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Erotic Romance


Their Perfect Match

Copyright © 2013 Alela Marsh

E-book ISBN: 978-1-63105-027-5


First E-book Publication: December 2013


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Edited by Kyle Lewis

Proofread by Renee Waring

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Alela Marsh

Copyright © 2013


Chapter One



Molly knew something was up the minute she got back from lunch. Brenda, her assistant, had come to the office that morning typically overdressed—or
might be a more accurate way to put it—but that fresh layer of bubblegum-pink lipstick was new. So was the puckish smile it so conspicuously framed.

“In your office, Mol. New client.” Winking, Brenda fanned her face with the still-unopened morning mail. “And you might want to hurry. This one might melt the paper off your walls.”

“Great.” Molly couldn’t hold back a groan. Knowing Brenda’s sense of humor, she braced herself to walk in on Quasimodo in discount jewelry—or, at the very least, another cologne-drenched, middle-aged husband desperately pretending to be single.

Someday Lovelines would be the established, highly exclusive dating service she’d originally envisioned. For now, to her continued frustration, her fledgling business was a magnet for married guys looking for some action on the side.

The instant she stepped into her office, the white man seated in the plush chair opposite her desk rose to greet her.

“Miss Grayson? I’m Zane Bishop.”

Molly’s crisp, pre-fabricated smile instantly slid from her lips. For once, Brenda hadn’t been kidding around. Her tall, muscular new client bore about as much resemblance to a hunchback on the make as a polar ice cap bore to a tropical beach. And never mind the wallpaper—this particular man could have melted those same ice caps, had they been female.

Mercilessly frank gray eyes swept over her as he extended his hand. “Your receptionist told me I could wait in here. I hope that’s all right.”

It took Molly a moment to kick-start her voice. “Yes…yes, it’s fine.”

Both his tanned face and the slightly tousled charcoal hair that framed it bore the same relaxed, lived-in look as his expensive leather jacket. The black denim that encased his long legs looked as if it had been slowly poured over prominent thigh muscles and lean but sturdy calves.

“I always meet with new clients in here. It’s just that I had to run an errand, and….well, never mind all that.” Mortified at her own blathering, Molly forced herself to project a more professional attitude. From the way Zane Bishop tilted his head at her, his expression half-quizzical, half-concerned, though, she knew she’d been staring at him in a decidedly non-professional way.

“Good. I was afraid I’d startled you.” Flashing her a self-conscious grin of his own, he made a vague gesture in the direction of their seats. “So, uh…shall we?”

“Oh, yes, by all means, please sit down.” Molly sank into her swivel chair, thankful for the support provided by the deep, plush cushion. Between her tingling embarrassment and the strange effect Zane’s presence had on her nervous system, her knees had started to tremble under her skirt. Never mind the humiliation her inept greeting had already caused her—his noticing that little quirk would prove a thousand times worse.

She decided to start fresh. Maybe, by some miracle, he hadn’t registered her valiant attempts to make a complete fool of herself. “So you’re interested in signing on with Lovelines,” she began.

“That’s right.” When he nodded, she noticed how tiny flecks of blue and silver enlivened the serious cast of his eyes. The man was lethal, she decided. Why on earth would he need a computer to find him a date?

Suddenly, it occurred to her that he might have shown up here by mistake. Maybe he thought Lovelines was some kind of modeling agency, or one of those services that provided sexy entertainment for bachelorette parties. Maybe he was looking for employment, not a date.

There was no denying he’d fill out a g-string to perfection.

When she looked up at him again, she felt her mouth go dry. Had Brenda really rubbed off on her that much? Imagining her client half-naked—more than half, if she were totally honest about it—was completely unprofessional, not to mention silly. If he was under some misapprehension about the nature of her business, better to clear it up now than prolong their mutual embarrassment.

Still…what if he’d come here with some crazy idea that he had to audition for her? Maybe he really was wearing little more than a jungle-print g-string under those tight jeans!

That thought brought a fresh flood of crimson to her cheeks. Clearing her throat, she removed the forms and deliberately spread them face-up on the desk between them.

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