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Ellie R Hunter
Biker Saviour

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I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried keeping her away from him. I’ve tried sending her to rehab twice and both attempts failed miserably. She ran off after a couple of days and then didn’t return home for weeks after that. I truly believed I could help, get her to see I could make her better again. But, she knows me and knows my weaknesses. She knows I love her to the stars and back and then some and will do anything to spare her any pain. I can’t stand to see her doing this to herself but it’s worse when I see her in pain caused by her own actions. I can’t remember a night when I slept peacefully and straight through to the morning. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have to lie to people about how well she’s doing when the truth is, she’s far from well.

I shielded her from a life I thought would be far more destructive, and it turns out it was for nothing.

The door slowly creaks open and I jump off the couch. I haven’t slept all night and called in sick this morning to my temp job telling them I had caught a sickness bug. Last night’s no show is the last straw. I have nothing left to offer her, not that she’d take it anyway

I know what I have to do to help her and it’s the last thing I thought I would ever do. I watch her move through the hall towards the kitchen. She thinks she’s creeping and being quiet but in reality she would fit in with a herd of elephants.

“Kyla, get in here,” I snap, loud enough for her to hear me.

She backtracks sluggishly and props herself against the wall to save herself from falling to the floor.

“I’m tired, mom, what do you want?” she slurs.

“What do I want?” I shriek, losing my sanity with her, “What I want is my daughter back but I know I can’t get her back on my own.”

“What does that mean?” she asks, her eyes struggling to stay open.

“It means I’m not going to lose you, Kyla. I have one last trick up my sleeve and if that can’t save you then I’ll have no choice but to let you go and let you destroy yourself like you’re hell bent on doing anyway.”

This gets her attention and her eyes narrow questioning me. She shies away and my body flies across the room before she can run into her room and lock herself in. I hold onto her face and I can feel her cheekbones protruding in an unhealthy way. My once beautiful daughter now looks dark and ugly, even deathly.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” I ask her, desperate tears falling from my eyes.

I’ve asked her this many times but she never gives me a valid reason.

Her pupils are pin points and she purposefully widens her eyes to focus on me.

“I can’t stop,” she finally admits and I begin to see the true extent of her inner pain.

“Then I’m going to take the option away from you.”

Uncontrollable tears come fast and heavy and while she’s not fixated on her whereabouts I guide her out the door with my arms wrapped around her, guiding her into the back of the car.

I have already packed her a bag and put it in the trunk. The tank is full and my keys are in my pocket.

Before she realises what’s happening, I’m in the driver’s seat and turning the key in the ignition.

“Where are we going?” she sniffles into her sleeve.

“For a drive, it will calm us both,” I tell her.

Where in fact, I’m taking her to a place I never wanted her to go. A place where I thought only violence and pain would be in her life. It turns out she’s found it anyway.

We’re not on the road long before her body succumbs to sleep and I manage to leave town without her knowing and kicking off. She doesn’t know it but her life is about to change irrevocably and everything she thought she knew was a lie. If she thinks I’m a pain in her ass, wait till we arrive in Willows Peak and her father finds out what she’s become. She’ll wish she stayed in rehab. My heart fills with dread, hoping soon to be relief. Her secret is no longer one I am willing to keep from her dad. 











“He’s not gonna last much longer. I doubt if he’ll be able to get it hard, poor kid,” Sparky laughs, swigging from his beer as we watch Ricky head up the stairs with one of the club whores.

It is his first night of freedom since he was sent down and he hasn’t wasted a second since he walked through the door. Two and a half years ago he was set up by Kitty with a large amount of heroin and knowing he couldn’t defend himself without giving the cops information we didn’t want them to know, he had to hold his tongue and do the time. And he did, the kid did good.

“Leave him alone, let him enjoy himself,” Alannah scolds him, then adds, “for the next thirty seconds anyway,” she teases, making everyone around the table laugh.

He’s been back two hours and has knocked back every drink pushed his way. I’m surprised he’s still standing.

“Slade and Kristen are back,” Bonnie smiles, looking over my shoulder.

They both along with little Zach have been away for the last week to see her mom. They head over to our table, quickly saying hello to Oak who as usual, my old friend has his seat at the bar.

One by one, the table gets up and greets them. I remain in my seat and offer a smile. They’re used to it, they don’t expect me to stand and hug it out. It’s good to see him back safe though.

“We’ve got some news,” my brother beams.

“What’s that?” Cas asks.

“They got married,” Alannah screams, pointing to the big rock on Kristen’s left hand.

“Pretty sure Slade wanted to announce it, Barbs,” Sparky jibes, flicking a match at her.

Congratulations fly around the table and this time I do make the effort and shake my brother’s hand. It’s about time they tied the knot. If it were up to Slade he would have put a ring on her finger months ago, but Kristen was apprehensive and made him wait until both her and Zachery were fully settled in town.

“Well done, brother. I’m happy for you both,” I tell them, sitting back in my seat.

“I want to hear all the details,” Bonnie grins.

Over the music it is easier to drown them out. I’m happy for them but I don’t need to hear how it played out.

“Now all I need to do is knock her up and the world will be as it should be,” Slade informs us, quickly followed by being slapped upside the back of his head by his new wife.

“I don’t think we need to be sharing that,” she tells him, embarrassed.

“Sorry, darlin’.”

He leans in and kisses her and all seems to be forgiven.

Downing the rest of my beer, I’m about to push out of my chair to get another drink when a voice stops me dead.


Conversations have to be shouted to be heard over the music tonight, but hearing that name in her voice in this place. I’d be able to hear it spoken in a whisper. I sit frozen in my seat and pray it was my imagination.

“Who the fuck is Thomas?” Sparky yells to her behind my back.

I wasn’t the only one who heard her then. This shit is real.

I turn in my seat to find her standing behind me looking as beautiful and frustrated as the first night I met her twenty-five years ago. Her beautiful soft, brown hair falling over her shoulders framing a tired looking face.

She can’t be here, this is my world not hers. I slowly stand and breathe through the surge of panic begging to set in. I have my life here and I have a fraction of a life with her in her world. Never before has the two collided.

“I need your help,” she murmurs, staring me straight in the eye not looking at anyone around us.

I nod once and follow her outside when she turns away. In twenty-five years she has never asked me for help. I’ve given her everything she needs without her having to ask. For her to turn up here and ask now, I already know this is going to be bad.

Darkness has fallen since I entered the clubhouse and I keep on her tail as she flits through the crowd towards the main gates. She stops by her car and faces me.

“I wouldn’t have come to you if I had any other option,” she says, pointing for me to look in the back seat.

Silently, I walk closer and look through the window. Peering through the back window it takes me a second to see what she wants me to see. What the fuck?

“Why have you brought her here?” I ask, moving away from the car.

I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m struggling, holding my hands on my hips, I grip them hard. I look around and calm a bit when I see no one looking our way.

“Like I said, I had no other option. You’re her last chance.”

Last chance for what? This woman standing before me is the one person on this planet who knows without a second guess how to deal with me and tonight she isn’t doing too fucking well.

“What’s goin’ on?” I demand.

“You must have wondered why she has dodged all your visits in the last couple of years.”

“She told me she’s been busy with work? You telling me she’s been lying? That you’ve been lying to me?”

Normally I can control my temper. Always calm thinking and taking my time with decisions. Tonight however, I’m losing my shit all over the place and no amount of time is good enough.

“I’ve been covering for her. She hasn’t had a job since she worked at that bar part time in college.”


“Take a closer look at her, Thomas. Look at the shit on the seat next to her.”

Slowly I look through the window again and see she isn’t asleep like I first assumed. She is passed out and beside her is all the equipment needed to fucking jack herself up with heroin.

My head scrambles with the scene before me. This kind of shit doesn’t happen to me.

My breathing becomes harboured and I forget how to use my lungs all together. This isn’t possible. No, this can’t be happening.

“I’ve put her through rehab twice and as you can see it hasn’t worked. You’re our last chance, Thomas.”

I can hear the pain in her voice, damn it, I can feel it seeping into my bones.

“You should’ve told me,” I snap, “What do you need from me?”

“I need you to be the father she needs you to be, be her saviour. Bring our daughter back,” she pleads, beginning to cry.

I pull her into my arms and use the time soothing her to think what I’m going to do.

“She doesn’t know me in this world, Sal,” I whisper into her hair.

From the moment Kyla was born, Sally was adamant she wouldn’t know about the club. I understood and played the part time dad who apparently worked away too much.

“I don’t care about that anymore, she needs you and I think you in this world is the only chance we have of saving her, be the father she always should’ve had,” she sniffles.

“Are you saying our daughter is a crackhead because she’s got daddy issues? That this is my fault?” I ask, pushing her back so I can see the truth on her face.

“I’m saying, our set up isn’t even remotely conventional and all three of us know it. I kept her away from your club and I knew it was the right thing to do, especially as you was not capable of much else, emotionally. I know you’ve done everything you possibly can with how you are and I have not once complained about it but I have done this for too long. It’s up to you now, I’m not taking her back with me.”

I can see in her eyes she is serious. My two worlds are about to mix and I have a shit load of explaining to do to both sides.

I dig my cell out of my pocket and message Cas to come out here. I might as well get this out in the open sooner rather than later.

Cas comes out seconds later and spots us by the car, he’s also flanked by Sparky.

If rehab hasn’t worked, what the hell can I do bar lock her in a room and dry her out myself? I exhale heavily because that’s what I’m going to have to do, and surrounded by men who her mother has kept her away from all her life.

That’s probably why Sally brought her to me. She knows I’m not going to do this the easy way because I don’t know how.

“Cas, Sparky, this is Sally. Sally this is my president and VP.” I make the introductions when they reach us.

They all shake hands and Sally asks, “Where’s Michael? Wasn’t he VP?”

Sally made it clear from the start that when I visited I was Thomas, not Pope. I’ve never spoke of the club on my visits. Cas and Sparky look at each other than to me.

“He’s not around anymore,” I tell her, then, “Sally’s been here before a very long time ago,” I explain to my president, adding, “I need a favour, I need one of the rooms. I don’t know how long for and I need your…help.”

I have never asked for help from the club before and the fact I have to now has pissed me off. Sure I’ve helped every man here in one way or another and not once have I minded. I’m due the help if asked, I just don’t like having to.

“Of course, brother. Whatever you need,” Cas says.

“What do you need?” Sparky asks with slight scepticism.

I don’t know how to start. They know nothing about Sally or our daughter, how can I begin to explain it to them and the fact my daughter is a fucking junkie?

Instead, I point to the car and let them see for themselves, then go from there.

“Who’s the junkie?” Sparky asks, stepping back from the car.

Sally steps up beside me and squeezes my hand, knowing how hard I am finding them here and how my daughter is not the girl I last saw.

“She’s our daughter,” Sally tells them.

Eyes bulge and Sparky’s mouth drops open. It was the reaction I was expecting.

“Sorry, shouldn’t have called her a junkie,” Sparky apologises.

“It’s what she is,” Sally shrugs.

“Can’t you put her in rehab? We can help with the cost if needs be,” Cas asks.

“She’s been twice.”

“Both fails,” he pushes on.

“Yes, as you can see.”

“That’s why you want the room? You’re going to dry her out yourself?” he asks, looking to me.

“I haven’t got a plan as such yet and I know you have questions and I will answer them all. I’m asking as your brother who has never asked for anything from this club to help me get my daughter clean.”

He steps close to me and I refrain from moving away.

“Brother, I’m not saying no. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.”

He waits for my nod and I know he has my back.

“For tonight I just need a room, by tomorrow I’ll think of something else.”

“Done. No one uses my old room, you can put her in there. She’s gonna be coming down soon, I advise we move her now.”

“What about you? Do you need a room for the night?” Sparky asks Sally.

“It’s okay, I’ll stay in Thom…ah, Pope’s room. I’ll be leaving at first light.”

They both raise their eyebrows, great, more explaining to do.

Cas opens the car door but I move in front of him and block his way. I’ll be the one to carry my daughter.

On closer inspection, she looks nothing like she did the last time I saw her two years ago. I don’t recognise this girl and it hurts. Gripping her arm, I pull her out of the car, hearing her disgruntled groans riles me and when she’s fully out, I throw her over my shoulder.

If she wants to be a junkie, I’ll treat her as one.

Her being this close to my head, I can smell the dirt and grease oozing from her and it turns my stomach.

“I’ll get her bag,” Sally pipes up, rushing around to the trunk.

“I’ll get it,” Sparky offers, “and I’ll get the shit out of the car,” he adds.

I nod and start walking to the clubhouse. Cas walks up in front clearing a path for me and I keep my head high and my hold on Kyla tight as everyone gives us the once over as we pass through the bar.

Cas unlocks his old room and swings the door open, once I’m through I don’t hesitate and drop her on the bed. Sally pushes me out of the way and begins faffing around her, moving the sheets over her.

Kyla’s eyes struggle to open and she writhes around until she gets comfortable. She is so out of it that she doesn’t even know where she is.

The longer I watch her, the more infuriated I become.

“I can stay with her if you need to sort anything out,” Sally offers.

“It’s fine.”

I turn when Sparky comes in and I take the bag from him. Unzipping it, I dump the whole contents on the floor and search through everything.

“That isn’t necessary, Thomas. I packed it myself.”

“Yeah, is that why she jacked up on the way here?” I mutter, sarcastically. 

She does well and keeps quiet. I find nothing in her belongings so I move on to pat her down.

In her jeans pocket, I produce three wraps. Sally pales and tears form in her eyes. Walking to the toilet in the small bathroom, I flush them all.

Sparky joins me and passes me the tiny bag she had with the needles and shit. I flush the other stash and throw the needles on the floor, bringing my heavy boot on top of them, smashing them all into smithereens.

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