Someone Bad and Something Blue

Also by Miranda Parker
A Good Excuse to Be Bad
Someone Bad and Something Blue
Can't Keep a Bad Bride Down
Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation
and Something
Miranda Parker
Kensington Publishing Corp.
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To Maggie and Suzette—your lives are inspiration
infinity, rest in peace.
To my mom, Dorothy, for taking cancer down by the
And to Selah for all that is good in my life.
If this is your first time reading Angel's story, let me first tell you that I'm not as smart/dumb (circle best answer) as you may think. If it weren't for the village that is Miranda Parker,
Someone Bad and Something Blue
would not be in your hands.
So let me acknowledge the truth about what went down getting this book published and who did the most work:
Kensington/Dafina Books:
• To my editor, Selena James: If there was an award for Most Dedicated Editor, Selena James should get it. When I wrote this novel I had written the first chapter fifteen times and fifteen different ways. And after each draft my vision for this story blurred. To make matters worse, there were so many challenges going on in my personal life I didn't have the time or energy to get back on track. Thank God for Selena. She e-mailed me her thoughts of my manuscript and stated one sentence that turned a switch on inside me. It put
Someone Bad and Something Blue
back into full view for me. I became excited again. I am very, very grateful for that. I also thank her for being so patient with me.
• To Mercedes Fernandez: Thanks for calming me down when I really almost chucked this book outside.
• To my cover designer, Kristine Mills-Noble. Again?! I was happy about the concept for
A Good Excuse To Be Bad
and then I received this cover. I jumped. I leaped. It's like you plucked a dream out of my head. Thank you.
• To my book cover photographer, George Kerrigan. Thank you for your great work and for Donna Bradley. My readers have told me how much they loved the cover.
• To Adeola Saul/Publicity: Thank you for taking care of me at NBCC and Black Pearl Magazine's Chocolate Social, for sending such a great letter to Dekalb County Public Library on my behalf, for introducing me to ITW, for making me look good, and for answering the phone every time I called.
• To Alexandra Nicolajsen/Digital Content/ Marketing Manager: Thank you for helping me with my book trailer and tweeting everything I got myself into. It was very sweet of you.
• Dafina's Sales Team: Thank you for getting my book in Publix Supermarket. I cried when I put my own book in my shopping cart.
I did a lot of research when writing
Someone Bad and Something Blue
and had the pleasure to chat with some interesting people:
• The Honorable Robert Moore, retired United States Marshal.
• Patricia Boudrot, PR at Filene's Basement.
• To my Ex aka Papi Chulo for all things buck, hooch, life behind bars, and the prison system, thanks for being a sport and telling me more than I probably needed to know.
• To Prohibition Speakeasy Bar in Atlanta. I'll keep your secret.
Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I need to acknowledge a few people who sacrificed themselves for me, while I wrote this novel:
• Selah: My lovely daughter, who somehow grew up, while I was writing. Please don't grow that fast between Book 2 and Book 3. I love your sweetness and sass. You teach me more than I teach you.
• Mom: This has been a whirlwind year. I thank God you are here with me. When I was exhausted and wanted to ditch Angel and her crazy manhunt you inspired me. If you could grin and bear it through radiation treatments and biopsies, I could dig in and stop whining. You're also the best direct seller on my planet and keep me on my toes about monthly sales goals. I'll do better with this one, promise. I pray for your continued health and love you!
• MeLana: My inspiration for Whitney and my real little sister. You are my ride or die chick. When I thought no one would show up to my book signing, not only did you come, but you made my signings look fabulous. Thanks for watching our girl for me.
• David: My twin. Ava is definitely not you. LOL. Thank you for getting male readers behind my book. I think I have more men fans than women. You are the best brother.
• Eric and Derrick Phillips: Thanks for making my book a hit with firemen. Wonder Twins definitely united. I love you, brothers.
• Daddy: Thank you for making sure Angel held her gun properly and planted her feet. It's indeed a blessing to have a former U.S. Marine sharp shooter help me write these books. I love you.
• To my Ace: Dr. Natasha B. for talking me out of another year of bad decisions. You became a mom this year and yet had time for me and Miranda. Thank you for encouraging me to move forward with this writing thing when I was still stuck in who I used to be. Love you and Aria.
• To Cathy Blair: Although you're Angel's nonexistent personal assistant, you're my good friend, book buddy, prayer pal, and movie maven. Thanks for watching Selah for me when I had to do a book event, needed to write in peace, needed to know someone cared.
• To Daren Gayle: My brother in Spirit. Thank you for being the best booking agent on the planet and treating Selah like the princess she is.
• To Gaspard: Thanks for loving me and Selah unconditionally.
• To Doctor David Song: Again you saved my life this year.
• To Bernadette Davis for being my cohost in #blacklitchat on Twitter.
Now this part gets tricky, because if I miss someone, someone may get offended. I tried to name most of you in
Angel On the Back Pew
, so double check that. However, I want to give a special pen up to some people who stood out on helping me through this book:
• Rhonda McKnight for being more excited at times than I was about my book.
• Tayari Jones for coming out to see me speak at Decatur Book Festival. If that wasn't the best book promotion for me. You made me impo'ant.
• Creston Mapes who wrote the nice endorsement on the front. I heart you.
• Tiffany Warren for all things books, comedy, and side eye.
• Tia McCollors for glamorizing my world and saying good things to book clubs about me.
• ReShonda Tate Billingsley for getting this book into so many readers' hands. Had you not wrote the blurb for
A Good Excuse to be Bad
they may not have picked it up.
• Victoria Christopher Murray for commenting on every blog post about my book, Facebook status, have supported my efforts and shared my book with her fans.
• Booker T. Mattison for those long chats on Facebook and being a great escort at NBCC.
• Trice Hickman for making me look good in front of some of the largest book clubs on the planet. Thanks for getting me that great spot in front of Tyrese and Jeff Johnson.
• To Shelia Goss for being crazy enough to host a writing workshop with me.
• To my International Thriller Writer Family: Jenny Milchman, Allan Leverone, Gary Kriss, and Ethan Cross. Thanks for adding me to the family.
• To my sisters in The Atlanta Georgia Peach Authors: Marissa Monteilh, Dwan Abrams, Electa Rome Parks, Gail McFarland, Jean Holloway, and D.L. Sparks. I'm Peachy and Proud.
To the Literati:
• Ella Curry for calling me when I'm not well, for telling everyone she knows about Miranda Parker, and for sharing your world with me.
• Tashmir Parks for supporting me when only two people knew my name.
• Tasha Martin for treating me like an honorary Sistahfriend before I became Miranda P.
• Tee C. Royal for holding Gwinnett down now that I'm gone and for championing me every RAWSISTAZ tread. Also thanks for checking my website for malware.
• Martin Pratt for calling me late at night and smiling through the phone. My friend.
• To Myguail Chappel at Dekalb County Public Library. I was honored to have you read my story out loud.
• Nyisha Ferguson of Houston Public Library. What you did for me and library acquisitions in rural Georgia is amazing. Thank you.
• Linda Jordan at Atlanta Fulton for becoming my cheerleader in the library system.
• The Friends of South Georgia Regional Library for making me feel like royalty in my hometown.
• The Atlanta Press Club for covering me all summer and then inviting me to the prestigious holiday party. I'm still pinching myself.
• To Troy Johnson for hooking me up on AALBC. Com.
• I'm sorry. I forgot you. I promise I will get you in Book Three.
Miranda P.

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