Angel Incarnate: Second Sight

Angel Incarnate:

Second Sight

Linda L. Creel


ISBN – 10: 0989390187

ISBN – 13: 978-0-9893901-8-7

Copyright © 2014 Linda L. Creel


To my husband, Ron, and my sisters – Rita,
Bren and Ruth who suffered through all the rewrites, and lastly to my sister,
Chris, whose red pen was always ready.


birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with us, our life's
Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting. And cometh from afar."
William Wordsworth


Chapter 1


Not again.

Ever since she was
reincarnated five years ago as a half-mortal – the angels called them
angel-bloods -- Bren was still trying to get used to the constant interruptions
in her sleep.

Most of the time, the
visions flashed before her eyes, and then disappeared, but three nights ago,
something strange began to happen.

With a firm grip on the
bed sheets, Bren readied herself as her body was propelled through a luminous
void, until she found herself in Heaven.

Bren was no longer a
spectator watching her own death; she was reliving it -- once again thrust into
the battle as she used her body to protect a younger angel from Lucifer’s son,

She felt each blow from her
attacker’s blade as he ripped through her feathers, and tore into her flesh,
until she was finally still.

Then, the vision
stopped, and she drifted back to her bed.

Slowly inching her
fingers around her body, Bren expected to be covered in blood, but when she
pulled her hands away, they were dry.

Thinking she would roll
over and go back to sleep, another disturbing image popped into her head.

Lucifer was walking
leisurely through the park outside her Aeden home.

Staring at the ceiling,
she thought,
if he can penetrate the
protective barriers, will Mortriel follow

That question was
answered when she witnessed Lucifer’s son killing other angel-bloods, and
taking their daughters to what looked like an island.

Bren felt her pulse quicken
as she fantasized about the possibility of facing him again. He had not only
taken her life, but killed most of her angel friends. Defenseless against his
attacks, their golden blood spilled onto the streets. She vowed to one day
avenge them...all of them.

Unsure why this vision
manifested itself now, Bren was certain of one thing – trouble was coming, and
she was going to be smack in the middle of it, just like before.

There was only one
person, who could explain why Lucifer would risk coming to Aeden, and his son
would go on a killing spree, and Bren knew she’d have to travel to Heaven to
speak with her.

Not waiting for
permission -- which would undoubtedly have been denied -- Bren rolled over and
stared at the digital clock on the nightstand which flashed 2:13 a.m.

Slipping from under the
covers, she was careful not to disturb the best friend lying beside her, or the
teenage sister sleeping in the next bed.

With just enough
moonlight to cast a shadow on one of the far walls, Bren tiptoed out of the
room, closing the door soundlessly before heading to the winding staircase.

Making her way down the
steps, she crept silently into the backyard.

Being in a thin white
cotton nightgown with bare feet didn’t bother the young guardian. Angel-bloods
weren’t as affected by temperature like their mortal neighbors. Winter was a
few weeks away, and the night air was chilly, but not frigid.

Walking to the center
of the spacious yard, she spread her snowy white wings. The tip of each feather
was painted bright yellow, her favorite color.

Taking in a deep
breath, Bren ran as fast as she could until she was airborne.

Flying always helped
clear her mind, and she wanted to blot out the disturbing images she just saw.

Even though she was
warned by her parents never to leave Aeden alone, Bren was willing to suffer
any consequences. She needed to speak to the seer, and there was only one way
to reach her.

Landing outside
Heaven’s gates, Bren wasn’t prepared to be stopped by two brawny centurions who
crossed their golden staffs, blocking the entrance.

Placing her hands on
her hips in a defensive stance, she glared at the guards.

“Are you kidding me? I
was alive before either of you were born. Don’t you know who I am?”

One of the sentries
bent down to meet her eyes.

“We have strict orders.
No one is to enter without permission. Were you summoned?”

“Well no, but I need to
speak to the seer. It’s a matter of life and death.”

Before he could
respond, Esra approached the gate. Both of the defenders stepped aside to allow
the angel to pass.

If Bren didn’t know
better, she would swear she was staring at her older sister, Aura.

Both women shared the
same long golden blonde hair, and violet eyes, but Esra walked with authority,
whereas Aura, would have tried to blend in, so she wouldn’t be noticed.

“I’ve been expecting
you,” Esra said, as she waved her hand, and a cushioned bench appeared out of
nowhere. She motioned for Bren to take a seat.

Even though she could
pass for a five-year-old kindergartner, because Bren was once a guardian angel,
her intelligence and abilities were far superior to others ten times her age or
size. She was brave beyond belief, which was one of the traits Esra admired
most about the young angel-blood.

“Why wouldn’t those
stupid guards let me in?” Bren asked as she climbed on the bench. “Haven’t they
heard about me?”

“I’m afraid this is as
far as you are allowed,” Esra said apologetically. “Do not be cross with the
sentries. They are simply doing their job. Now, why don’t you tell me why
you’re here?”

“I had a new vision.
Lucifer is coming to Aeden,” Bren said matter-of-factly.

“You’re worried that he
will find out about Aura?”

“I’m not afraid for
Aura. I’ll do my job to protect her. If Lucifer can avoid the protective
barriers, Mortriel may be able to get through the wards too.”

“I doubt Lucifer’s son
would risk his life knowing your father still has a score to settle with him.”

The scene of Mortriel
taking the children to the island flashed across Bren’s mind.

“My father isn’t the only
one,” she muttered.

“When is Aura’s memory
going to return? She’s almost seventeen, and why doesn’t Tracy know who she is?
I didn’t have second sight when I lived in the past, but now I do. This is
pretty confusing.”

Esra threw her head
back and laughed.

“So many questions;
your memories should have been erased too, but you were always such a
strong-willed child.”

They both stopped to
watch another angel pass through the gates.

“Something happened
when Eve gave birth to you,” Esra said.

“Apparently, because of
you are Aura’s sister, you have inherited my gift of second sight. I doubt any
of us considered that possibility when the decision was made to bring you back.
You were chosen because of your age and size. Lucifer will underestimate your
powers, and that will prove to be a costly mistake.”

“I just want my friends
back,” Bren sighed. “Will Tracy ever be Tercia again?”

Esra reached into the
pocket of her white gown and brought out a necklace. The jewel was made from a
blue diamond, the gem of Heaven, but inside the center stone was a violet eye.

She opened Bren’s hand
and slipped the token inside of it. “This should help.”

“What’s this?”

“You want Tercia back?”

Bren nodded.

“If she wears this pendant, Tracy will be
able to see all that you do, but I must caution you. Do not give her the stone
until just before the two of you leave on your journey.”

“We’re going on a

“Yes, and Tracy will
need to communicate with you if the task is to be successful. Do not speak of
this to anyone else. I doubt my brothers and sisters would approve.”

“Does this have
anything to do with Mortriel? I’ve seen him in a vision. Do you know where he’s
taken the children?”

“You won’t be meeting
Mortriel yet. As to the children, you will have your answer shortly after
Lucifer arrives in Aeden this evening. It may be wise to have Aura away when he

“We’ve got that
handled. Some of the girls are going shopping in New York, and Mom has asked
Aura to keep an eye on them.”

“Your mother knows the
importance of keeping Aura hidden as long as possible. Eventually, Lucifer will
discover she is alive, but the longer we can keep him from her, the better
chance we have of allowing her memories and powers to resurface.”

Bren’s head drooped. “I
guess it’s impossible for you to tell me about Irizah?”

Esra slid across the
bench and lifted Bren’s chin. “I know how attached you and Tracy were with her.
What do your visions show you?”

“They don’t show me
anything, but I can feel her. I think she may have been brought back too. I just
don’t know where she is.”

“I am forbidden from
disclosing the path Irizah has taken. Perhaps you will find those answers

Bren slapped her knee.

“So, she is alive. I
knew it. What about Alannah? Can I speak to her?”

“Alannah knows you and Tracy
sacrificed your lives for her, but Aura doesn’t remember her daughter, so for
now, your friend will remain in Heaven. If all goes well, you will see her in a
few weeks.”

“Why would you send
Alannah to Aeden, especially if Lucifer is hanging around?

“She will be safe, and
her presence may help to trigger Aura’s memory. I know how difficult it has
been, but you must never lose faith. Now, I must return.”

Esra pulled Bren into a
tight embrace, and then hurried towards the gates when she paused.

“Remember; do not give
the pendant to Tracy until you leave on your journey. Godspeed, Child, and
don’t let your anger consume you. The hope of Heaven rests on the shoulders of
you and your friends.”

Bren could have sworn
the seer was crying.

All of the angels lost
someone they cared about, but Esra had known about the battle ahead of time,
and was forbidden to warn the others. She was still feeling guilty because of
all the young lives that were lost.

Before she left, Bren
walked over to the guards.

“I’ll be back, and next
time, you will let me in.”

She gave them a
half-hearted smile, extended her wings, and flew back to Aeden before they
could respond.

The clock on the
kitchen wall showed 6:10a.m. Since everyone else was still asleep, Bren hurried
up the stairs and slipped back under the covers.

As she closed her eyes and snuggled
next to Tracy, she smiled. Soon, she would truly have her best friend back.

It wouldn’t be easy for
Tracy to revisit the past, but at least Bren would be with her, and they would
become powerful guardians who worked in sync, just like before.

The only one missing would be Irizah,
but Esra had hinted she may be alive too. Finding her would be another journey
Bren would make -- with, or without permission.

Chapter 2


Lucifer hadn’t left
Hell in years, but he needed to find out if the rumors about Avriel were true.

He disliked the
mortals, but despised the angel-blood descendants of the archangels. In his
eyes, they were no better than the sons and daughters he fathered with human

Why should these
half-breeds have the blessings of Heaven, while his own Nephylim children were
sought out and destroyed?

Was the Creator worried
his offspring would one day overpower the messengers of Heaven, or was he still
punishing the fallen angel for his past deeds?

It didn’t matter --
soon, he would take control of the mortal children of earth, and if the
angel-bloods did not conform to his ways – they would die an agonizing
First, he would send a message to
those he once called brother and sister.

Lucifer had human spies
everywhere, offering tidbits of information which helped him track the
activities of the sons of the archangels, known as the Guild, and their
families. In exchange for their loyalty, they enjoyed a comfortable

Recently, one of his
informants told him about a teenage girl with lavender eyes who was a member of
the new church she and her husband had joined.

At first, Lucifer
didn’t believe Avriel had been reincarnated, so he decided to find out for
himself if the information was accurate. Going to the home of the Guild in
Aeden would either confirm, or deny the report.

Not wanting to look out
of place, the fallen angel wore a pair of light colored blue jeans and a black
pullover shirt. His long, curly, chestnut hair was pulled back into a ponytail
and secured with a leather band.

It wasn’t quite dusk
when he arrived.

Despite being the
middle of October, there was a gentle breeze in the air, and the temperature
was still mild. He stopped to sit on a stone bench at the entrance to the park,
and waited – hoping to see the girl.

The first thing he
noticed was the tall oak tree. The gold and rust colored leaves were a sure
sign winter would be fast approaching.

Planted by Esra -- the great
seer and mother of the first angel-blood -- the names of all the children who
shared lineage with the archangels were neatly carved into the branches.

His thoughts were
interrupted by a shrill, down-slurred, hissing scream.

As he looked up,
nestled on one of the top branches, a red-tailed hawk was staring intently on
the fallen angel. Lucifer found himself drawn to its familiar, deep, violet

He couldn’t help

She must be here. Why else would Heaven send one of their
special guardians to keep watch?

Settling back against
the bench with an exaggerated casualness, Lucifer crossed his legs as he took
in his surroundings.

So, this is the valley the angel-bloods call Aeden?

One hundred acres of
fallow farmland and green pastures; the land was located in northern Maryland
near the Pennsylvania border. A twelve foot wrought-iron gate entangled with a
thicket of overgrown brush guarded the hidden entrance, and a dozen, luxurious
multi-level brick homes lined each side of the macadam street.

The Guild had chosen
well; even though their valley was near an area well-populated with humans;
their half-mortal children could keep their Heavenly heritage a secret here.

Lucifer knew the angels
kept protective wards around the property, but their shields couldn’t keep him
away -- nothing could -- he went where he pleased.

Hearing a door slam, Lucifer uncrossed his
legs and straightened his posture.

He watched as two young
girls descended down the sidewalk making their way to the park.

Tracy’s long blonde
hair was worn in soft graceful curls; Bren’s tresses were straight and dark,
like her mother, Eve’s. Both girls inherited the same, vibrant, turquoise eyes
as their mothers.

Lucifer leaned forward
to take a closer look. There was a hint of amusement in his indigo eyes.

They look like Bree and Tercia. Is it possible they have
returned from the Garden of Death too?

The girls had only taken a few steps,
when the clap of thunder and flash of lightning halted their procession.
Approaching from the park were two archangels, the sacred swords of Heaven
grasped firmly in their hands.

Like most of their
brothers, Gabriel and Michael shared pale blonde hair and radiant blue eyes.
Looking regal in their long, gold-trimmed white robes; it was quite a contrast
to the fallen angel’s casual attire.

Lucifer’s eyes followed
the falcon as it flew out of the tree, landing on Bren’s shoulder. Aware of how
comfortable she seemed with the fowl; merely confirmed his suspicions -- Bree
and Tercia had indeed been reincarnated.

“You were foolish to come here today,” Michael

“Still playing the role
of – what is it they call you now? Ah, yes – the Light of Heaven. I would have
thought someone of your stature would have other duties to occupy your time
these days. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

When Gabriel twirled
his swords in the air, Bren and Tracy’s eyes widened. He may have been trying
to impress the little ones, but Lucifer wasn’t the least bit threatened; he
couldn’t resist laughing at the warrior.

“That’s a little
extreme, wouldn’t you say?”

“Why are you here, Dark
Wing?” Gabriel demanded.

Lucifer chuckled. “Is
that what your angel-bloods call me; it’s such a vile term?”

“I asked you a

Very well, I’ll play your little game
“I don’t get out much these days and thought I would take an evening

The hawk made a
deafening screech, but Bren stroked his head to calm him.

“The little one seems
familiar with our feathered friend, but then, Bree always did have an extraordinary
bond with the special guardians. In fact, her friend looks coincidentally like

Lucifer picked a piece
of lint off his shirt and flicked it to the ground, before pointing to the

“Lovely young things,
aren’t they? If I didn’t know better; I would swear they had come back from the
Valley of Death.
Of course, my son,
Mortriel would disagree. He was certain he killed them during our little brawl.
It is a conundrum. I’ve never known an angel to come back to life.”

The words fell bitterly
on Michael’s ears. Despite his efforts to keep the girls hidden, Lucifer had
somehow found them, leading him to believe there was a traitor in their midst.
The question was…who?

Though he had no
children, Gabriel regarded Bree and Tercia, two of the youngest angels killed
in the rebellion, as his own daughters.

Gabriel treated
Lucifer’s presence as a threat to the girls, but vowed he would not lose his
little ones a second time.

As he started to move
closer to the fallen angel, Michael grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“This is not why we
have come.”

“You should listen to
him,” Lucifer warned. “I’m sure Michael doesn’t want my young prisoners to
suffer because of your impudence.”

Gabriel’s jaw clenched,
the muscles in his forearms tightened, yet his voice remained calm.
“You dare speak of the seers you took against
their will?”

Lucifer couldn’t
contain his smirk.

“Don’t worry; they are safe – well, as safe as
can be expected. You can thank your Father for giving them some added
protection. Of course they won’t be returning home any time soon. I do enjoy
their company; they are still quite spirited after all these years. I’m certain
they will be delighted to know their young friends are alive. Perhaps if I
promise not to harm the guardians, the seers will be more receptive to helping

Michael shook his head.

“They will never use
their second sight to aid you; Heaven has forbidden it. We know your son abuses
Esra’s husband. If you’re trying to use him as a pawn to persuade the children
to do your bidding, you’ll have to try harder. Fionn’s faith is unwavering.”

“Yes, that is
unfortunate,” Lucifer sighed.

“I hoped the children
would want to end their uncle’s suffering, yet Fionn has survived Mortriel’s
torture for more than a century now, and I don’t really see any end in
Esra should not have given the
mortal her blood; it has only prolonged his agony. Speaking of my sister -- how
is she? I do hope she isn’t planning a family reunion anytime soon.”

“Esra is no longer your
sister, just as you are no longer our brother. You will never be forgiven for
killing your own kind. One day, you may find yourself a prisoner, and then,
perhaps someone will end your suffering,” Gabriel said.

Lucifer’s smile
dissipated, leaving his face ugly and twisted.

“You should take
caution in your tone, Brother.
I have
the dagger of your wife, Dionese, and she will never awaken from her glass
tomb, as long as it remains in my possession.”

Knowing he had finally
gotten under the fallen angel’s skin, it was Gabriel’s turn to be smug.

“I do not fear you,
Dark Wing.
You may have two of the
sacred gifts, but they are useless without the others, which are well

“Aren’t you forgetting
about the bow? As I recall, it was broken, and part of it fell to earth during
our little scuffle. Sooner or later someone will find it.”

“Is that why you’re
here – to find the bow? You should realize, no matter how hard you try, you
will never have access to angel-fire.”

Lucifer waved his hand
in dismissal.

“I believe we are at an
impasse. Each of us has something to gain, and something to lose, if we do not
respect each other.”

He stood and sighed in

“This conversation is
beginning to bore me. I’ll take my leave, but you’ll be hearing from me again.
Or, perhaps I should send Mortriel to check on the girls. He’ll be pleased to
know they are alive and well.”

Before Tracy could stop
her, Bren had wriggled free of her sweater and headed towards the fallen angel.
Tracy had no choice but to follow.

The hawk, with wings
extended, hissed and circled above the angel-blood’s heads, determined to keep
them safe.

“Don’t you dare
threaten my Uncle Gabe,” Bren shouted. “I know who you are, and you had better
leave now before you get hurt!”

Lucifer’s face changed
into a deep scarlet color and black horns began to grow out of his head. When
he extended his arms, a fiery red flame appeared in the palm of his hands.

“You weak little fool;
do you think I fear you?”

“No, but you should,”
Tracy said.

Her jaw tightened, and
she thrust out her tiny chest before raising her own small hands.

The sky grew dark and
gale force winds appeared out of nowhere, bending the large oak tree nearly to
the breaking point. A swill of water then fell from the sky, extinguishing the
flames, and leaving the fallen angel totally drenched.

Bren stared at her
young friend. She knew Tracy’s father, Adam could summon the weather, but she
had no idea her best friend was blessed with the gift.
Then again, Esra did say Tracy had been given
extra abilities when she was reincarnated.

Wringing the excess
water from his shirt, Lucifer rolled his eyes and stepped closer to the little

“So, when you were
reborn, the Creator gave you additional powers. That will make things so much
more interesting.”

Seconds later, a
lightning bolt, so powerful it caused the earth to quake, landed in front of
Lucifer’s feet.

The fallen angel was
nearly knocked to the ground, but Bren and Tracy stood defiantly still,
unaffected by the rumbling motion. The Almighty Father was sending his own
message; these children were under his personal protection.

Still dripping, Lucifer
stared at the young angel-bloods.

“I’ll leave, but rest
assured you haven’t heard the last of me.”

“Stay away,” Michael
warned. “Should any harm come to them, you will suffer Father’s wrath a second

“I think you should
heed Father’s warning,” Gabriel added, “but knowing you, I would be
disappointed if you listened to us.”

“Let’s understand each
other -- your Creator is not my Father. Still, I wouldn’t dream of harming
these little ones. They are more valuable to me alive.”

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