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Authors: Terra Harmony

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Air, Book Two of the Akasha Series


She carries more than just elemental powers. In ‘Air’, the sequel to ‘Water’ of the Akasha Series, Kaitlyn has a secret. One she won’t be able to hide much longer.  As the strongest Gaia the planet has ever seen, she must face mankind’s greatest enemy as he campaigns for ‘One Less: Depopulation’. Everything depends on Kaitlyn fully embracing her role as Gaia. Her family. The Seven. The Earth. Something has to give, and it won’t be Kaitlyn.


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Breath of Life

Chapter 2: Dark Moods

Chapter 3: Diva

Chapter 4: Code Breakers

Chapter 5: A Fish out of Water

Chapter 6: Cleaning Up

Chapter 7: Cold Weaves

Chapter 8: Better Plans

Chapter 9: Tonight

Chapter 10: The Mother

Chapter 11: Promises

Chapter 12: Cords of Blood

Chapter 13: Blue Eyes

Chapter 14: A Gift

Chapter 15: His Everything

Chapter 16: Coursing Through my Veins

Chapter 17: More Questions than Answers

Chapter 18: States of Mind

Chapter 19: With Pleasure

Chapter 20: Set and Match

Chapter 21: Whatever Momma Wants

Chapter 22: Kilo-what?

Chapter 23: Cause and Effect

Chapter 24: Sun Tzu - it

Chapter 25: The Black Mamba

Chapter 26: Ready or Not

Chapter 27: Reunion

Chapter 28: The Competition

Chapter 29: The White Elephant

Chapter 30: Ready for Battle

Chapter 31: My Kryptonite

Chapter 32: Now or Never

Chapter 33: Found and Lost

Chapter 34: Fair Winds

Excerpt from ‘Fire, Book Three of the Akasha Series’

About the Author


Chapter 1


Breath of Life



“I can see my breath.”

There was no response from the small, handheld radio nestled in my thick glove.

I clicked on the talk button again. “Did you hear me, Micah? I said I can see my breath. Time to go.”

Finally, a voice answered, though not through the radio.
Do you not understand the concept of silent ops?

He was using our telepathic connection. I immediately shut it down. There were things in my head he need not know – not yet anyway. I couldn’t take the chance he would find them while tooling around in there. I clicked the radio again. “Then why did you bring the radios?”

I could almost hear his frustrated huff through the vast expanse of the Pennsylvania pine forest that lay between us. He had explained it to me before we separated; the handhelds were for emergencies only. 

He came back, over the radio this time, and said, “I am almost to the cabin. Let me just check it out and then we can go. I am going silent – for real this time.”

“Don’t you dare turn off the—” my best warning voice was cut off by the hum of the radio, letting me know I was no longer connected to my counterpart. It was tit for tat with us.

I huffed, the same way I imagined him doing it. My breath formed a cloud of fog that lingered lazily in front of my face. I played with it, sucking it back in, then blowing out to form bigger clouds, and swishing it away with my hands. Anything to keep my mind off the cold. The wind picked up as clouds moved into the valley, darkening the midnight sky further.

I squinted, trying to pinpoint the cabin in the dark. The moon, fully hidden behind thick clouds, was no help. We had tracked Shawn this far, despite my protests. In my opinion, it had been far too easy – like he was placing bread crumbs for us to follow. But Micah’s need for vengeance over what occurred when Shawn kidnapped me surpassed my own – and Micah didn’t even know the half of it. 

Giving up on the cabin, I exhaled again. A gust of cold wind met the fog. I narrowed my eyes. This gust had come in against the natural flow of the oncoming storm. I watched as my breath cloud was sucked into an invisible black hole and disappeared, sizzling as it went. The wind followed its trail, straight into my lungs.

I turned, flailing my arms out to ward off whatever was attacking me. But how can you ward off air? The sucking persisted, panic and fear taking hold of me more thoroughly than the cold that had bit its way into my bones. Had it not been so dark out already, I’m sure I would’ve already seen the forest go black.

Falling to my knees, I reached out for the only element of which I had a strong grasp; water.  Particles were drawn from the clouds, the soil, and the trees. They rushed to meet me, then wavered in front of my face, hesitating. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. But there was more than just me at stake. In a desperate, final act, I sent them down my throat, into my lungs and into the very thing that sucked the life out of me. I flooded it with far more water, volume-wise, than the amount of air it took. Shortly, it proved to be too much, and the mysterious void of nothingness expelled everything. Water and air both flooded my system. I sputtered, choking up the water I had so desperately called to my aid.

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