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Authors: Diane Hall

Operation Soulmate (33 page)

“No, I’m serious. There’s an office opening up out there. Someone is going to have to go and scout it out...make those all-important connections.”

” Marcus winked and smiled as he moved on to his next port of benign disruption. Lorna could hardly believe it. The Caribbean!! Surely he
to be joking, but it just wasn’t like him to joke about something like this. One of the more professional joys of working with Marcus over the years had been the fact that you could usually pretty much rely on what he said ...most of the time, except perhaps on the odd occasion when he would exaggerate a deadline in order to achieve a result on time. Over the years, however, he'd given up on this little game, as he’d soon come to realise that with Lorna, it just wasn’t necessary. A deadline was set in stone and, usually, if he told her the deadline was Tuesday when it was in fact Wednesday, the work would be done by Tuesday morning, and if he told her, more truthfully that it was Wednesday, the work would be done by Wednesday morning. So they had come to trust each other and to know that in a perilously uncertain environment, at least one other person’s word could be relied on implicitly. Yet despite this understanding and the obvious respect they had for each other, their relationship had remained frustratingly platonic and largely professional.

Lorna could feel a new surge of excitement as she considered the prospect of heading off to the Caribbean with Marcus and perhaps having to negotiate a tricky situation over an messed up hotel room booking in the Caribbean.

“I’m sorry sir, who did you say the booking was made by.”

“Marcus Bright...”

“Just one minute sir. Bright...Bright....Bright, oh, yes, we have the booking here sir, a double room. We hope you and Mrs. Bright will enjoy your stay with us...”

“Oh, no, no, I’m afraid zere seems to be some mistake...”

“Lorna, are you listening? The client says we’ve made a mistake...” Lorna looked up to see Pricilla Marchant cutting ruthlessly into her daydream like a hot knife through butter...


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