Archie Greene and the Magician's Secret

For my mother, who taught me
that anything is possible.


And for the Cat Suit Club who heard it first.

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Three Types of Magic
  4. Three Apprentice Skills
  5. Five Lores of Magical Restraint
  6. Epigraph
  8. 1
    The Birthday Cake for No One
  9. 2
    An Unexpected Parcel
  10. 3
    An Honest Mistake
  11. 4
    The Mysterious Symbol
  12. 5
    A Special Instruction
  13. 6
    The Aisle of White
  14. 7
    Old Zeb
  15. 8
    Houndstooth Road
  16. 9
    Foxe Sandwiches for Tea
  17. 10
    The Flame Keepers
  18. 11
    Quill’s Chocolate House
  19. 12
    The Seats of Learning
  20. 13
    The Museum of Magical Miscellany
  21. 14
    Strange Voices
  22. 15
    Bookbinding for Beginners
  23. 16
    A Visitor
  24. 17
    Dark Magic
  25. 18
    Dangerous Books
  26. 19
    The Almanac
  27. 20
    Behind the Blue Door
  28. 21
    The Dragon Expert
  29. 22
    A Midnight Excursion
  30. 23
    Break-in News
  31. 24
    The Lost Books Department
  32. 25
    Echoes of the Past
  33. 26
    The Book of Yore
  34. 27
    Glyph Hanger
  35. 28
    Under Attack
  36. 29
    Crying Wolf
  37. 30
    Magic Spills
  38. 31
    Unanswered Questions
  39. 32
    The Book of Souls
  40. 33
    The Hourglass
  41. 34
    Reading in the Dark
  42. 35
    Last Writes
  43. 36
    The Ghost Writer
  44. 37
    The Keepsafe
  45. 38
    The Crypt
  46. 39
    The Final Secret
  47. 40
  49. Acknowledgements
  50. About the Author
  51. Copyright

Natural Magic

The purest kind of magic comes from magical creatures and plants and the elemental forces of nature, such as the sun, the stars and the seas.


Mortal Magic

Is man-made magic. It includes the magical instruments and other devices created by magicians to channel magical power.


Supernatural Magic

The third and darkest type of magic uses the power of spirits and other supernatural beings.






In 1666, a magical accident caused the Great Fire of London. The Lores of Magical Restraint were agreed to prevent another magical disaster. (Lores is the magical spelling of laws.)


First Lore
All magical books and artefacts must be returned to the Museum of Magical Miscellany for inspection and classification. (They are classified as level one, two or three in magical power.)


Second Lore
Magical books and artefacts may not be used or bought and sold until properly identified and classified.


Third Lore
The unauthorised use of magic outside of magical premises is prohibited.


Fourth Lore
The hoarding of magical books and artefacts to accumulate personal power is outlored under the prohibition of dangerous practices.


Fifth Lore
The mistreatment of magical creatures is expressly forbidden.

Buried deep in caverns cold

A secret that remains untold

Two ancient sentries guard the prize

With lion heart and eagle eyes.


In stony silence shadows sleep

The final gift is safe to keep

To pass requires a simple test

Name the one whom I served best.

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