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Bearing the Frostbite (Ice Bear Shifters Book 6) (8 page)

Alexis smiled as her body warmed at his words. “I love you,” she said simply. What else was there to say, really? Those three words said it all.

James leaned in to kiss her, then gently pushed her onto her back. He pushed himself to hover over her, and then slowly, tenderly, lowered into her.

Alexis closed her eyes and drank in the sensation of him pushing into her. He moved slowly, with a gentle rhythm. He took his time sliding up and down against her inner walls, hitting every sweet, sensitive spot inside of her. The pressure and heat built slowly as they shared a deep feeling of ecstasy, becoming one in their hearts and bodies. Alexis arched her back as the waves of her orgasm began. Her release came like the swelling and crashing of ocean waves on a long shoreline, unfolding into her body in a steady sequence of pleasure. As soon as she came, James let himself find his release as well, pulsing into her with the same steady rhythm, matching her spasm for spasm.

When they were both done, they lay together, encircling each other with their arms and basking in the pleasure of just being with each other.

Alexis smiled at the sweetness of what they had just shared. It had been more than just sex. They had truly been making love.

Chapter Ten


As soon as James went back to work at the airport, Alexis busied herself with moving her things from the townhome to the cabin. The job didn’t take very long, because she sold or donated most of what still remained in the townhome. She got rid of all of the furniture, and only kept the most sentimental items from her grandmother. When the move was done and Alexis turned in the keys to her landlord, she expected to feel sadness at leaving the place where she had said goodbye to her Grams. She did feel a little nostalgic, but she mostly felt excited at the new future waiting for her. She knew that her grandmother was watching over her, and would want her to move forward with confidence.

A few months later, the Northern Lights Clan gathered for a simple but meaningful lifemate ceremony for James and Alexis. Although the months of darkness had settled over northern Alaska, Alexis didn’t want to wait for the sun to return to make things with James official. She wanted to get her new life with him started as soon as possible. Besides, she loved Christmas time in Alaska. Although it was dark, the snow was deep and beautiful, and the festive mood that permeated the town was contagious.

As alpha, Neal conducted the lifemate ceremony. They held the event in Ryker’s cabin, since it was the largest of the cabins. James and Alexis had their first kiss as official lifemates under a sprig of mistletoe, to the cheers of the rest of the clan. A huge party followed, with plenty of wine, beer, and food. The clan members showered the new couple with gifts and well-wishes, and Alexis could almost feel her Grams smiling down on her.

Toward the end of the evening, James and Alexis sat on Ryker’s couch, holding hands and surrounded by the people who loved them. Seth sat directly across from them, holding Neal’s new baby in his arms.

“You’re a natural at that,” James teased him.

Seth grinned. “Well, you guys should hurry up and have one of your own, then, so Uncle Seth has more little ones to love on.”

Alexis laughed. “Pushy, pushy,” she said. “All in due time.”

“I suppose so,” Seth said wistfully. “I just know that if I was lucky enough to find a lifemate perfect for me I wouldn’t be able to wait to start having cubs. But I’m not sure that’s ever going to happen to me.”

“Why not?” Alexis asked. “You’re a great catch.”

Seth shrugged. “Sometimes I just feel like all the good ones are taken, you know?”

“Not true,” James said. “There’s someone out there for everyone. Some special lady is fated to be your lifemate. You’re young. You have plenty of time to find her.”

Seth sighed. “I hope you’re right. It’s hard being the only bachelor left in the clan. You abandoned me, buddy!”

James laughed. “Sorry. I couldn’t say no to this beautiful woman, though,” he said, and then leaned over to give Alexis a kiss.

“I don’t blame you,” Seth said. “You two are perfect for each other.”

“Yes, we are,” James said. “I tell her every day I’m the luckiest man alive.”

Alexis smiled back at James. “And I’m the luckiest woman alive. I got a great man, and a new family. I thank my lucky stars every day.”

James squeezed Alexis’ hand and she looked around happily at her new family. This had been the perfect day, filled with the laughter and love from a clan that loved her. Whether or not shifting was supernatural, there was no denying that this was a magical group of people.

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About the Author

There are bears walking among us. Sloane Meyers is devoted to telling their stories.


Sloane thinks we could all use a little escape in our lives. And what better way to shake up the ordinary than to transport yourself to the mysterious world of those who have an animal within them, roaring to be let out. Sloane promises hot shifter males, and spunky, spirited heroines—with NO cliffhangers! Each book can be read as a standalone.


When she’s not busy crafting bear tales, Sloane enjoys a good glass of wine, preferably shared with good friends. She loves reading, baking, and pretending that she’s actually a music buff. On weekends, she spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, hiking with her own sexy alpha and adorable little cub.


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