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Pleasure for Him

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Jan Springer





Billionaire Ryland Walton wants to give his girlfriend, Lily, a gift of pleasure that only more than one man can give to a woman.

Billionaire Spa-franchise owner Ryland Walton wants to give his girlfriend, Lily, a gift of pleasure that only more than one man can give to a woman.

When interior decorator Lily Tiffany receives a diamond-encrusted key with an invitation to a private island estate, she’s both nervous and excited that her sexy boyfriend is once again surrendering her to his dark desire of sharing her with another man.







For Franz and Annamaria



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Chapter One




Lily Rose Tiffany gasped at the intense pleasure created by her billionaire boyfriend’s oral lovemaking. Impulsively, she speared her fingers through his silky hair and her nails dug into his scalp as she desperately clutched at his head between her wide open thighs. The tip of his hot tongue lashed her tender clit and then he moved his mouth to lap at her labia. He took turns with each plump fold, sucking deeply until her senses became inflamed and the fire of need scrambled her self-control.

“Ryland, please!” she cried, fighting to catch her breath as he hung her at the edge of bliss. The sensations he created with his mouth were so intense, so agonising that her thighs trembled and her belly quivered and she wanted him
her, possessing her. But damn him, Ryland Walton ignored her pleas. He chuckled against her pussy, his warm lips melting over her clitoris. He lapped at her aching bud, taking his sweet time in making her come.

He was being rougher than usual tonight and deep down inside her, she knew why. It happened sometimes, when he was away from her for too long, and when he wanted to experience his desire of sharing her with another man. But she couldn’t think about that. Not right now. She just wanted him to fuck her.

He was as tense as she was. Tenser. She could see it in the muscles rippling across his tanned back and the muscles spasming in his broad shoulders as he held her hips tightly with his big hands while he devoured her pussy.

The sexual tension had zapped through the air the instant he’d let himself into her twentieth-floor Manhattan luxury penthouse suite only a few minutes earlier. She’d become aware of his need for sex in his quick predator-like steps as he’d stalked into her bedroom. She’d been sitting on her bed putting together an arrangement of colour swatches for a new client who wanted her entire home redecorated.

Lily hadn’t expected Ryland to be back in town from his business trip to China for at least a few days. She hadn’t been prepared for him. She wore no make-up. No sexy negligee. Only her favourite comfortable, frumpy lace nightie.

He hadn’t said hello. Hadn’t acted his usual gentlemanly self by asking how his best and only woman was tonight. He’d just glared at her with lust-filled, sex-on-demand brown eyes that had made her shiver with excitement. He’d gruffly ordered her to open her thighs to him. He’d watched hungrily as she’d quickly removed her panties and lifted her nightie, tucking the hem above her breasts, bunching the material under her armpits. He’d slipped off his expensive-looking black suit jacket, untied his black Louis Vuitton tie and removed his shimmering white shirt, folding everything neatly onto a nearby chair.

He appeared sexier than usual with a shadow of growth on his normally clean-shaven chin and cheeks. As he’d stepped out of his perfectly pressed pants and silky underwear, he’d looked needy—his jaw muscles twitching with self-control, his body tense and muscular, his breathing heavy and raspy. He’d given her a visual treat with his long and thick cock, before he’d climbed onto her bed and dived between her legs to feast upon her pussy.

He’d roughly rubbed his bristly cheeks against her sensitive thighs as he’d buried his face deeper into her soaked pussy. His moist tongue had caressed her clit until she creamed and twisted against his restraining hands. Within seconds, he’d had her craving to be penetrated. To be

Now she yelped as his sharp teeth tenderly nipped against her engorged clit. Cried out as his moist tongue laved away the pain. He kept mouth-fucking her, building the tension, making it swell through her like a giant wave until she was gasping for air.

Finally, he lifted his head from her pussy. His lips glistened with her juices and his eyes were dark and determined. He quickly moved off the mattress and stood at the side of the bed, breathing heavily. Reaching into her night table where she kept her condoms, he withdrew one, and then ripped the foiled package and quickly sheathed himself. She trembled with need as he climbed onto the bed and moved over her. He settled between her thighs, and she moaned at the intrusion entering her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, digging her heels into his rock-hard ass.

He thrust into her with a magnificent growl and she whimpered at his thickness and the wicked invasion. She curled her hands over his vibrating shoulders and arched into him, accepting his heavy girth. He withdrew and thrust into her again, going deeper. And again. His plunges were desperate and rough, hitting all the right nerve endings, sparking more pleasure.

She closed her eyes as he lowered his head and his mouth melted over hers. His lips were hard and demanding and he kissed her harshly, his dominance leaving her heady and vulnerable. Quickly, she became lost in a swirl of erotic tremors. Her body tightened with pleasure and she exploded in a crash of shudders. She convulsed around his cock, her muscles greedily clenching and loving him.

He groaned and slipped his hot tongue past her lips, driving into her mouth, mating fiercely with her tongue. The bold thrust left her breathless.

He fucked her harder, his strokes driving deep into her, possessing her, claiming her. She bucked mindlessly beneath him, becoming lost in the carnal sensations, embracing the agonising pleasure. His body tightened and he thrust once, twice and again then came the warmth of his release.


* * * *


Ryland lay awake for a long time after Lily had fallen asleep. In a couple of hours he would have to leave again and head back to China in his private jet. He was expected to open several more of his spas over there, but he hadn’t been able to stay away from Lily for a day longer, so he’d jetted back here to be with her for a few hours.

He loved her so much, sometimes he ached from it. He had probably fallen in love with her at first sight. He’d known her more than two years, having met her at a friend’s cocktail party where his friend had shown her off to the party members as the interior designer who’d redecorated his California mansion.

She was the famous Lily Tiffany, the decorator who catered to the rich and famous. She had great taste in how to match a person with the perfect colour scheme, and Lily had captured his friend’s jovial mood perfectly in the rooms she’d tackled for him.

She also knew how to dress. She’d been wearing a shimmering white backless, ankle-length dress that hugged her sweet curves. The enticing slits that ran up the sides of the dress showed off the longest, most luscious legs he’d ever seen. Immediately he’d reacted to her legs and to her confident laugh as it floated in the spring breeze. His body had tensed with an acute awareness he’d never experienced before with any other woman.

His cock had hardened into such a tight mess, he’d been barely able to think straight. He’d wanted to possess her. To dominate her and to make love to her right then and there. She was tall. Half a head shorter than his six feet. The fascinating way her shoulder-length, sandy blonde hair had shimmered beneath the crystal chandeliers had made Ryland’s breath halt in his lungs.

Sensing he had been watching her, she’d turned her head and when she’d looked at him and smiled so innocently, he’d known she would be the woman for him. That night they hadn’t been able to keep their eyes off each other. After he’d been introduced to Lily, they’d been an item in the gossip magazines since. The paparazzi followed them wherever they went and the magazines were always commenting on the loving way he looked at her, reporting it was just a matter of time before they were married.

Hell, he still couldn’t keep his eyes off her, especially when she slept. She wore no makeup and her natural beauty mesmerised him. With her hair tussled from the wild sex and her bottom lip plumped in a cute pout, she looked vulnerable and very hot. She brought the Neanderthal out in him and sometimes it was hard to control himself around her. Just like tonight, when he’d found her sitting on her bed. As he’d stalked towards her the heated gaze in her eyes had ignited his need to fuck her to new heights.

It was getting increasingly difficult to be away from her for long periods of time. He missed her like crazy whenever she was out of sight. Yet, every once in a while, a fantasy rose from deep inside him. A fantasy to pleasure Lily in ways that no single man could pleasure a woman.

He’d shared her on two previous occasions with men he trusted. Men such as himself, who were members of a secret group of billionaires who enjoyed sharing their women, or men, as the case might be. The desire was very strong inside him to once again share her and Ryland knew what his next step would be.

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