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Authors: Shayne Parkinson

Tags: #romance, #historical fiction, #family, #new zealand, #farming, #edwardian, #farm life

A Second Chance (68 page)

‘But meeting Eddie has made me realise what
else I might be said to lack. Eventually I’ll want someone to take
a share of my business responsibilities, and… well, I’ll need an
heir. I don’t plan to acquire one in the usual fashion, but I
believe you’ve found a way to fulfill that need, too.’

‘You mean Eddie? You’d make him your… heir?’
It seemed a grand word for a small boy.

‘Yes, I believe I shall. I can’t think of a
finer choice than a child raised by you who happens to be my own
nephew.’ Sarah glanced in the direction of Eddie’s room and smiled.
‘You know, Amy, I’ve never felt any great desire to share my home
with a child, though I was perfectly willing to do so if it was the
price of having you come to live with me.’ She laughed softly. ‘Now
I’m beginning to wonder how I’ve borne the peace and quiet for so



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