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Tags: #Mystery: Cozy - Mystery Writer - Connecticut - 1935

Amy Patricia Meade - Marjorie McClelland 02 - Ghost of a Chance

Amy Patricia Meade - Marjorie McClelland 02 - Ghost of a Chance
Number II of
Marjorie McClelland
Amy Patricia Meade
Midnight Ink (2007)
Mystery: Cozy - Mystery Writer - Connecticut - 1935
Mystery: Cozy - Mystery Writer - Connecticut - 1935ttt
When a man goes up the Ferris wheel very much alive, but comes down dead, local small-town police suspect a heart attack. But one person is calling it foul play, Miss Marjorie McClelland, full-time mystery writer/part-time sleuth.
In 1935, Depression-era Connecticut, Marjorie's dogged determination and independence is a breath of fresh air to some and a source of consternation for others. Marjorie's fiancé, a handsome police detective, wishes she'd just stay home and act a little more ladylike
Undeterred, blonde and lovely Marjorie charms her way into what becomes a full-scale murder investigation—but not without the maddening assistance of a bored, yet altruistic, millionaire, Creighton Ashcroft, who, when he's not swapping barbs with Marjorie, tries to impress her by doing a bit of aristocratic snooping on his own.
Praise for Million Dollar Baby,
first in the Marjorie McClelland Mystery series

“A vintage-style mystery that will have readers looking for the
resolution of Marjorie’s romantic entanglements in the sequel.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“If only Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart
were still alive. They would be fabulous in the movie version
of Meade’s debut Marjorie McClelland mystery, a romantic caper redolent with the campy atmosphere of the madcap 1940s
films that made these stars icons … Meade’s kickoff mystery is
a winner.”


“Million Dollar Baby offers much in the way of plot and setting, but its distinguishing characteristic is the wonderful repartee between Marjorie and Creighton. Their incessant barbed
remarks alone make the book a winning read. Meade’s timing
is impeccable, as she delivers the lines at just the right moment
and in just the right proportion. Clearly, she is in control of
her characters and of her book. I’m eagerly anticipating an entertaining reunion with Marjorie McClelland in Meade’s next
series entry.”

-Mystery Scene

“Million Dollar Baby… [is] smoothly written and easy to read,
light and delicious enough to bite off big pieces in a short time. Like a Katharine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy movie on the page,
it’s a little corny, as those times were, but sweetly so”


“Amy Patricia Meade is articulate, spinning a well-researched
story with suspense, insight into the human condition, and a
tad of humor. An emerging mystery novelist to watch, her Million Dollar Baby may be only the beginning of a lengthy, successful series. We’ll hope so.”

-Alan Paul Curtis,


Amy Patricia Meade graduated cum laude from New
York Institute of Technology, and currently works as a
freelance technical writer. Amy lives with her husband,
Steve, his daughter, Carrie, and their two cats, Scout and
Boo. She enjoys travel, cooking, needlepoint, and entertaining friends and family, and is a member of Sisters in
Crime. She has also written Million Dollar Baby and is
currently working on Shadow Waltz.

A Marjorie McClelland Mystery

Amy Patricia Meade

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