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& Mayhem


Mystics & Mayhem: Something
Witchy — AJ Myers

Mystics & Mayhem: Something
Wicked — AJ Myers

Soon) Mystics & Mayhem: Something Wanton — AJ Myers

Soon) Mystics and Mayhem: Something Wild — AJ Myers


of the First Realm


Guardians of the First Realm:
Alaskan Fang — Sara King

Guardians of the First Realm:
Alaskan Fury — Sara King

Soon) Guardians of the First Realm: Fury of the Fourth Realm — Sara King

Soon) Guardians of the First Realm: Alaskan Fiend — Sara King




Outer Bounds I: Fortune's Rising —
Sara King

Soon) Outer Bounds II: Fortune's Folly — Sara King


Legend of Zero


Soon) The Legend of Zero: Forging Zero — Sara King

Soon) The Legend of Zero: Killing Zero — Sara King

Soon) The Legend of Zero: Zero's Legacy — Sara King

Soon) The Legend of Zero: Forgotten — Sara King




Millennium Potion: Wings of
Retribution — Sara King

Soon) Millennium Potion: Flight of Retribution — Sara King


Terms of


Terms of Mercy: To the Princess
Bound — Sara King

Soon) Terms of Mercy: Slave of the Dragon Lord — Sara King



Just in case you
misunderstood the description of this interesting tale, you are about to read a
book about vampires, demons, and ghosts.  As most of you know, none of the
creatures listed above are real.  While there
witches out
there, the witches found herein are a different breed of witches that live only
in my head.  This is a work of
, people!  There is no
Moonlight, Missouri—but there should be because it just sounds cool. 
Also, if one of my imaginary friends reminds you of your boyfriend, or your
Great Aunt Gertrude, or your Chemistry teacher, just say “Awesome!” and keep
reading, because I can assure you it wasn’t intentional.


Audrey—my sister, best friend, and biggest cheerleader.  Thank you for
always being there when I need you.


Terrica and Sam, who keep me laughing.  I love you guys!


as always, for my Ronnie Paul, my rock in the storm.


Welcome to the World of Weird

Chapter 1:  Secrets & Serial

Chapter 2:  My (ex) Boyfriend’s

Chapter 3:  Snake Logic

Chapter 4:  Cuffs Or Coffins

Chapter 5:  Poisonous Charms

Chapter 6:  Curses & Crones

Chapter 7:  Terror Tactics

Chapter 8:  The Many Faces of Jack

Chapter 9:  Love, Lies, &

Chapter 10:  Angels & Demons

Chapter 11:  Sweet Dreams Are Not
Made of This

Chapter 12:  Suckin’ It up

Chapter 13:  A Deal With the Dead

Chapter 14:  Best Friends Forever

Chapter 15:  The Amazing Cat Girl

Chapter 16:  Welcome to Nightmare

Chapter 17:  Busted!

Chapter 18:  Friendship & Fairy

Chapter 19:  The Prodigal Son

Chapter 20:  The Bonds of Love

Chapter 21:  Complications of the

Chapter 22:  Sorry Doesn’t Even
Begin To Cover It

Chapter 23:  Power of the Witches

Chapter 24:  Justice Is Served

Chapter 25:  Tainted

A Note from the Author

About the Author

Meet Stuey


Hi, there!  My
name is Ember Blaylock, and I will be your guide through this treacherous—and
sometimes downright deadly—world I have come to think of as my own.  The rules
are simple, but you might want to take notes just in case.

If you can see ghosts and weird crap always happens to you, you’re
probably a bandraoi—otherwise known as a blood witch.  Don’t bother asking your
parents; they’re clueless.  Even if they’re not, they won’t help you.  My
advice, look up your dear old Grams.  She’s the one who can give you the 411 on
all things witchy.

Don’t attract the attention of a demon.  They’re scary, annoying,
stalkerish assholes who are determined to get their own way.  If you do have
the bad luck to attract one, you’re going to need a vampire, a batty old witch,
a magic amulet, and balls the size of a Mack truck to get rid of him.

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