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Sleepover parties are the greatest! Everybody's having one . . .

All of Daisy's friends in the Alphabet Club – Amy, Bella, Chloe and Emily – have had sleepovers for their birthdays. Daisy has a dilemma. She'd love to have a sleepover too, but then she'd have to let her friends meet her sister . . .

I wonder if you've ever had a sleepover? How many people came? You can have a sleepover with just one special friend or you can have a big sleepover with lots of children camping in the living room with sleeping bags and pillows everywhere! Sleepovers can be great fun, chatting and giggling and eating and making stuff and painting fingernails and inventing new hairstyles and listening to your favourite music and watching DVDs. The only thing you don't seem to do on a sleepover is sleep! Sometimes you don't settle down till ten o'clock, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, even one o'clock. It's not a good idea to plan anything too energetic the next day!

I loved writing about the five special sleepovers in this book. It was great fun inventing a different theme
for each party and describing all the presents and the birthday cakes. My main girl, Daisy, wants to have a sleepover party too – but she's also very worried. She's not sure how her new friends will react to her sister Lily, who has special needs. Emily will be fine, because she's such a sweet girl. Daisy would give anything to have Emily for her very best friend – but Emily's already got a best friend, Chloe. Chloe looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but she is seriously scary, and absolutely horrible to Daisy.

I think we've all known someone like Chloe! She's so mean in this book – but don't worry, something very unfortunate happens to her right at the end!

I hope all your sleepover parties are splendid affairs!


Amy. “It's my birthday next week and my mum says I can invite all my special friends for a sleepover party.”

“Great,” said Bella.

“Fantastic,” said Chloe.

“Wonderful,” said Emily.

I didn't say anything. I just smiled. Hopefully.

I wasn't sure if I was one of Amy's
friends. Amy and Bella were best friends. Chloe and Emily were best friends. I didn't have a best friend yet at this new school.

Well, it wasn't quite a new school, it was quite old, with winding stairs and long polished corridors and lots and lots of classrooms, some of them in Portakabins in the playground. I still got a bit lost sometimes. The very first day I couldn't find the girls' toilets and went hopping round all playtime, getting desperate. But then Emily found me and took me to the toilets herself. I liked Emily
much. I wished she could be my best friend. But she already had Chloe for her best friend.

I didn't think much of Chloe.

I liked Amy and Bella though. We'd started to go round in a little bunch of five, Amy and Bella and Emily and Chloe and me. We formed this special secret club. We called ourselves the Alphabet Girls. It's because of our names. I'm Daisy. So our first names start with A B C D and E. I was the one who spotted this. The secret club was all my idea too.

I always wanted to be part of a special secret club. It was almost as good as having a best friend.

I wasn't sure if Amy's birthday sleepover was strictly reserved for best friends only. Amy went on talking and talking about her sleepover and how she knew she wasn't going to sleep all night long. Bella teased her because one time when Amy spent the night at Bella's she fell sound asleep at nine o'clock and didn't wake up till nine o'clock the next morning. Chloe said she sometimes didn't go to bed till ever so late, eleven or even twelve at night, so she'd stay awake, no bother. Emily said she always woke up early now because her new baby brother started crying for his bottle at six o'clock every single day.

I still didn't say anything. I tried to keep on smiling.

Emily looked at me. Then she looked at Amy.

“Hey, Amy. Daisy can come too, can't she?”

“Of course,” said Amy.

My mouth smiled until it almost tickled my ears.

“Whoopee!” I yelled.

“Really, Daisy!” said Chloe, clutching her ears in an affected way. “You practically deafened me.”

“Sorry,” I said – though I wasn't. But you have to try to keep on the right side of Chloe. She's the one who tells everyone what to do. The Boss.

She even tried to tell Amy what to do at her own sleepover. “You've got to get some seriously scary videos, right?” she said.

“My mum won't let me watch
scary videos,” said Amy.

“Don't tell your mum. Just wait till she's gone
to bed and then we can all watch in your bedroom,” said Chloe, sighing because she thought it was so simple.

“I don't have a video recorder in my bedroom, just a portable television,” said Amy.

“I haven't even got my own television,” said Bella comfortingly. “Never mind. Hey, what are you going to have for your birthday tea, Amy?”

Bella likes food. She always has big bars of chocolate at break-time. She eats eight squares herself. She gives Amy three squares because she's her best friend, but she lets Chloe and Emily and me have one square each. Chloe sometimes gobbles the last square too. Chloe gets away with murder.

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