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Texas Wildcat

Wild Texas Nights

Book 3




Adrienne deWolfe

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Awards & Accolades



4.5 Stars! ~
Romantic Times Magazine

Winner, Best Historical Romance of the Year

Calico Trails Magazine

Winner, Cameo Award for Strong Woman Characters

Calico Trails Magazine

Winner, K.I.S.S. Award for Heroes

Romantic Times Magazine

Finalist, Reviewers Choice Award (Best Book in a Series)

Romantic Times Magazine



"With a true understanding of a woman's heart, Adrienne deWolfe brings two special people together. Snappy dialogue, sharp repartee, a realistic portrait of the era—as well as plenty of passion."

~Kathe Robin,
Romantic Times Magazine
(4.5 Stars)


"Wonderful! Will set your heart racing..."

~Carmel Vivier,
Under the Covers


"...A series destined to become everyone's favorite read."

~Genie Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange


"...An excellent, fast-paced novel."

Harriet Klausner,
Paint Rock Reviews





Dear Reader,

Welcome back to
Wild Texas Nights!
This book is the story of sexy cattle rancher, Zack Rawlins.

As president of the Cattlemen's Association, Zack has his hands full trying to keep relations friendly between his cowboy "voters" and his long-time neighbor, the pint-sized, sheep-raising wildcat, Bailey McShane. Sparks start flying the minute these two stubborn ranchers begin butting heads in Chapter One!

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Life imitates art." As I was writing
Texas Wildcat,
the Lone Star State was in the middle of a three-year drought.

After the horrendous dry spell that my neighbors and I were forced to endure (aided by air conditioners and water sprinklers,) I can't imagine how 19th Century Texans survived a far worse drought in 1883. During that heat wave, old-timers were heard to grouse, "The sun's hot enough to raise blisters on a boot heel." Drought hit Texas again in 1886, and by the middle of July, many of the settlers were pulling up stakes, leaving whole communities deserted.

For the sake of this novel, I combined research for both of those 19th Century droughts and set
Texas Wildcat's
dry spell in the summer of 1884.

Fortunately, droughts never discourage Texans for long. With rawhide tenacity—and their notorious sense of humor—many hold the belief that rain will come along "next year."

As one old cattle rancher once quipped to his wife, "We haven't lost everything. We still have the mortgage!"


Happy reading,

Adrienne deWolfe

Austin, Texas, USA

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