A Dom and His Not So Submissive Sub












A Dom and His not so Submissive Sub





By: Taki James
















A Dom and His not so Submissive Sub

Copyright © 2014 by
Taki James

Cover by
Taki James

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This work is dedicated to my high school self, who dared to dream about what could be if she actually tried to publish. I would like to thank my family for putting up with many years of procrastination about my writing and my craziness that goes on during my process of writing. Thank you guys so much for everything. Most of all, I really want to thank God because it was he who gave me the talent and the imagination to be able to put my dreams on paper. I may not be the best writer, but I appreciate that I can do some writing.

















apter 1

“I always like to be in control,” Mr. Tall, dark, and oh so not handsome told Vanessa. She smiled politely as she searched for a way out of the conversation
, but could find nothing that wouldn’t make her appear like the stereotypical angry black woman. She definitely regretted agreeing to meet with a couple of old high school friends for a night on the town. They were supposed to have tried to play catch up after not seeing one another since graduation ten years previously. Instead of a night of fun and laughter, her buddies ditched her for a table of men they met randomly. Vanessa had been unable to head out with them since they claimed there weren’t enough men to go around. They said they had sent a text to tell her not to come out, but of course, she didn’t get it.
Stupid heifers.

Now that she had come out, she refused to give it up for a group of stupid tramps that obvious had never grown up. She was going to party, damn it, and she was going to enjoy it. Just as soon as she got rid of this village idiot. The whole night the man had been getting on her last nerve, ever since she allowed him to buy her a drink. He must have thought he slipped a pill into her drink or something, like she was too stupid not to figure out something was wrong, the way he had been leering at her. Whatever it was, she fixed his dumb ass by switching the drinks while he wasn’t looking. Besides, from the way he acted it was obvious that someone had sold him a placebo instead of those date rape drugs she kept hearing about all over the news.

“Most women don’t know that they want to be dominated.” He cackled, an actual, honest to God cackle like she’d only seen in cartoon villains. She briefly wondered if he hadn’t maybe escaped from the insane asylum or something because that kind of laugh was the height of insanity. Of course, the very next words proved that he had more than a few screws loose. “They actually think they can make their own decisions. Isn’t that a riot?”

She turned her full attention to him, noticing that he had yet to look above the level of her chest. Now he really must have wanted her fist in his mouth. From the moment she hit puberty her breasts had been the bane of her existence. She wasn’t a small girl, but her breasts were just ridiculous and the men surely noticed. At a size 36 EE she couldn’t walk outside without some fool trying to get his hands on her chest. This jerk was practically caressing her with his eyes, not even noticing she was a moment away from popping him one good.

Her phone vibrated in her jacket’s inner pocket. She pulled it out, not caring if she were completely rude. He was a trifling thing anyway. She checked the text to find it was one of the girls she was supposed to go out with. Apparently she, like Vanessa, had been left out of the main group. This suited Vanessa just fine because it gave her someone to look forward to hanging out with. She text back, letting Rachel know that she was still there and that company was more than welcome. Now all she had to do was get rid of the chump before then so they could get the night started right.

An hour later, the stalker still did not understand the word, no. Vanessa turned to her girl Rachael with a roll of her eyes. “What the hell is wrong with his guy? Why can’t he just go away? Make him go away, Vanessa,” Rachael whispered in her ear.

Vanessa leaned closer. “I tried. Apparently this ass really believes that I want to be dominated by him.” As much as she didn’t want to have to get nasty, Vanessa feared she would have to make a scene to get the message across to him. It bothered her, because she knew that all anyone else would see is a black woman ripping into some white guy trying to talk to her. Then, she’d be known as that angry chick and everyone would stay clear of her. It had happened before.

“I bet I could get you guys to do some real nice lesbian acts. A couple of desperate girls like you would do anything if I gave you my nice hard cock.”

was it. Vanessa had had more than enough to last her a life time. She stepped up to Mr. Dominant and got him right where she wanted him. He screamed as she dug her nails into his package, if it could even be called by such. Behind her, Rachael could not contain her laughter.  She allowed her lips to show her trademark smirk, hoping that he knew that if he still couldn’t understand she didn’t want him after this, then she hoped he was ready to become a eunuch. “You are going to leave us the hell alone or I’m going to rip your balls off.”  Her voice carried every bit of ice she was known to possess in her line of work. She let him go, turning back to Rachael.

Over the heavy thumping of the music Vanessa heard the one phrase that had her turning around once more. “Frigid bitch,” he screamed.

Vanessa eyed him up and down, taking in his sorry excuse for a body. He didn’t deserve an answer from her. She and Rachael left him standing there, smug smiles on their faces as they headed deeper unto the dance floor. 7 was one of the newest high end clubs of Chicago.  Only the best were given entrance, something Vanessa never thought she’d be, but having worked PR for one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities got her into the places of her dreams. It was like, people thought they would be discovered if they were to hang around her. Vanessa had to laugh about that. If people only knew about how little she partied with her celebrity clients they would leave her big butt on the curb where she deserved to be.

Fortunately, they wouldn’t and so she got a chance to enjoy seven different levels, featuring different themes. She and Rachael currently occupied the raver’s wet dream. Lights flashed, bodies grinded, and glow sticks were staple items. In the very center of the dance floor was a large steel cage filled with skinny twigs having an orgy.

Vanessa glanced down at her body. No way in hell was she getting in there of her own volition to be assaulted by a bunch of girls who probably didn’t weigh even a hundred pounds together. Rachael shook her butt against Vanessa, gaining her wandering attention.  “I bet we could be better than all those women,” she said with a gusty sigh.

“So then go,” Vanessa said. Hell, Rachael was about the same size as all those girls so she’d certainly fit in. Tall, thin, itty bitty waist, with slim hips, smaller breasts, and blonde hair, yes, Vanessa knew Rachael would have no problems on the dance floor.

Rachael started to tug on Vanessa’s hand. “You should come with me. We’ll wow the men with our dancing skills.”

Vanessa pulled her hand away. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of her size, but she drew the line at dancing in a cage where everyone could see her. The men weren’t always so proper when it came to groping. “I think I’ll wait for the next round.”  Rachael pouted, but didn’t complain for too long. While Rachael danced, Vanessa went in search of something to drink. 

She crowded into the bar, pushing aside those men who kept trying to cop a feel on her. It felt like the whole night was against her. It was really starting to piss her off too. Did the powers that be get together to determine that tonight was the night nothing would go her way? If it was, then she hoped it got finished really quickly. She was tired of having to deal with this shit. With one more shove someone finally stepped to the side so she could see the bartender and order another Mango martini for herself and just got an apple martini for Rachael for when she finally got tired of dancing. She ignored the various offers to pay for her drink.

She wasn’t here to find a man or to have one pay her way. So she damn sure wasn’t about to fall back into the same trap with the loser from the beginning of the night. She carried the drinks to a side table, out of the way enough so no one would accidentally step on her. She sipped her drink slowly, allowing the taste to tempt her taste buds. This is what she liked best about going out, having a nice stiff drink that didn’t require effort on her part to actually make it.  It was just so smooth going down her throat.

Rachael joined her shortly, panting heavily, a bright smile on her face. “You should have come, darling. It was great.”

Vanessa pushed the drink toward her friend. “I’m sure it was. Did you meet any Bunnies while you were there?”

Rachael shook her head as she sipped her drink. “But I did see a Candy or two.” They laughed and talked together, sharing stories about what life after high school was like. Vanessa found she missed those days of hanging out with no responsibility.               When she was young you couldn’t tell her what to do or how to act. She thought she knew absolutely everything. Now that she was a grown woman paying her own bills, she knew better. It didn’t mean she couldn’t still pretend to be foot loose and fancy free every now and again. It helped to keep life interesting, and interesting was something that was desperately needed.

Toward midnight Vanessa was feeling very nice. It was then Rachael got her in the cage. Vanessa would have thought she was too old to fall for a dare, but apparently, she wasn’t. It was just as she was in the middle of practicing her pole dance routine to some Nine Inch Nails song she’d never remember later that she saw him and boy, was he absolutely amazing. So amazing that found herself actually willing to stop and stare, something she never thought she’d do.



Freyr glanced around the crowded club, longing for the moment when he’d be able to return home to his bed. He thought about his lonely condo by the lake, and changed his mind immediately.
After his very messy divorce about a year earlier he’d been transferred to the United States from his home in Asgard. The change had been said to help him start a new life, but Freyr knew the truth. His ex-wife was being a bitch and wanted him gone so she could openly parade around her new lover.

Freyr’s hand tightened on his beer bottle, breaking the glass with ease.
He muttered a few curses in his native tongue. Never again would he allow a woman’s looks to fool him. A beautiful face clearly hid a traitorous heart, and he refused to ever subject himself to such emotions again. He motioned to the bartender to bring him another drink. This night was supposed to be the new beginning he’d always dreamed of. His nieces were in town driving him nuts to go out for a night of fun, so here he was, trying his best to get over his funky mood, but so far, all he really wanted to do was drink and contemplate what he would do to his ex-wife should he ever see her again. He spun around once more, peering over the dance floor. Finding company for the night should have been easy. His golden blonde locks had garnered more than his share of looks from the female population, but he hadn’t quite found someone worthy of his attention. If he’d wanted a whore, he could have easily paid for it.

He bit back the snarl that wanted to take over his face. Maybe he was simply showing his bitterness, but he couldn’t believe the fashion choices of women in this day and age. Gerd had relished it and readily followed the trend of wearing less and less clothing out in public. She’d had to let her breasts and ass practically hang out, which left him spending more and more time having to defend his place as her mate. For all the good his fighting did considering he still managed to be on the losing end of his marriage. Maybe it was just that he was bit old fashioned, because he expected his woman to behave as a lady out in public. Let him imagine what it would be like to undress her rather than have most of the work done for him. That’s all that he asked for as a man.

He felt a tingling in the back of his neck. His eyes were drawn to a large cage and one dancer in particular. Full hips for a perfect handhold, breasts that would overspill even his large hands. She had smooth dark skin, perfect to press against his paleness. From his seat he couldn’t tell much in the way of her features, but he didn’t have to see her face to know she could gyrate her hips unlike any other female he knew. Best of all, she kept all her private bits contained. His cock swelled beneath the zipper of his grey slacks. She was vision of loveliness, whoever she was with large dark brown eyes and lips so full it would drive a saint to think impure thoughts. The blood beneath the surface of his skin boiled with want. She was who he would like to take home for the night, to have her writhe beneath him as he filled her body over and over again, drilling her until she couldn’t get away.

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