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Authors: Natasha Moore

Voluptuous (4 page)

The kiss was soft. The dark glint of arousal in his eyes was
anything but. She licked her lips and nodded but couldn’t get any words out.
None were needed.

Sam gently wound the rope around her wrist and pulled her
arm out to tie it to the headboard. After rounding the bed to the other side,
he tied the last length of rope to the headboard, then lifted her free hand. He
dropped another kiss to that palm and then loosely wrapped the end of the rope
a couple of times around her wrist.

“Hold on to this,” he said and placed the end of the rope
into her hand.

Meredith grabbed onto it. When she tugged, that arm felt as
bound as her other limbs but it touched something deep inside her to know that
he’d wanted to give her the peace of mind of knowing she could escape if
something happened to him. She never thought for one moment he would abandon

Sam was a good man. A man she could imagine a future with.
How had she let this happen? She didn’t want to lower her defenses this much.
When any of the other men she’d dated, the other men she’d had sex with, left
her she’d been hurt. Or angry. Or both. But never had she been left devastated.

And Meredith would be totally devastated when Sam walked

But right now he was looking down at her as if she was the
most delicious thing he’d ever seen. So she was going to let herself enjoy
being with this good man. This totally hot man who obviously wanted to be with
her. He would probably come to his senses eventually but at this moment, bound
to his bed and at his mercy, she would force eventualities out of her mind.

Then with one touch, everything but Sam flew out of her

“Where to start,” Sam murmured as he drew one long finger
down her face, along her throat and over her chest to brush over a nipple. “So
sweet. So soft.” He leaned over the mattress and took her nipple into his

She arched her back as he sucked deeply, sending shivers of
desire running through her body once again. He wrapped his hands around her
breast, kneading the flesh as he continued to play with her nipple, sucking,
licking, scraping it with his teeth. Meredith cried out as wave after wave of
incredible sensations flowed directly to her pussy. She began to throb, to ache
for stimulation there but with her legs spread wide, she had no way to relieve
the need.


He raised his head and smiled. “Did I ever tell you I’m a
breast man?”

“Really? I’d have never guessed.”

“You’re going to have to bear with me.” As he spoke, he
caressed her breast gently, almost reverently. “I’m going to be taking my time

She groaned.

He rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger, pinching
the already sensitive tissue almost to the point of pain. “Don’t you like this?
Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Yes. Yes, of course it does. I just want more.” She raised
her hips as much as she could.

Sam placed his hand over her mound, holding her down,
placing pressure on her clit but not moving at all. “I know, sweetheart. I ache
too. But I’m not rushing this.” He pressed down a little harder, giving her a
little more stimulation but nowhere near enough. “You’ll thank me later.”

“I’ll thank you right now if you could just move your hand a
little more.”

He chuckled and lifted his hand from her body. “Not yet.”

“Why not?” Was she actually whining? She dropped her head
back down onto the bed and tugged at the ropes, just to vent her frustration.
Sam laughed again.

“Equal time,” he said. He rounded the bed and sat down on
the other side of her. He began to lavish her other breast with the same
attention he’d given the first. Her body heated up fast. Her blood pulsed
heavily through her veins. Her pussy throbbed in the same rhythm. She couldn’t
take much more.

“Sam. Please.”

He lifted his head. “What, sweetheart?”

“Can I come? Just once? I’m dying here.”

“Soon.” He took her nipple back into his mouth, suckling
hungrily. She closed her eyes, savoring the renewed sensations even as she
ached for release. If it wasn’t going to happen for a while, maybe she should
try to focus on this moment. On these incredible sensations.

He was making love to her breast and she realized if she let
go of her desire to rush to the finish line, she could enjoy the moment. Could
enjoy Sam’s mouth on her, hands on her. Could build up memories of their night
together. In case he did what every other man had done and decided one night
with her was enough.

She groaned again. “Do you know you still have your pants
on? That’s so not fair. Could you at least give my eyes a little more

A smile slowly spread across his face. “I suppose I can do
that.” Sam stepped away from the bed to give her a good view. He kicked off his
shoes, then unbuckled his belt and stripped it from the loops. He eyed the worn
leather. “As long as you behave yourself, I won’t need this tonight.”

He’d spank her with his belt? Meredith knew she should be
outraged but her pussy tingled at the possibility. Sam tossed the belt away and
unfastened his trousers. She licked her lips as she waited for her first look
at the cock she’d rubbed up against several times already.

As he slowly lowered the zipper, she saw his long, thick
erection pressing against his white briefs. Her eyes were fixed on his groin as
he lowered his trousers and stepped out of them. He pulled his socks off and
then stood there in only his underwear, wrapped around him as if he were a gift
she couldn’t wait to open.

Bondage was hot. Something about not being able to move made
the sensations even stronger, more exciting. But right now, not being able to
use her hands was not exciting at all. It was frustrating.

She wanted her hands on him. She wanted to tear those briefs
from his body and hold him in her hand. She wanted to feel his flesh in her hands,
wanted to stroke him long and hard. Meredith knew she could drop the rope she
gripped with one hand, but she wouldn’t do that. As far as she was concerned,
she was completely bound to Sam’s bed.

“Making me wait?” she finally said.

He brushed her hair back from her face. “Haven’t you learned
yet the benefit of patience?”

“Never had a whole lot of patience.”

“You’ll learn.”

She licked her lips. “I’d rather dive right in.”

He crossed his arms. “Maybe that’s your problem.”

She froze. “Problem?”

“You haven’t waited for the right guy, Meredith. All those
one-night stands tell me that you take the first guy to give you some attention
instead of stepping back and thinking about it first.”

When there weren’t all that many guys who gave her any
attention at all, she took what she could get. She didn’t say that to Sam, but
the excuse was loud in her mind. “Sometimes a bad date is better than none at

“Oh, sweetheart.” Sam slipped his briefs off but instead of
giving her time to appreciate him, he came up to the side of the bed and leaned
in for soft kiss. “The good ones are worth waiting for.”

Her eyes prickled. She’d been waiting for someone like him
her whole life.


Sam watched as Meredith writhed on his bed, her need
apparent in every sinuous wriggle. He’d never seen anything so hot in his
entire life. He could feast on her for hours but his kinky girl needed some
relief and he was looking forward to taking care of that for her.

He climbed up on the bed and knelt between her legs. His
view there was incredible. Her golden hair spread out over his pillows. Her
arms stretched out above her head. Her breasts jiggled with her movements, her
nipples red and swollen from his attention. Her lush hips would give him
something to hold on to when he plunged into her later on. Her long legs were
spread wide and gave him an unobstructed view of her glistening pussy. The
slick flesh was puffy and pink, her swollen clit peeking out from under its

“So beautiful,” he murmured. “I have to put my mouth on

She squirmed. “Yes!”

Sam dropped to his elbows and splayed his hands on either
side of her pussy. He spread the lips with his thumbs and paused a moment to
gaze upon her. His mouth watered but he wasn’t about to start rushing now.
Meredith squirmed a little more, her legs tugging at the ropes, but that just
made him wait a little longer. He feared she would never learn patience.

And that was all right because he could watch her wriggle
all night long.

Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer and dove in. She was so
wet his face was immediately covered in her juices. He started with long licks,
covering every part of her pretty pussy. She tasted so sweet. When he nibbled
on her tender lips, she moaned and wriggled some more. He thrust a couple
fingers into her core and kept nibbling.

His cock throbbed insistently and he didn’t know how long he
could hold off his own orgasm. He’d make sure Meredith was taken care of first.
He explored her channel with his fingers, looking for that sensitive spot
within. When her body quivered, he knew he’d found it. He began to stroke that
spot at the same time he sucked on her clit.

She screamed as the orgasm hit her and bucked beneath him as
she rode it out. He kept stroking, kept sucking as she kept moving. She cried
out his name and struggled against the ropes. Sam gradually slowed the
stroking, stopped the sucking. Gradually let her down from her climax.

Once she settled back into the mattress, she raised her head
and looked at him, slightly glassy-eyed but with a big smile. He knew his face
was wet. He got off the bed, grabbed his underwear off the floor and dried off
his face. He smiled down at her. “Better?”

She nodded. Sam stared at her magnificent breasts and his
cock jerked against his stomach.

“How kinky are you, sweetheart?”

Her eyes widened. “What did you have in mind?”

“Did any of those one-night stands ever fuck your breasts?”

Chapter Four


The intense desire on Sam’s face made Meredith tremble. His
obvious eagerness was infectious. Her breasts tingled and her nipples prickled.

“Not really,” she told him. “A couple guys rubbed their
cocks on them a little but never anything more than that.”

“I would love to fuck your beautiful breasts. Is that okay
with you?”

She would let him do anything he wanted to do to her and
that realization made her more than a little nervous. She was falling too hard,
too fast for this guy. Still, he’d given her everything she’d wanted tonight.
She wasn’t about to deny him anything. “Sure.”

He opened the drawer to his nightstand and pulled out a
small brown bottle. “This oil will make it a lot more enjoyable. For both of
us.” He set the bottle onto the bed. “First, let’s get these off.”

He quickly untied her wrist and ankles, left the other ends
of the ropes still tied to the bed. He inspected her skin to make sure nothing
was red or rubbed raw. Her heart clenched as he kissed each ankle, each wrist.
“Sweet Meredith,” he whispered.

Sam opened the bottle of oil and poured some in his hand.
She caught a faint scent of almond in the air. He left it in his palm for a
moment. “I want to warm it up for you.” Then he tipped his hand and let the oil
drizzle onto her breasts. The sensual slide of the warm oil made her purr.

He reached across her body and his hands slipped over her
skin as he massaged the oil onto both of her breasts. He concentrated on his
strokes and she sank into the mattress with pleasure. Her eyes drifted closed
as she enjoyed the slick caresses.

“So beautiful. So shiny,” Sam whispered.

She opened her eyes and could see her breasts were almost glowing
from the oil he’d massaged onto her skin. Then he poured a little more oil into
his hand and he began to stroke his thick erection, covering the surface with
the slippery liquid. His cock was straining, the veins standing out beneath the
darkened skin. He was getting all shiny too and she wanted to know what he felt

“I want to do that.” She sat up and crawled to the edge of
the mattress. His eyes darkened as he stepped up so she could reach him. She
knelt and took him in her hands. He was so hard and thick. So soft and smooth.
As she stroked him with both hands, the moans of pleasure escaping his lips
were sensual music to her. She loved knowing she was the one who caused them.

“Enough,” he said on a groan. “Lie back now.”

Meredith smiled and dropped back onto the mattress. Her
hands were oily now too, so she rubbed them around on her breasts as Sam
climbed onto the bed and straddled her hips. It felt wonderful but a little
different when she plucked her nipples with her slippery hands.

Sam took her hands in his and let their fingers and palms
slip and slide against each other. The slow slide was so sexy. So intimate.

He smiled and rose up on his knees. His cock rested heavily
between her breasts. He placed her hands on the outside of her breasts and then
covered her hands with his. Together, they pressed her breasts together so they
surrounded his cock.

He began to move then, slowly at first. The oil made for
slick friction and the experience was more erotic for her than she imagined it
would be. Meredith rested her head back down on the pillow and watched his cock
move in and out of the tunnel her breasts had made. The dark-red bulbous head
shot forward, almost reaching her mouth. Then it would retreat briefly before
it came back again as Sam rocked back and forth, fucking her breasts. Fucking

Her mouth dried from her shallow panting and she moistened
her lips with her tongue. She almost lifted her head to try to touch his cock
with her lips but that wasn’t what he wanted at the moment. And she wanted to
give him anything he desired.

He began to pick up speed, his eyes closed and his head
dropped back. Meredith’s pulse raced as she observed his pleasure. She never
expected to get satisfaction from this as well. His hands slipped over hers as
he squeezed her breasts even tighter together. Sam’s groans grew louder, his
movements more frantic. Then he shouted and he climaxed, spurting hot come over
her chest and throat.

She’d never thought those money shots in porn movies were
sexy at all but this was totally different. It was raw. It was primal. It was
totally hot. And when he opened his eyes and looked down on her, there was more
emotion revealed there than she anticipated.

Something fluttered in her chest. As she gazed back at him,
she wondered if her emotions were reflected in her expression as well.

Sam lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.
“That was amazing.”

Meredith nodded. She couldn’t even speak, her throat was so
full of feelings she didn’t know how to express. Didn’t think she could
express. Didn’t even think she should.

“I think a shower is in order for both of us,” Sam said. She
took his hand and he helped her up. Gravity and oily skin caused some of Sam’s
thick cream to slide between her breasts. “I got a crazy thrill seeing my come
land on your body. As if I marked you as mine.”

His? Was he saying he wanted her to be his? Or just that he
liked marking a woman that way? Too many thoughts, too many emotions. Way too
soon. But she let him lead her into the adjoining bath and she barely resisted
before he pulled her into the shower with him. She’d never shared a shower with
anyone else. Luckily the stall was roomy enough for the both of them. The large
gray tiles lining the stall were clean and masculine. The water from the large
rainfall showerhead was hot and relaxing. The soap smelled like Sam, a spicy
clean scent she would always think of as his.

Sam sudsed up a soft round sponge and smiled at her. “Let
me.” He reached out and slowly washed the oil and come from her breasts. The
sponge slid sensuously over her, sending shivers along the surface of her skin.
He paid special attention to her nipples and she moaned as he stimulated them
into hard little beads.

Following his lead, she smoothed another soft soapy sponge
over his sculpted chest, giving his pecs and abs plenty of attention before
taking it lower. Their gazes met, held, as they washed each other, making this
every bit as intimate as what they’d shared earlier.

After they were both clean, Meredith soaped her breasts, covering
them in thick, white lather, not even pretending this was for anything other
than Sam’s pleasure. He moaned as he watched her with a heated smile. She
couldn’t resist leaning into his chest before the water could rinse her clean,
sharing her lather with him. Her nipples tingled as they brushed across his
chest, her breasts soaping him in a whole new way.

Sam slid his soapy sponge between Meredith’s legs and when
her knees weakened and she grabbed his shoulders, her sponge slipped out of her
hand and shot across the shower floor. When she bent over to pick it up, he

“Don’t tempt me.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” She wriggled her ass and
laughed, letting him know she was fully aware of what he was talking about. She
tossed the sponge to him over her shoulder.

He caught it and his laughter joined hers, ringing off the
tiles and creating an erotic harmony. “You make me feel as if I’m a teenager
again, but I’m afraid I’m not a kid any longer.” He pulled her close and
dropped a light kiss on her nose. “This body needs a little recovery time.”

“It’s fine.” Her emotions needed some recovery time. She
never imagined a quick shower could be so fun, so sexy and leave her liking Sam
even more.

He drew her under the showerhead. They stood in each other’s
embrace under the cooling water and rinsed off.

As they dried each other afterward, Meredith realized she
hadn’t felt self-conscious of her body at all while she’d been in the shower
with Sam. He was so easy to be with that she forgot all about her extra curves.
He even combed out her wet hair, telling her how pretty he thought it was.

“I worked up an appetite,” Sam said when they were done.
“How about you?” Still naked, he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the
bathroom, past the bed with the extremely rumpled covering and into the living
room. The pizza box sat on the coffee table.

“Mmm. Cold pizza,” she said, suddenly hungry. Her damp hair
was cool on her shoulders, so she pulled a ponytail holder out of her purse to
pull it up into a ponytail. Then she grabbed her shawl off the arm of the sofa
and wrapped it around her shoulders. She told herself if was because she was
chilly, not because she wanted to cover up as much of her naked flesh as
possible. “My favorite midnight snack.”

“You are a woman after my own heart,” Sam said brightly. He
grabbed a couple of cold beers from the fridge and they sat in the middle of
the floor and started in on the other half of the pizza.

“Do you have any brothers or sisters?” he asked after he’d
practically inhaled his first slice.

“That’s right,” she said with a silly smile. “This is still
our first date. We have to get all that first-date stuff out of the way.”

“After the sex, you mean?” His playful wink made her stomach

She laughed. “Exactly. I have one sister. She’s five years
older than me. A stay-at-home mom with three kids. No brothers. How about you?”

“Two brothers. Both got jobs and moved away from here. No
sisters. I’m the oldest.”

That didn’t surprise her. He had that bossy way about him
when it suited him. And it seemed to suit her as well. “Favorite music?” she

“Old-time rock and roll,” he replied without hesitation.
“Led Zeppelin. Creedence. The Stones.”

“I’d have to add Aerosmith and Journey to the list,” she
told him, getting shivers as he listed some of the favorites on her iPod.

“Queen?” he suggested.

“Yes. And Heart and Bon Jovi.”

“Guess we wouldn’t argue too much about the songs to play on
a road trip.”

Road trip? “Guess not.” She turned back to the pizza on her
plate. She couldn’t get her hopes up. He was simply making conversation. But
when she looked up at Sam again he was studying her. She had no idea what he
was thinking.

She finished her pizza, then wondered what she should be
doing now. Usually it was the guy who made excuses and left her after sex. She
didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want to make excuses but maybe that’s what he
was waiting for her to do. He was too nice a guy to kick her out.

“Well.” Meredith cleared her throat and took one more swig
of beer. She pulled the shawl a little tighter around her shoulders. “I guess I
should get dressed and call a cab.”

Sam frowned. “What?” He grabbed her hand and pulled her
close. The shawl loosened and slipped off one shoulder. “Where do you think
you’re going?” he growled.

She swallowed. “I thought maybe you were ready to get rid of

“Did I do something to give you that idea?” He brushed the
cold beer bottle across her nipple and she shivered with delight.

“No. But I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.” Another one
of her mother’s edicts.

He tilted his head, raised that brow and took another sip
from the bottle of beer.

“It’s just that we had drinks,” she said, rushing on with
the explanation. “Ate. Had sex. Ate some more. Had more drinks. Shared family
facts. Is there some other first-date requirement I forgot about?”

He flicked her other nipple with the bottle before he set it
down. “I don’t want you to go.” His words gave her a thrill. He pulled her onto
his lap. She straddled him and her pussy rode up against his hard arousal. “Do
you want to leave?”


He slid his hand between their bodies and cupped her mound.
“Good, because I haven’t fucked this pussy yet and I think that’s a
requirement. Don’t you?”

Meredith nodded slowly. She’d hoped to get a chance to feel
him inside her before they went their separate ways. Her sex clenched as she
imagined Sam’s cock buried deep within her. She started to move off his lap.

He tightened his grip on her hips. “Wait. You’re always in
such a hurry.”

“I thought we were having sex.”

“We’ll get to the bedroom again, don’t worry.” He brushed a
few wayward strands of hair away from her face. “I like holding you,
sweetheart. Give me a minute more.”

“Okay.” She leaned into him, wrapped her arms around his
neck and pressed her breasts into his hot chest. Her shawl slipped all the way
off her shoulders and she didn’t even care. Sam gathered her close and she
rested her head on his shoulder, soaking up his warmth, inhaling his scent.

His erection was hot and hard between their bodies. Instinct
had her rocking her hips to give her pussy more needed stimulation. She kissed
his neck, shifted her position and rocked some more. His cock jerked against
her stomach.

Sam hadn’t fucked her pussy yet but she hadn’t tasted him
yet either. Meredith slid off his lap onto her knees. She glanced at him. “I
want to put my mouth on you.”

“Yes.” He moaned. “Hold on.” He pulled himself up from the
floor and sat on the sofa so she wouldn’t have to lean over so far. He caught
her waist and pulled her between his thighs. “I’m all yours, sweetheart.”

She took him with her hands first, stroking his cock as she
had earlier. He was so hot. So hard. She loved the way he felt in her hands,
the strength, the need. A bead of pre-come gathered at the tip and she swept up
the salty cream with her tongue.

Now that she’d had a taste, Meredith couldn’t resist taking
him deep into her mouth. Sam groaned and clutched her head with his strong
fingers. She smiled around him and began slowly riding him with her mouth. Her
saliva quickly lubricated his skin and her lips slid easily up and down his
hard length. She ran her hands up and down his thighs at the same pace. Her
high ponytail bounced with the movement.

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