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Breeding My Boss's Wife

Breeding My Boss’s Wife


By Natalia Darque


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Chapter One


I slammed the phone down after
politely ending my phone call with my customer. I looked up at the
wall of my office at the piece of paper hanging to my left. It
featured a large circle and instructions underneath for reducing

The instructions were dirt simple.
“Slam your head into this circle. Repeat as necessary until stress
is relieved, or you are rendered unconscious.”

I was just about to get up out of my
chair and proceed to the circle for the prescribed de-stressing,
when my cell phone vibrated, indicating that I had a text message.
I looked at the screen and saw who it was from.


Oh shit!” I thought as I
read the message.


Parking Garage.


Just great!” I muttered
to myself as I got up from my desk. I walked past the receptionist,
telling her I would be right back. I didn’t expect this to take
long. It never did.

I grabbed the elevator, hating myself
for the predicament I had gotten myself into. I saw no way out. I
punched the button for the lowest level of the parking garage,
where Gabriella always parked.

Lost in thought and disgusted with the
situation, I snapped to attention when the door chime indicated we
had arrived at the lowest level of the parking garage. As the
elevator opened, I saw the ass end of Gabriella’s Black Cadillac
Escalade in the far corner. The gentle stream of exhaust visibly
whooshing out of the muffler indicated the engine was running. I
walked toward it. As I closed in, I saw nothing through the tinted
windows. I reached out and opened the door handle for the passenger
side front door.

Back seat,” I heard
Gabriella’s voice say matter-of-factly the second the door

I closed the front door, and pulled
open the rear door handle of the Escalade and swung the door

Then I saw Gabriella. I knew at that
instant that I would be unable to resist her, just like every other
time before.

Her long blonde hair hung down
straight and layered. Her body was, simply put, made for sin. She
was curvy in every place that a woman should be, and slim and trim
in every place that they shouldn’t be curvaceous. Long hours in the
gym, and a few visits to plastic surgeons had made her body into
the spectacle that caused men to drool at her mere

She was clad in a short, black pencil
skirt, with a simple white blouse that made it amply clear she
wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples stood out like a deer caught in
the headlights of an oncoming car. Her legs were long, lean and
tanned, capped by a set of four inch heels that accentuated her
already tall figure.

Men were drawn to her like a moth to
flame, and I was no exception. From our first time together, I was
putty in her hands. Furthermore, I knew it and so did she. This was
despite the possible terrible consequences, and the friend and
mentor I knew I was letting down badly.

Come inside,” Gabriella
purred seductively.

Hey Gabi!” I said, trying
to sound enthusiastic, but knowing what was in store for me.
“What’s up?”

I just came from that
fertility doctor,” Gabriella told me.

So how did it go?” I
asked, doing my best to feign innocence. This wasn’t my first rodeo
with Gabi. I knew exactly where this was heading.

I hated it. It’s so…
mechanical,” Gabi explained with a pout on her face. “You lay on a
table, with this nurse standing next to you, and this door opens.”
She paused

Then you see these two
arms pass this silver, gun-looking thing through and the nurse
takes it. The next thing you know, this cold thing is shoved up
your nu-nu, and…”

She stopped. I was glad. This was
getting into the seriously (TMI) or Too Much Information

As I sat in the seat next to her, I
looked across as she slid the hem of her short skirt up past her
thighs. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her smoothly lasered pussy
stood out like a sore thumb, her lips glistening with moisture

What a surprise!” I
thought to myself.

I don’t like that cold
thing in my nu-nu,” she told me, moving to where her face was
inches from mine.

I prefer something

Despite my ambivalence about the
situation I was trapped in, I felt my cock stir. Just like it did
the very second I saw her for the first time, I knew I was
powerless to resist Gabi’s charms. My soul was willing to resist,
but my flesh was weak.

Or in my case, damned weak. I felt my
cock begin to engorge at the sight of her glistening loins, knowing
what promised treasures were waiting for me within.

I don’t like how those
mean doctors do it.” Gabi said. She pulled me close and began
unbuckling the belt at my waist. Then I felt her hands expertly,
and deftly unfasten the clasp at the waistband of my trousers, and
then lower my zipper. Within what seemed like mere nano-seconds,
her hands were curled around my cock.

I could keep up an air of indifference
if I wanted to. At least outwardly. But when Gabi touched my
member, I lost it. I was hers. Whatever she wanted, I was all in
(to put in in Texas Hold ‘Em terms).

I felt her guiding me between her
legs. Her hands, both shoved between our bodies, were urgently
guiding the tip of my member to her eager pussy. I felt the tip of
my cock briefly touch against the moisture of her eager

She gasped. Then I felt her, grasping
my cock in both hands, slide it around the wet lips of her loins,
and urge it into the slippery folds of her pussy. I felt her heels,
still wearing her four-inch “fuck me pumps” clasped under my ass,
pulling me into her.

Unable to resist, I sank deep inside
of her body. Her dripping wet pussy was waiting for me, and I sank
into the hilt in one swift stroke.

I heard Gabi gasp underneath me as I
penetrated her fully.

Oh, that feels so much
better than the doctor!” she moaned underneath me. “So

Absolutely beyond giving a shit, I
began thrusting insistently into Gabi’s sodden pussy. With each
stroke, she gave out a harsh cry as I skewered her with my turgid

Tell me what you want,” I
hissed in her ear as her body began reacting to me.

Cum inside me!” she
urged, her voice coming between gasps as she appeared to approach

Cum inside you?” I asked,
as if I didn’t know the answer.

Why?” I asked.

Gabi was heaving for breath under me
as I pistoned my cock in and out of her. She began quaking and I
felt her pussy pulsating and quivering as I hammered myself into
her over and over. I felt the shocks of the Escalade rocking back
and forth underneath us as I rhythmically fucked her.

I saw that Gabi was consumed in an
orgasm as she writhed underneath me.

I want to have your
baby!” she barely managed to stutter out as I hammered her

Hearing her words, I lost it.
Struggling to restrain my own passion, I lost control and felt the
sensations of my own orgasm hit me, hard and fast.

Oh my god!” I managed to
cry out. Then I felt the familiar sensation of my hot seed flowing
down the center of my cock and filling the womb of my willing, but
forbidden partner.

Mmmmmmm,” I heard Gabi
say as my seed filled her.

So much better than that
frozen stuff,” she moaned in my ear, as my cock quit

I lay atop her, with most of my weight
held up on my elbows. I heaved for air, almost breathless from the
fury of our frantic coupling.

Immediately, as always, I was overcome
with a feeling of guilt. I quickly disengaged myself from Gabi as
my cock began to soften.

Gabi, I need to get back
upstairs,” I told her. “Jake’s gonna wonder where I am if I stay
gone too long.”

Oh, please?” Gabi’s voice came out
sounding like a whining little girl. “Stay just a little bit

What if Jake comes
looking for me?” I asked. The last thing I needed was that. Jake,
Gabi’s husband, was also my boss. He would shit a brick if he found
me fucking his wife. I would lose my job, my entire career, a great
salary, a good boss, and one of my best friends.

Gabi sat up and then moved to straddle
my waist. Her lips closed on mine. Her tongue darted between my
lips as she kissed me furiously.

Dammit!” I thought as my
cock reacted instinctively. The old adage was true about two things
you could always count on. The sun always rises in the east, and a
stick prick has no conscience.

Guiding herself atop my rapidly
burgeoning cock, I felt it slip slightly inside of her wetness.
Then she lunged down on me, filling herself with my now fully erect

Fuck me again! She
whispered urgently. “Fuck me really good!” She began thrusting
herself up and down on my cock.

Taking her hips in my hands, I began
lifting her up and down on my cock as she rode me, pulling her hard
down on my member with each stroke, and listening to her gasp in
ecstasy as she furiously rode me.

The Escalade began gently swaying back
and forth on its shocks again.

Chapter Two


I snuck back into the office after
stopping at a bathroom on another floor of our office building.
After checking for telltale signs of lipstick or other dead
giveaways, I straightened myself up and returned to my office. I
instantly thought back about how I gotten myself into this

Just out of college, my father was a
member of an African Safari Hunting club, where wealthy Dallasites
met to swap war stories and share resources for hunting, both in
the United States and abroad. Jake Goldman, an aggressive insurance
broker was a famous member of this group, and had recently
impressed my dad with a presentation he gave about a world record
mountain goat he had killed on a safari in a remote part of
Kazakhstan. Jake had traveled by plane, train, Land Rover, and
finally by donkey to reach the remote area where he shot the goat.
Knowing it was a world record class animal, Jake had had it tracked
and followed by tribesman for weeks, in preparation for his
arrival. He killed it with a single long-range shot from over 500

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