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Authors: Celeste Walker

The Last Of The Rings

The Last Of The Rings
The Vampire Awakening [1]
Celeste Walker
Nessa, a beautiful brunette vampire falls in love with Thomas, a human who has
no idea of her true nature.
Nessa’s parents died over three hundred
years back and left her in charge of her sister Trina with two rings that
enabled them to walk in daylight.
Unaware of what is in store for them,
the two siblings discover that the rings hold more to them than the ability to
make them walk in daylight.
A new coven of ruthless vampires called the
Reigns are after the two rings to help them complete their collection which will
in turn give them the power to control all the vampires and rid the world of
In the fight to defend the rings, Nessa discovers the existence
of shapeshifters - The Areneas. Areneas join forces with Anti-Reign vampires to
keep them from achieving their goal.
Through all this, Thomas gets
caught up in the fight and discovers Nessa’s dark secret.



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.


The Last Of The Rings – Book One of The Vampire Awakening


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Celeste Walker.
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Written By Celeste Walker


The Last Of The Rings – Book One of The Vampire Awakening


Vampire Blood – Book Two of The Vampire Awakening



Table of Contents


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5





Chapter 1

Nessa stood at the balcony of her apartment staring at the bands of streetlights below, the concrete towers with their uneven patchwork of the lighted windows, the shimmering reds, greens, yellows and whites of neon signs and traffic lights. The sun would be coming up in a few minutes. The fresh air and wind brushed and caressed her suave face, blowing her long russet-brown hair to her back. The previous nights’ events still lingering fresh in her mind.


She had made love to Thomas for the first time. She couldn’t thank her stars enough for having him with her. It had been six months since they’d met at a diner owned by her sister Trina as Thomas went to have his lunch, and the previous night was the first time they’d explored their bodily pleasures.


She knew she wasn’t supposed to fall in love with any mortal. It was nothing short of a recipe for disaster. But despite all the warning bells in her head, she couldn’t resist him. Though he had no idea that she was a vampire, Nessa could only hope she could put up with the charade forever.


Before she could turn back and head to bed, Thomas sprung up behind her and wound his arms around her lean waist. All he had on were the bottoms to a pair of paisley silk pajamas. They rode low on his hips, exposing the navel in the middle of his incredibly flat stomach. He had a marvelous physique, his shoulders wide and all the muscles well defined.


“I was wondering where this gorgeous being had disappeared to” he whispered into her ears as he swirled her around so she was facing him, running his hands through her hair and smelling it’s strawberry scent. She always smelled so good. Her strawberry shampoo always made him want to smell her hair and silk soft skin every other time.


“I just came out to get some air” Nessa said as she leaned forward and kissed him.


“Did you miss me?” she teased.


“My dick missed you more, and it can only show you how much” Thomas answered as he ran his hands down her back to her ass and squeezed them.


“I love the sound of that” Nessa said as she wound her arms around his neck.


Thomas cupped her face in his hands and looked into her gorgeous amber eyes. He leaned down and bit her bottom lip lightly, pulling it a bit to arouse her. He then dipped his tongue into her warm mouth. Nessa opened her mouth wider to his searching tongue and they moaned in unison and pressed closer, her huge tits brushing against his chest. Nessa could feel Thomas’s dick brushing against her legs. He was slightly hard.


She had on short silk-white lingerie. Thomas ran his hands down to her back and pressed her to him. He proceeded down to her ass and squeezed them again parting them in the process. Nessa jumped onto his waist and whispered into his ears.


“Let’s get inside honey”


She knew very well that if the sun came up and she was exposed to its rays without her ring, then that would be the end of her. Thomas held her tightly to him as he walked into her bedroom and placed her on the bed gently.


He went on top of her and dipped his tongue into her mouth again, pressing his dick between her thighs. He ran down his hands to her breasts and squeezed them, pulling off the strands of her lingerie, he licked her neck down to the pink buds of her huge tits.


He took one into his mouth and sucked it, nibbling it with his teeth as he tasted their salty taste. Using his thumb and index finger, he caressed the other nipple, pulling and rubbing it to feel them harden.


Nessa moaned with pleasure and arched her body upwards signaling she wanted more. Thomas placed wet kisses on her chest as he proceeded to her flat stomach then to her navel. He pulled off her lingerie and threw it to the floor, leaving her naked and hot for him. He went down to her pussy and stroke it with his middle finger. She was so wet. Using his other hand, he parted her pink folds and stroke her clit with his tongue.


Nessa moaned again and ran her hands through his hair, arching him to continue. He sucked and nibbled her clit with his tongue as he placed two fingers inside her wet pussy, finger-fucking her and exploring her insides.


Nessa parted her legs wider for him, her fingers biting into the bed-sheets as she lost herself, wanting him to eat her and take her, and so he did. Her eyes started changing color from the normal amber to a burning red. Vampires could turn and show their true selves in suppression of an emotion. This could be anger, pain and pleasure. She couldn’t let Thomas see her like that. She shut her eyes and took deep breaths to gain control of her statue.


Thomas continued to suck her juices and when she thought she could orgasm no more she sat up and brought Thomas’s face to hers, kissing him passionately while dipping her tongue into his mouth and playing with his. She rolled over on top of him and parted her legs. She bent over and kissed his chin then his neck, she loved the taste of him. She proceeded down to his chest and placed light wet kisses as she rubbed and sucked his nipples.


Thomas moaned and bit his bottom lip. There was something about Nessa’s tongue that made him tingle all over. She went down to his belly then his navel as she pulled off his pajamas leaving his huge dick bare and wanting.


She licked and nibbled his balls and then placed his huge hard dick in her mouth, taking as much as she could and rubbing the rest that couldn’t fit into her mouth with her hand. She sucked him in an up and down motion and nibbled the head between her teeth. Thomas arched his back up in pleasure. He wanted to be inside her.


He sat up and brought her face to his, kissing her passionately as he rolled her over to lay on her back. He parted her legs and rubbed his hard dick on her wet pussy. He then thrust inside her, filling her wet cunt with his huge dick. He was big, but he felt bigger inside her. Nessa parted her legs wider and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.


Screaming at the top of her voice, he entered her again and again until his entire dick was inside her, oh how she loved the feeling. They moaned in unison until they both climaxed. Her fangs shot out as she lost herself. She felt his heartbeat in her head and the veins on his neck called out to her, his blood felt so hot on her skin and she so badly wanted to bite him.


She closed her eyes and took deep breaths as a tear ran down her cheek.


“I love you” Thomas muttered.


This was the first time he’d said those words since they’d met. It came as a surprise and she didn’t know how to react.


Thomas pulled back enough so he was looking into her eyes.


“Are you crying honey?” he asked with concern as he stroke her face.


“No, I’m just happy babe, you make me so happy” she answered as she pulled him to her and kissed him lightly.


“Did you hear what I just told you?” Thomas continued.


“Yes, I heard you and i…”


Her statement was suddenly interrupted by the strident ring of the telephone. She leaned over the bed to the drawer next to her bed and lifted the receiver from the cradle only to hear a hysterical Trina from the other side of the phone.


“I killed him Nessa, I killed him, but I didn’t mean to” she cried hysterically.


Trina was Nessa’s blood sister. They had lived together for over three hundred years since their parents died and wherever Nessa went, Trina went with her. They had kept their vampire nature a secret since their parents died and whenever they’d stayed in a place for years and felt that people would begin to notice their un-ageing nature, they’d move on to a different town or city and start over.

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