrusts into my mouth urgently, her fingers threading through my hair. She gently tugs at my lip ring with her teeth and my dick strains against my zipper. I probably was about sixteen the last time I had a proper make out session. There’s something fun about the fact that I know that this isn’t about getting off. Not that my dick agrees, but whatever, that fucker’s been getting everything his way for the past five years, he can deal with some delayed gratification for once.

I pull back and kiss my way down her neck, nipping and licking her soft flesh. She lets out little gasps and quiet moans as I taste her. I reach her chest and I pull her neckline  down slightly so I can just barely get to her cleavage. Her body stiffens slightly beneath me.

“It’s okay, I’m just going to do something else that I loved to do as a teenager. Trust me?”

She hesitates for a second and then nods in approval. I find an ample spot and then I suck it into my mouth. After a few seconds I pull back to admire my work.

“There you go, Angel, your first hickey.”

She gasps when she sees the dark purple circle on the upper part of her chest.

“I did it somewhere that it’ll be easy to hide it, and it’ll fade after a few days,” I assure her.

“So, I’m going to be walking around with a mark hidden on me that only you and I know about?” Her shocked look turns to a sinful smile.

That’s my girl.

I pull her mouth back to mine and resume our make out session. I want to commit the taste of her lips to memory so I can remember this moment when I’m eighty years old.

“What did it mean when you said over the clothes second base?” She asks innocently.

I can’t explain why, but something about her complete innocence has me fucked six ways to sunday.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman
to be sexy, but the fact that Eve doesn’t even know that she has sex appeal, just makes me want to teach her everything I know. I want to corrupt her and see how surprised she is to find she enjoys it.

“Do you want me to show you?” I ask right before I carefully nip her earlobe.

“Yes,” She gasps.

I slowly place my hand over her breast, careful not to scare her. I find her hardened nipples through her clothes and gently tug at them. She gasps again and her eyes go wide, this time it seems to be a good surprise because she arches her back and presses herself more firmly into my hands.

“Men are scum!”

We jump apart as the door to the room flies open and Hadley, her roommate, storms in, apparently pissed at some guy. Hadley stops and takes in our disheveled appearance and the mortified look on Eve’s face and she smiles apologetically.

“Sorry, you didn’t put a sock on the door or anything.”

“Oops,” I mutter.

Eve continues to look like she was just caught butt naked with a priest.

“I’ll just get out of here,” Hadley says awkwardly, turning back around quickly.

“Wait,” I call out. “It sounded like you were upset. Why don’t you stay, I have to be up pretty early tomorrow anyway.”

That and there’s only so long I can take in one night without the  risk of pushing Eve too far. I want to take this slow with her. I want Eve to feel safe. I want to experience all of her firsts with her like they’re my firsts too. Which means a cold shower is in order at this point.

Eve frowns with disappointment.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Angel, okay?” I kiss her cheek and I don’t miss the smile that spreads across her face as I do so. “Sleep well.”




“Okay, you need to tell me everything about
,” Hadley insists with a gleam in her eye.

“Not much to tell,” I say with a shrug, trying desperately to hide the silly grin that’s been threatening since our first kiss last night.

“Oh please, don’t lie you bitch,” Hadley teases enthusiastically. “You and Mr. Sexy Tattoos were getting down to business when I walked in,” She accuses.

“We were not ‘getting down to business’.” I put her words in air quotes with what I’m sure is a scandalized look on my face. “We were just kissing.”

“Ah ha!” She shouts. “So that’s why you asked about the lip ring. I had a feeling when you two first started hanging out that there was something to that. So tell me, did you take my advice?”

I can feel the heat creeping into my cheeks as I remember Asher’s evaluation of my kissing technique. ‘
your work with my lip ring, mmm.’
tingles shoot through me at the memory.

“Yes. And. thank you because he really liked it,” I confide.

“Told you,” She smiles. “So, are you going to give him your v-card?”

“Hadley!” I shriek and I toss my pillow at her.

“What? I think that’s a valid question, because if you aren’t going to use that boy to his full potential you really shouldn’t let him go to waste.” She licks her lips like Asher is a plate of warm brownies.

“So why are men scum?” I ask trying to divert the conversation.

“Oh, well I spent the weekend in bed with Jake and I kind of thought we were connecting on a deeper level. Then all of the sudden he’s all, ‘that was fun, I’ll call you’.”

“So, he’ll call you, what’s the big deal?” Hadley laughs at my apparently stupid question.

“When a guy says he’ll call you, what he really means is ‘thanks for the memories now please exit my life without making a scene’,” She explains.

“Well that’s confusing.”

“Guys are all about mind games. They just say whatever it takes to get you naked and then you’re left feeling like a total idiot.” She groans and flops down on her bed.

Her comments are similar to what Nikki, Lee, Abby, and Remy had told her that night at bar and a sick feeling is  settling in the pit of my stomach. Is Asher doing that? I mean he said he wasn’t going to have sex with me, was that some sort of mind game to make me
to have sex with him? How would I find out?

“How do you know if a guy is lying to get you that...with them?” I ask cautiously.

Hadley lets out a humorless laugh.

“Their lips are moving.”

“Seriously, how would I know if I can trust Asher?” I notice a slight quiver in my voice.

“Honestly, if I were you I’d just be careful with him. He’s got a reputation for doing the old ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’. But, if you hold out he should stick around, at least for awhile.”

I try hard to keep the disappointment from wrapping itself around my heart. I felt like  Asher and I were really connecting, but everyone keeps telling me that feeling that way is exactly how you get tricked and heart broken.

I roll onto my side and grip my pillow. It smells just like Asher and my heart rate kicks up at the recent memory of his lips on mine, and of his hands touching me through my clothes. Heat spreads through my body and I wish he was still here. I grab my phone and send him a quick text.


Eve: my bed smells just like you, you should sleep here more often


I wait several minutes for a response and realize maybe that text was overstepping the bounds of our relationship. Was it too intimate of a thing to say? Can I text him ‘lol’ and pretend it was a joke? My phone buzzes and I cringe inwardly.


Asher: you don’t even realize how sexy everything you say is...goodnight angel



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