18 Ultra Short Erotic Tales

18 Ultra
Short Erotic Tales

Published by
Carl East

At draft2Digital

Copyright 2013
- Carl East

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Characters depicted in this book are Eighteen years of age or older**

Table of Contents

Story 1
– Beautiful Surprise

2 – The Exchange Student

Story 3 – The
Bus Ride

Story 4 – The

Story 5 –
Just another Day

Story 6 – Rosebud

Story 7 –
The Sex Machine

Story 8 –
The Sex Virus

Story 9 – The

Story 10 – Kim's

11 – Foster Investigations

Story 12 –
The Succubus

Story 13 –
Three Wishes

14 – The Gang Bang Expose

Story 15 –
A Voyeur's Dream

Story 16 –
Train Encounter

17 – Three is not a Crowd

Story 18
– The Mailman's Tale

Beautiful Surprise

the age of eighteen, I've had a strong sexual appetite, with thoughts of sex
never far from my mind wherever I found myself. It came from being brought up
with three stepsisters and a stepmother that was once a model of note. Not that
I desired them you understand, but you couldn't help but notice things from
time to time; it's just that I was being subjected on various occasions to see things—which
I wasn't supposed to see, such as my stepmother leaving the bathroom, unaware
that I had arrived home early. She was casually drying her hair—whilst being
completely naked—standing with her back to me.

at the age of nineteen, the sexual thoughts I always thought I controlled, were
taking a disturbing turn. I masturbated often and usually my mind conjured up
images of perfect females doing erotic things with me. As most young men would
testify, these scenarios were quite normal. Now however, I couldn't get the
image of my stepmother out of my mind every time I started to stroke my cock.

reason is simple; I'd seen something a few days before which I couldn't get out
of my mind. I'd been in the lounge drinking a cup of tea when my stepmother
came in with her usual coffee and took a seat opposite me. She was still
wearing her nightgown and as she sat down, one side of it fell away revealing a
long slender leg. She sat forward at that point bringing the two halves back
together, but the act of sitting forward gave me an unbelievable view.

see, her nightgown barely reached her knees and in this position, I could see
her womanhood in all its glory. I noticed several things at once—firstly, she
wasn't wearing any panties— secondly, she shaved. I also noticed she had opened
her legs slightly, making me think she was giving me a brief show. I dismissed
that notion straight away. She'd never done such a thing in the past.

seemed to stand still as I stared at the forbidden, until my sister Janet
entered the room and interrupted the moment. Feeling myself flushing and not
wanting to explain why, I stood up ready to leave the room. That, it turned
out, was a mistake. I had an erection that was clearly visible to all, and
Janet, being the stepsister she was, was quick to embarrass me by pointing at
it and laughing.

face reddened further, but to my surprise, my stepmother seemed to look at my
embarrassment for far longer than was needed. I also heard her berate my sister
for teasing me, but with my sister's reply, I was left wondering—long and hard.

you're the one who caused it," she had said, making my stepmother go

stood just outside the open lounge door listening for my stepmother's reply,
but none came. Therefore, I went upstairs to get ready for work and tried my
best to get it all out of my mind. Now of course, each time I try to think of
something other than my stepmother's beautiful bare pussy, I can't seem to get
aroused enough to do anything. Yet, as soon as I start thinking of that
morning, my cock springs to attention and when I cum, I cum a great deal.

even found myself wanting to see more than I should, by sneaking up to the
bathroom door whenever she took a bath in the hopes of catching a glimpse or
two. In fact, I became so obsessed it began to worry me, until finally my
stepmother noticed a difference in me and asked me straight out—what was wrong.
Now, being nineteen, I figured I could and should be able to get over something
like this without turning to an adult for advice. However, the more she
insisted on knowing what was wrong the weaker I became, until finally I
confessed as to what was happening to me.

always been able to talk with my stepmother, as she'd always been there for me.
My father had left us when I was ten, so sex was never discussed back then. So
there I was, about to open up to a problem that I knew was wrong and looking
for answers.

I've never had problems where sex is concerned. In fact I've always thought I
had a good sex drive, but ever since the morning I saw your private parts, I
haven't been able to stop thinking about it," I said, watching her

see. Well son, it is a normal part of life to have some kind of voyeuristic
interest in the opposite sex, although I'll admit it shouldn't be about one's
stepmother. Having said that, it shows that you notice things that are
inherently forbidden, and we all desire things like that in some parts of our

know, but since that day, I can't even get hard without thinking of you and it
bothers me," I replied, with almost a plea for help in my voice.

exactly are you thinking when you try to masturbate?" she asked openly
with more than a little interest.

first I try to think of a sexual encounter with someone like Lucy, you know
that girl down the road. You one you caught me talking to the other day,"
I replied.

yes, I remember her, a very nice young woman."

that morning though, she just doesn't do it for me anymore. Therefore, I start
to remember watching you and seeing your beautiful pussy lips for the very
first time. I then imagine you opening your legs wider and inviting me over to
the chair, where I spread them wider still and start to lick your pussy
vigorously," I said, suddenly realizing that she was hanging on my every

she said, looking towards my crotch, "perhaps we should do something about
this; I mean I don't wish to be an obstacle in your natural development."

what?" I said open to suggestions.

perhaps if I helped you, you could get back to a normal life and get me out of
your mind," she said, taking me totally by surprise as her hand stroked my
cock through my trousers.

don't think my cock has ever become harder or grown quicker than that moment
and my stepmother seemed to appreciate that fact as it made her look down. I
looked down at the same time and could see the outline of my hardness passing
through her hand. As I looked back up, she placed a finger from her free hand
onto her lips in a gesture of being quiet. I then felt her unzipping my
trousers and pulling them down. As she did so, she got to her knees and helped
me pull my feet from each of my trouser legs. I stood looking down on her and
my cock throbbed. At first, she stared at the outline of my shaft through my
underwear and then gently stroked it through the fabric.

was bursting with excitement and relished her seeing it for the first time in
my adulthood. Still she teased it through my briefs and tugged slightly to
reveal the head as it popped out from under the rim. Her fingers gently stroked
my bell end as her hands reached inside my underwear and pulled downwards,
slowly revealing my aching cock. It was then that I felt her tongue licking the
tip of it, as she reached up with her right hand and cupped my balls at the
same time.

was deliberate and quite good at what she was doing and never once tried to
rush the moment. As she licked the end of my cock, I watched with a longing I'd
never known before. I then felt my manhood sliding slowly into her mouth and
felt her tongue trying to encircle it as it moved deeper. As she sucked and
held it up parallel with her mouth, she unbuttoned her blouse with her free
hand and allowed it to slip onto the floor. I reached down, unfastened her bra
from behind and let go.

straightening up, I could see her breasts drooping ever so slightly with
clearly defined and erect nipples. Throughout all of this though, she never
once stopped sucking my cock. I had thought I wouldn't last long, but each time
I got close to coming, she would squeeze the base of my cock tightly and use
her tongue on the tip for a minute or so. Until now, she'd only taken a third of
my rigid member into her mouth, but now she titled her head back slightly and I
could feel my cock brushing the back of her throat.

started to massage my balls at that point, and I soon realized she was allowing
me to come to an end of this pleasurable torment. Once that realization dawned
on me, I started to feel it welling up in my every being and suddenly I
exploded into her mouth. She almost gagged on the first ejaculation, but
swallowed quickly and greeted the second spurt with relish. My knees threatened
to give way as she sucked harder and as I came for the final time, she allowed
my cock to fall from her dripping wet lips.

she stood up, for the first time I could take in her beautiful figure. My cock
was as hard as before and still she didn't say a word. Instead, she unzipped
her skirt and pulled down her panties. She then discarded both onto the floor
before lying down onto the soft rug behind her and mouthing the words...
, as she spread her legs a little further.

between her open legs, I positioned myself slowly not wanting to rush this
beautiful moment. Once in position, I placed the head of my cock against her
clearly damp pussy lips and pushed forward. It moved her delicate skin to
either side and I felt a slight resistance until finally it slid in. My
stepmother let out a moan of pleasure as the length of my cock slowly embedded
itself into her womanhood. When I drew it back out, I made my position a little
more comfortable before thrusting it back inside her.

eyes were closed as I began to build up speed, and for me the best moment was
looking down between our bodies to watch my cock appear and then disappear. I
had my arms stretched out on either side of her body and with each thrust I
made her moan some more. Until finally, she began throwing her head back and
screaming for me not to stop. I knew her moment had come and it gave me the
urge to try a little harder. Now with each thrust forward, I could feel her
pussy muscles tightening around my shaft.

she came, she was gripping my arms tightly on each side and running her tongue
around her lips. Looking down I saw how hard her nipples had become and so
wanted to suck on them. I then started to cum myself for the second time and as
it reached the end of my cock, I thrust forward and stayed deep inside her for
what seemed like ages. Almost collapsing on top of her, I then rolled over onto
the rug taking in great gulps of air and feeling great.

must have stayed like that for quite some time, until she decided to get up and
redress. I followed suit, not saying anything as I did so. When she left the
room, I waited and a few minutes later, she reappeared fully dressed.

has happened here today, son, will remain between you and I and I want your
word that you will never reveal to anyone what just happened," she said,
taking hold of my arm firmly and sitting me down on the sofa.

have my word," I replied, not wanting to disappoint her.

that day on, we didn't talk about it unless we were alone and I slowly learned
how that day had made her feel. She revealed that she'd wanted to do what we had
done for some time, after inadvertently catching me masturbating once by means
of the bathroom mirror, which was adjacent to the door. Apparently, I'd left
the door open slightly and she watched the entire episode, something I'd been
completely oblivious to.

the days that followed, we enjoyed one another's company more and more. Yet for
reasons that are hard to explain, I was content just to talk, and although there
were times, I would gladly have fucked her again, I managed to restrain myself.
That is until three months later, when she had a few of her office girlfriends
around for some drinks. My stepsisters were out for the evening, and were not expected
back until morning. I on the other hand had nowhere to go.

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