Best Dressed Lie (Keisha Jackson)

Kimberly Batiste

This novel is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Places and incidents are
the product ofthe author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events, locals, or persons, living or dead, is

Copyright © 2012 by Kimberly Batiste
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be replicating in any form or
by any means whatsoever.


Published By: ARGELE BOOKS

I would like to acknowledge you, the reader, who took the time
to purchase and read my book. I appreciate your love and
support. To all of my family and close friends I love you so
much. Thanks for always speaking positively about me. Finally
yet importantly, my two beautiful daughters, I wake up for you,
I breathe for you. You inspire me every day. You are a
precious gift from god. Mommy loves you!


“Is Keisha home?”
“Nope, she’s at work. How did you get here, walk?
“The Bus silly,” she said.

Suddenly there was an awkward silence between the two of
them. “Are you going to stand in the doorway or come in?” he
asked seductively, standing in the doorway shirtless. His body
tatted up like a subway in Harlem and his smooth, chocolate,
masculine arms were hypnotizing.

“Are you insane? Keisha has a key, or have you forgotten,”
she spoke softly, spellbound by his physique.
“Look, don’t worry about Keisha, she’s at work. Don’t act
like this is your first time doing this,” he said, tugging at her
hands. She eased her way inside the house. Her white, formfitting dress hugged her voluptuous body. She had a body like
J-Lo; plump, round and firm. Her long natural hair, bounced
near her shoulders. She had hazel brown eyes that bloomed
against her Carmel skin.
He pulled her closer to him, sniffing her neck. “Hmmmm,
you smell good. What are you wearing, Victoria’s Secret?” not
giving her time to speak he whispered in her ear, “For ole time
sake, let’s get naked in bed and cuddle.”
She grinned. “This love affair is some regular shit,” she
said, indisputably. “I’ll come in only for a few minutes, I have
somewhere to be.” They made their way to the bedroom,
stripped and climbed in bed, butt naked. “You got me
sweating,” he said gripping her firm, bare ass.
She pushed his hands away. “Randy, I don’t want to do this
anymore,” lying across his bare chest she waited for the
perfect response.
Lifting his head, eyeing her naked body, he asked, “What
are you talking about?”
“Us,” she answered quickly but flatly, fluttering her finger
at the both of them.
“I need a little more time,” he explained. “Once she’s
financially stable, I’m leaving. I promise this time,” he said, as
he kissed her forehead, rubbing her back.
“You’ve been saying this for the past two years. You keep
talking about her financial situation. What does that have to
do with me?”
“Two years?” he said, confused. “I don’t recall sleeping
around for two years. Now if you said two years on and off,
that would make more sense to me. As far as her financial
situation, no need to be concerned. All you need to do is trust
me. Don’t worry; I got this,” he said, persuasively.
“Unbelievable. Now you have amnesia. We’ve been
sleeping around almost three year’s straight, to be exact!” she
said, angrily. “All I want is for us to be together. Can you give
me that?”
He lay there in silence staring at the ceiling.
Not getting the response she longed for, she became
agitated. “How much longer do I have to put up with this?”
she said as her eyes teared up. “Randy you promised me!”
“Please, don’t start all that whining,” he yelled, swaying his
hand at her. “Every time we’re alone you bring up nonsense,
that’s one of the reasons I try to avoid you at times. You knew
what you were getting yourself into before we started this. I
told you from day one that she and I have been together for
ten years. I promised her I’d help with her financial situation
and I plan to keep my promise. I just can’t up and leave like
that; I’ve told you this countless times.”
“Please, refresh my memory,” she said, folding her arms.
“The only thing you ever told me is the fact that you’re not
happy with her, and the depressing story about her being
detached from her sister at birth. Honestly, if she weren’t so
busy trying to keep up with the Joneses and biting off more
than she can chew, you would not be in the situation you are
in with her irresponsible ass! Her problems should not be
yours; you are not married to her.”
He said in an aggravated tone, “Do you listen? Huh?
Whether we’re married or not, I love her. She is and will be
my future wife, so shut up with the complaining and accept
it! Please stop complaining all the time, it’s getting annoying.”
“I couldn’t care less about her and how you feel about her!
I’m focusing on us, you and me!” she said, obsessively,
pointing her finger. “Furthermore, you will never marry her. I
won’t let that happen!”
“Apparently, you don’t comprehend very well, but for the
last time, Keisha is my woman, Point, blank, period! She will
always come first. So, you either accept it or you can walk
away!” he said heatedly, sliding her off him.
He sat up on the edge of the bed irritably, holding his head
down. “Wow!” she said sarcastically. It felt like he pulled a
knife through her heart. “She comes first huh? Well, Mr.
Randy, Mr. ‘
I love you,’ ‘I want to build a life with you.’
I have
one simple question, why are we doing this. Why did you
invite me in, Randy?”
“You’re right. Why are we doing this?” he yelled, looking
over his shoulder at her. “I don’t need all of this stress and to
be honest, I do not need you. I thought I was doing you a
favor. You are the one who came to me. I should have left you
in that hole-in-the-wall you came from.”
“Are you serious? How in the hell are you are doing me a
favor? We both came from that
hole-in the wall
! Did you
forget? You know what? Screw you Randy!” she said in a
high-pitched tone. “Guess what lover boy? I’m pregnant and
I’m keeping it! Now do me a favor and tell your future wife
that!” she jumped up and gathered her things.
His heart dropped. “Yeah, get your shit! It’s time for you
to get the hell out of here!” he said, furiously. “If you’re
pregnant, you’re not fucking up my life with this baby. You
need to take care of this situation. How much do you need?”
His words ripped her heart out of her chest. “Wow! How
much do I need?” she cried. “I hate you!” Tears were rolling
down her face. She stood over him. Her eyes were blood shot
red with tears gushing down her face.
He stared at her with a hateful look. “It’s over. Get the fuck
outta here. Do you need me to call your cab? You really got
life messed up if you think I’m going to let you ruin what I
have with Keisha.”
Reality snuck in, she realized he wasn’t playing games this
time, he wanted out. She only wanted a reaction from him to
see how much he cared. She had to think of a plan, quick.
“Baby please, wait. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to get upset,” she
said in a desperate voice. “No matter how long it takes, I’m
willing to wait.” She spoke softly, rubbing his back, “I’ll take
care of the pregnancy.
Randy, I love you. I would never do
anything to hurt you.” Her heart was beating like a stampede.
She crawled closer to him, gently hugging him from
behind, pressing her face alongside his face and gliding her
hands from the waist up.
She always knew how to seduce him into staying with her.
“Sometimes,” he explained, turning towards her, “I feel like
you just don’t get it. I have been there for you, when no one
was there. I am the one who saved you from your abusive ass
boyfriend. You need to understand that I love both of you. Yes,
I love her more and I need for you to compromise, or we
seriously need to end this shit right here, right now…”
She interrupted, “I know you love me Randy, but this
entire situation just doesn’t feel right anymore. What can I do
for you to love me more? What makes her so much more
special than me? You’ve told me countless times how
disrespectful she is to you. What’s wrong with me? You had
many opportunities to be with me after she left you twice. I
want to be with you baby, please. I want her out of the
picture, for good!”
“Keisha has qualities you don’t have and you have
qualities Keisha doesn’t have,” he said, vindictively. “I’m
working on all that shit you mentioned. I need more time.
Trust me,” he rubbed the side of her face.
“Shhhhh,” she whispered, placing her index finger across his
lips, indicating for him not to speak. She dimmed the lights, lit
some candles, and turned on the best of R. Kelly. The vibe in
the room was set.
Randy leaned his face towards her placing the tip of his
index finger under her chin. He pulled her closer. “Kiss me,”
she whispered.
His lips pressed on her top lip. Her moist tongue slipped
through his lips. His hand cuffed the back of her head,
pushing her forward, passionately forcing his tongue into her
mouth. “I love you Randy,” she whispered in between kisses.
Slowly leaning back, he dragged her voluptuous body on
top of him, caressing her. They felt each other roughly, up and
down. He gently spanked her, encouraging her to rub herself
on him.
“Ohhh,” she moaned.
She spreads
arching her
tattooed back. Her
bottom titled in the air. Sliding his two middle fingers down
the slippery crack of her ass, they landed inside her moist,
wet, ready vagina. He fondled in and out making a pasty
sound. “Aww yes baby,” She moaned louder as her
clenched around his fingers. “Faster,” she whispered.
Rolling on top of her, he flipped her onto her back. He
aggressively tugged her waist lifting her body, landing her in
the middle of the bed.
“Make love to me…” She spoke softly as he leaned in for a
taste of her wet cat.
He slowly pulled her crotch-less leopard print thongs
down; flipping her over again. This time she was face down.
She lifted her
sexy ass
into position,
begging for more
spanking. She was ready.
“Harder,” she moaned as his hand slapped her plump
derriere. He kneeled behind her. On his knees with this vision
in front of him, his mouth watered seeing her wet, tight flesh
in his face. “Keep it right there,” he whispered. Spreading her
shaved lips he massaged his tongue inside her, like ocean
waves. “Yesssss” she groaned, softly.
tasting her, she moaned
anticipation. Her clit throbbed like a rapid heartbeat, craving
his long, dark pole. “You want this,” he said softly, poking her
glossy cherry in and out with his extended tongue.
Watching his sweat dripping on her body, his penis stood
at attention, hard as rock. “Stick it in,” she begged softly,
looking back. All she saw were his eyes and tatted masculine
He slowly slipped his tongue out of her aroused genitals,
still spanking her butt cheeks. The stinging turned her on
“Ohhh baby,” she moaned.
He lifted his engorged utensil on top of backside gently
patting it for her to feel. He slipped the tip of his condom-less
penis inside her vertical lips. He moved the tip in and out
slowly. “Let me taste it,” she said.
Spanking the left side of her buttock, he pulled out of her
and flopped onto the bed on his back. He signaled her to lip
lock his cock. His legs were hanging off the bed.
“Make me feel good baby,” he moaned softly, closing his
eyes. She knelt down between his legs, her ass nearly touching
the hard wooden floor. Aggressively, she tugged his penis,
slowly stroking it up and down before inserting it between
her lips.
Her cold tongue absorbed around the tip of his penis,
sliding down slowly. His rod eased its way down her throat.
His legs started to tremble uncontrollably. “Feel so good,” he
He caressed the top of her head, pushing upward and
downward in a fast rhythm. Her lips had a firm, tight grip,
sucking hard. The popping sound of her lips on his cock drove
him insane. He breathed feverishly, “Faster! Oh yes baby, I’m
about to cum baby!”
Just as he felt the ecstasy of ejaculation pumping through
him, the garage door opens.
“Shit! Get up!” he freaked out, pulling his pants up. “Kayla,
you got to run out the back door!” She was naked, stumbling
over the mess laid out on the floor.
“You have got to be kidding me, Randy! Can I at least get
dressed?” They were rushing and bumping into each other. He
was scared out of his mind and she was hoping his girl would
catch them.
“Here,” he said panicking, handing her two-hundred
dollars. “It’s a gas station at the end of the street. Give that
address to your cab driver and I’ll call you later!”
She snatched the money and whispered, “It’s over!” She
slipped through the back door as the keys unlocked the front

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