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Brie Learns Restraint (After Graduation, #5)

Brie Learns Restraint:
After Graduation

Red Phoenix

Kindle Edition

Brie Learns Restraint:
After Graduation

Red Phoenix

Kindle Edition

Brie Learns Restraint

Copyright 2013 by Red Phoenix

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Edited by Amy Parker

Book cover design by Erin Dameron-Hill. Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

Big thanks to the Gentle Man and Peachs.

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

Adult Reading Material

Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and older.


Title Page

Copyright Page

The Contract

Transfer of Power

Revealing Dreams


Interviewing the Domme

Sexual Release

Ties that Bind

Master’s Voice


About the Author Red Phoenix


Title Page

Copyright Page

The Contract

Transfer of Power

Revealing Dreams


Interviewing the Domme

Sexual Release

Ties that Bind

Master’s Voice


About the Author Red Phoenix

The Contract

rie stood holding the door open, staring at Tono in shock.

“Invite him in, téa.”

She shook her head slightly to regain her bearings before bowing to the Dom. “Please come in, Tono Nosaka.” She stepped aside to allow him to pass, not daring to look in his direction.

In a daze, Brie closed the door and walked back to Sir, then knelt at his feet—her place of comfort. Tono sat at the other end of the couch, beside Sir.

Sir began petting her hair lightly. “She just became aware of the arrangement.”

“Her thoughts?” Tono asked.

“I do not know.” Sir lifted Brie’s chin. “What do you think, téa?”

Her lips trembled when she spoke. “If I am to serve another, then Tono is a fine choice, Sir.”

Sir glanced over at Tono. “She is still struggling with my decision.”

Tono addressed Brie. “Do you wish to serve me, toriko? I will not allow you to serve under me unless it is your desire.”

Brie dropped her eyes to stare at the floor. “I do not understand what this arrangement entails, Tono Nosaka. I cannot answer you.”

“Spoken like an intelligent woman,” Sir commented, kissing the top of her head. “I will keep you in suspense no longer. Ren and I still have to iron out the details. Come join us at the table. I want you to be fully aware of what I am asking of both of you.”

Sir stood up and went to his desk to retrieve a file folder. “I had this drawn up. Naturally, it is subject to change, depending on our discussion tonight.”

Tono followed him to the kitchen table, with Brie several feet behind both men. Her head was buzzing like a hornet’s nest with thoughts…and fears.

Sir indicated that Tono should sit opposite him, but he pulled the other chair close to himself and commanded gently, “Sit.”

Brie sat down robotically, and kept her eyes glued to her lap.
This isn’t really happening…

Her Master pushed the folder across the table towards Tono. “Read over the contract. Anything you do not agree with or need clarification on, I want to address now. This is as much for téa’s benefit as for yours.”

Brie heard Tono turn the pages slowly as he read over the contract. When he was done, he asked, “Do you have a pen?”

“Of course,” Sir answered. “Téa?”

Brie obediently stood up and retrieved a pen from the desk. She returned to Sir, but he nodded towards Tono. She held it out with an open hand, her insides quivering when he made physical contact. “Thank you, toriko.”

Such simple words, yet everything had changed with Sir’s decision. This man would soon be her Master—if she allowed it.

“It states the duration of this contract begins tomorrow and ends exactly three weeks from that date?”

“Actually, that should be amended to ‘or upon my return’. Should I arrive earlier, I would expect to regain my rights as her Master and should I need to stay longer, I would want téa to remain in your care and under your protection.”

“Understood.” Tono scribbled something in the margin and continued, “I see that I am not allowed to ‘lend’ her to another, but I want to clarify that you have no objection to her being part of a demonstration. Although she will be working on the documentary, I plan to have her assist me in a weekly class. Will that be a problem?”

“As long as completing the film is your top priority, I do not have an issue with her participating in a class. However, you must be the one in charge of téa. No one else touches her,” Sir stated emphatically.

“Even to recreate a knot?”

Sir sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his temples. “Simple guided instruction is fine. However, I do not want her to scene with one of your inexperienced Doms.”

“I would never put Brie in that situation,” Tono assured him. Brie noted that he wrote the words ‘
guided instruction only’
in the margin.

“I see I am not allowed to take her from the city limits.”


“Because my classes take place at The Haven, I see no conflict.”

“Ah, but The Haven may be an issue. I do not want Brie running into Wallace there.”

Tono nodded in agreement. “We shall enter from the back and proceed to the training room. We will in no way provoke an encounter. However, if he seeks us out, it will be dealt with.”

“I do not trust the boy—yet. Although Marquis is working with Wallace, I still consider him a threat to himself and Brie.”

Brie was surprised to hear that Faelan was being personally instructed by Marquis. She wondered if it had anything to do with her talk with the trainer.

“Acceptable,” Tono replied, looking farther down the contract. “I will need further explanation of the ‘no penetration’ clause.”

“It is simple enough. There is to be no penetration of her anally, vaginally, or orally with any tool or body part.”

“Does that include kissing?”

Sir stared at Brie’s lips for several moments before answering. His voice was gruff and low as he replied grudgingly, “I will allow kissing.”

Tono took the pen and clearly wrote, ‘
kissing excluded

Brie blushed. It was strange to have these two men discussing such things. She looked to the floor, her heart beating erratically.

“It states I am in charge of her care, protection and well-being. Are there any specific needs you require me to meet?”

“Naturally, her documentary comes above everything else. I expect you to give her the time and environment necessary for her to succeed in meeting her deadline. I am not opposed to having her performing necessary tasks for you, as long as it does not jeopardize the project.”

“You and I are agreed on that.”

Sir snorted. “Just as important to me, I expect you to keep her safe, Ren. No run-ins with Mr. Wallace, no unescorted clubbing while I am gone… Keep her safe.”

“I assure you, she will be looked after.”

“After what occurred during my last trip…” Sir shook his head angrily. “I cannot be reasonable on that score.”

Brie glanced at Sir, noticing his clenched jaw and the throbbing vein in his neck. As much as this action seemed extreme, she understood the motive behind it. It was his need to protect her that had inspired the unusual arrangement. She understood and would receive it as such.

“I would suggest you text me while you are away. I will give you an update whenever asked.” Tono scribbled more notes onto the contract. “Toriko, you should be aware that you are expected to contact Sir Davis every Sunday morning to speak for one hour.”

Although she knew she should be thrilled contact was allowed, the idea of only speaking to Sir once a week crushed her heart. She felt tears coming, but fought them back.

“There is another stipulation, Brie,” Sir added. “I expect you to exercise at exactly six every morning at a local gym minutes from Ren’s home. I will be exercising at the same time, only it will be four in the afternoon my time.”

Brie felt a sense of relief. Although they would not be talking every day, there would be a daily connection nonetheless. She looked at him and whispered, “Thank you, Sir.”

“I assume you have no issues with that?” he asked Tono.

“It seems like a healthy solution,” Tono replied with a smirk, “on many levels.”

Sir smiled in reaction to Tono’s jesting, but it disappeared when he added, “It is important that Brie submits to you fully. I do not believe it is possible to serve two Masters, but I do not want the connection between us to be lost.”

Tono put the pen down. “I understand my place, Thane. Temporary Dom. I will treat the role as such.” He looked at Brie compassionately.

Sir stood up and held out his hand. “You are an honorable man, Ren.”

Tono took his hand and shook it. “Toriko’s well-being is equally important to me.”

Sir slapped him on the back the way Brie had seen him do with his good friends. “I am counting on it.” He picked up the pen and handed it to Tono. “If téa agrees, sign the contract and initial the addendums.”

Tono turned to Brie. “Are you willing to become my sub based on these parameters?”

She stood up and bowed to him formally. “Yes, Tono Nosaka.”

“Fine, we are all in agreement,” Sir announced, sounding as if a big weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

After Tono had signed it, Sir took the contract and added his name and initials before sliding it across the table to Brie.

Brie looked at the pages for the first time. It looked official, like a legal document. Sir handed her the pen, but cautioned, “Read it thoroughly, Brie, before you sign.”

She sat back down and read each line meticulously, trying to grasp the concept that she was being transferred to another as she read her Master’s wishes in black and white. She hesitated for a moment before finally adding her name to the document, a feeling of apprehension tugging at her heart. She looked up at Sir’s confident face and those fears abated.

Brie held out the contract to him. He took the paper and gave her a tender kiss.

Then he turned back to Tono. “I will drop téa off at eight tomorrow morning. She will be packed for the three-week duration. Is there anything you would like her to bring?”

Tono responded immediately with one request. “I would like toriko to bring her favorite vibrator.”

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