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Copyright © 2013 Bec Botefuhr

Published by Bec Botefuhr, Jan 2013


Chief’s Angel is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and events portrayed in this book either are from the Author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, establishments, events, or location is purely coincidental and not intended by the Author. Please do not take offence to the content, as it is FICTION.

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For everyone who believed in me, who knew that I could do it even when I didn’t believe it. My family, friends, co-workers and everyone who said “You can do it.” Thank you.

For my husband’s patience and love, and for not hitting me over the head for all the hours I have spent working on my novels. For my gorgeous daughters who are the best children a Mother could ask for.

For all my fans, for their encouragement and belief, for their kind words and amazing hearts. You all make this possible for me.

I would like to put out an extra special mention, to an amazing editor and friend Ryn Hugh
es. She did this editing for me, and put hours and hours of work into it. Not only did she do all this, but she talked me through it, helping me learn and grow at the same time. Without her, this book wouldn’t be what it is. I owe her my sanity, and I want to share her with the world. She is looking for extra work; she is starting out as an editor and is AMAZING. You can find her on Facebook – her page name is ‘Delphi Rose’ Please go on and support her, she is doing an amazing thing.




“Screw them, screw them all. I’m tired of doing what they tell me all the time. I’m sick of being treated like a child, treated lik
e I get no say so in my life. I get a say so, it’s my life!” I mumble to myself.

I push the glass door open, and step into the small studio. I look around at all the bright, in-your-face pictures on the walls. I can hear the buzzing sound of tattoo guns, mixed with the sounds of people talking. It smells clean, like a hospital almost. I swallow down my nerves and step forward. A burly man walks out from what appears to be some sort of office and runs his eyes over me.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m here to get a tattoo.”

He raises his brows. “Have you got identification?”

I nod, pulling out a fake ID that my close friend Jaxson had gotten for me. He was the king of fake IDs and getting into places he wasn’t allowed to go. The man runs a thumb and forefinger over his goatee, and then nods.

“Fine, Caden will be done in ten. Know what you want?”

I swallow; nerves are causing my stomach to turn in the worst possible way. I know I look pale and I’m probably sweating unnecessarily.

“Yes, I do.”

He nods and shows me to a couch before returning to the office. I wait nervously, with my head down. I’m doing something for myself, something I have always wanted to do, I can’t chicken out now.

“You next?”

I hear the husky, male voice and look up. My eyes widen at the young man standing in front of me. He has dark hair, almost black and it is tousled and messy looking. His eyes are a smoky grey, and stunning against his light olive skin. He is tall with broad shoulders and has tattoos covering his arms. He narrows his eyes at me, and suddenly I can’t find my own voice.


“Yes?” I whisper.

“Do you know what you’re doin’ here, girl?”

“I’m getting a tattoo.”

“Are you old enough?”

I swallow. “I have ID.”

He eyes me for a long moment, then nods.

“Come on through then.”

“Y-y-you?” I stammer, “You’re doing it?”

He’s so young.

Overhearing our conversation, the man from earlier responds before Caden can speak, “Caden is an apprentice, but his work is amazing. He has been with us for just over two years. You can look beforehand if you like?”

“Oh no, it’s okay.”

Caden stares at me again, giving me shivers all over. He turns and I follow him into another office furnished with a long, black chair and a lot of needles and guns. He begins preparing his station and draws out the little butterfly I chose.

“How old are you?” I ask.

“Twenty One this year.”

Wow, he

“Oh, that’s good.”

He turns and studies me, “You sure you should be in here?”

“I’m sure.”

“What’s your name, Angel?”

Angel? My heart skitters.

“Um, it’s Mandy.”

“Well Mandy, you ready?”


I lie on the chair and pull down my jeans to expose my hip. His eyes widen and I can’t help but notice them moving over my body. I suppress a smile; knowing I’m fille
d out for a seventeen year old. When he puts the needle to my skin, I grit my teeth but don’t make a sound. His eyes narrow in concentration as he moves the needle over my skin. He is so beautiful; something about him has my throat tight with want.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re rebelling?”

“I just wanted to do something different, something for me,” I reply through gritted teeth.

“Tough family?”

“Not tough, more over protective and obsessive.”

He snorts, “And that’s bad?”

“No, of course not,” I sigh, “but when your family has a lot of money and you don’t get a say so in how your life goes, it gets draining.”

“Yeah, I get you. I’d rather be free too.”

I smile and he looks up at me with a dazzling grin. My heart flutters, I’ve never had a crush on a boy; I’ve never had time to. Yet this man is causing all sorts of reactions in my body.

“You look real pretty when you smile Angel,” he says, and turns back to his work.

“Do you enjoy tattooing?” I ask, watching the needling glide across my skin.

“Well I love art, and this is my kinda art.”

I chuckle, “I suppose so.”

“What about you? You like art?”

I grin, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”

He laughs, “No, I guess you wouldn’t.”

“Is this all you do?”

“Nah, I work as a mechanic here and there.”


“I like cars.”

“You look like you prefer bikes.”

He looks up at me and grins, “I ride bikes,
I like cars.”

“Do you drive cars?”


“At all?”




“Man of many words I see?”

He meets my gaze, “You always talk so much?”

“I tend to have a bad habit of it, yes.”

“Well, with a pretty mouth like yours, you might as well put it to use.”

Did he just say that?! I feel my cheeks turn crimson. Finishing the tattoo he stands back and wipes it one last time. I look down at the pretty blue butterfly on my hip and smile.

“I love it.”

“See, just ‘
cause I’m young, don’t mean I’m stupid.”

“I didn’t think you were stupid,” I whisper.

His eyes meet mine and he stands, offering his hand. I take it and shake it, his grip tightens and I’m sure he pulls me a touch forward.

“It was nice meeting you Mandy. Be sure to take care of that tattoo.”

I smile, meeting his gaze and a shudder runs through me. I have never felt this drawn to a complete stranger before and it’s overwhelming.

“Thank you,” I say, reluctantly letting his hand go and dragging my gaze away from his.

“Take care, little Angel.”


“Oh. My. Goodness!” My Mother screams.

“Stop, Mother, it’s nothing.”

“You’re seventeen!”

“Who did this?” My Father hisses.

“Please, it was my choice.”

“There is only one tattoo shop she could have gotten to herself. I’m going down there.”

“Daddy, please don’t,” I cry.

“How could you?” My Mother says, clutching her chest.

“I wanted it.”

“You disappoint me Amanda.”


She turns and walks out, and my Father grips his keys.

“Daddy please?!” I beg.

He doesn’t answer me; he just storms out the door. I feel hot tears stream down my cheeks. I wasn’t careful enough; my Mother walked in when I was changing and she saw the tattoo. I don’t know why I thought I could hide it. I put my head in my hands and sigh; I wish just for one moment in my life, I could live how I wanted to live. Just for one, damn, moment.



“Happy Birthday Girl!” My best friend Jaxson grins.

I beam and throw my arms around his neck.

“Oh thanks Jaxson! I can’t believe I’m finally Twenty One!”

“I can’t believe you’re finally moving out of your parent’s house.”

“Hey now, give me a break; I had to find a job and a place.”

“We are going to have so much fun, you know that don’t you?”

I grin at Jaxson. He’s been my friend for as long as I can remember. He is the epitome of camp and everyone hated him for it during school; everyone except me. I knew what it was like to be different, to have people tease and taunt you for not being like everyone else. Jaxson is a sweet, loyal friend but no one ever wanted to look past the fact that he was gay. I’m grateful though, because, in doing so, they sent him to me.

He smiles at me and his hazel eyes twinkle. Most girls swoon over Jaxson; at least until they find out he's gay. His honey colored hair is stylishly messy, his body is long and lean, and he has a face to fit the cover of a magazine. He could be a model if he wanted to; he has the perfect look for it. He has big dimples when he smiles, and could wear a potato sack and make it look hot.

“So when do we get your things and get moving?”

“I’m doing it tomorrow. I’ll let my parents have my birthday; they don’t need me causing them anymore heartache.”

“Their baby is moving out and they’re losing control!”

I laugh, “That’s exactly it.”

He sighs and then another smile spreads across his face.

“You keen for the beach party tonight?”

I frown, “It isn’t exactly how I expected my birthday night to go, but I suppose it
my first proper party.”

“It’s huge and everyone will be there. You’ll love it.”

“I’m sure I will,” I laugh, walking over to my closet. “What do you think I should wear?”

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