City Knight 04 - Knights Out (CMS) (MM)

Knights Out

By T.A. Webb


This one is for my mom. Turning 52 while writing this made me remember all the “Happy birthdays” I got, and how I miss them now. Love you.

Chapter 1


He rolled over, burying his head under the pillow, and ignored the voice.


Maybe he could groan and fake Benjamin out. He could always whimper and
act like his chest was bothering him and get a sympathy pass. Maybe even a morning blow job. Anything but having to—

“Marcus, if you don’t get your ass up
and answer your phone, you will never taste real bacon again. And I’ll ban you from Chances Are burgers for the rest of your natural life.”

His hand shot out from under the covers and grabbed his cell, sliding
a finger across the front until he hit
. No fucking way was he losing bacon and a medium rare bundle of heaven. In fact, if he could get this call answered, convince Benjamin to play around some, and hit the shower, maybe he could talk his lover into getting out and visiting Chance and the guys. And if it happened at Chances Are, and lunch was involved…well, who could blame a man, right?

“Marcus here.
And it better be damned important.”

A slight pause, then a familiar laugh filled his ear. “Marcus, please do not tell me you are still in bed. It’s almost ten o’clock, man.”

Marcus ran a hand over his face, then snorted. “Jealous much, Zack?”

“Fat and lazy.
Never thought I’d see the day the famous Marcus Prater would rather lounge in bed than be up and working. If it’s like that, I can add Ben to my collection of men over here.” Zack laughed at the growly sounds Marcus was making. “Well then, if you aren’t ready to give him up, how ‘bout you meet me over at Chances Are for some lunch, and we can catch up on things. There’s something I want to run by you and Ben.”

Marcus rolled over on his back and fist pumped the air. Yes! He saw a big, juicy half pound of love in his future.
But then he had to wonder at what Zack could have in mind. “Noon then? And care to give me a clue what you want to talk about?”

There was a weighty silence, and Marcus was almost ready to ask again when
Zack sighed. “There’s still no word from Nick. Jeremiah’s really concerned, and I promised him we would see what we could find out. He swears it’s not like the kid to disappear like this. And from what I’ve been able to dig up myself…well, we need to talk about it.”

Marcus nodded.
Benjamin brought the subject up almost every day, and while Marcus privately thought the kid probably found someone or something to entertain himself with, he was beginning to wonder. “Okay. See you at noon. Send my love to Archer. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys Thursday.”

After hanging up with
Zack, Marcus rolled onto his back and tapped the cell phone against his chest while he thought. Atlanta was a big city, or more accurately, a collection of small communities that, all combined, made up the four million plus metropolitan area. Someone with the survival skills that Nick—or Gabe, his street name—possessed could blend into almost anywhere. But something that insignificant never stopped him before.

He started to yell for Benjamin when a weight bounced on the other side of the bed, and suddenly the sheets were yanked down and off. A wiggling body sprawled on top of him, and Marcus found himself more
absorbed in the interesting way Benjamin’s hands made their way down his chest, tweaking his nipples before they roamed under his body. When Benjamin grabbed his ass and lined their cocks up…just right…he started to lose all thought except how damned lucky he was.

“Have something to tell me, love?”

Marcus grunted, loving the friction of his partner’s smooth skin against his hairy chest and belly, and the heat of their cocks rubbing together. He knew there was something important, but damned if he could remember. “What? Something? Oh, don’t you fucking stop,” he growled as Benjamin lifted his hips and slowed the delicious grind. Marcus reached for Benjamin, who rose on his haunches and sat on Marcus’s legs.

Shaking his head, Benjamin
stared down at him. Marcus’s gaze caught Benjamin’s, his eyes slitted and his breath shaky. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, baby.” Benjamin shook his head. “I don’t know, Marcus. Your doctor said to keep up the cardio, but I’m not sure this is exactly what he meant. I think maybe you should get up and we can go running. Especially if you want to split a grilled chicken sandwich with me at Chances Are. Any maybe Blake can give you an iceburg lettuce quarter with some of that low fat Italian dressing on the side. Or just a salad, what do you think?”

Marcus grabbed Benjamin’s hips and pulled him back down, snarling. “Here’s what I think. That bullet came out
of my chest four months ago. I’m fine, and so is my heart. I think”— he kissed Benjamin hard—“I’m gonna make love to my man, then”—Benjamin groaned as Marcus spread his ass, finger skimming around his entrance—“we’re gonna take a shower, and you’re gonna see how quick an old man like me can give you round two.” Slapping Benjamin’s ass hard, making him buck against him, he smiled. “Then we’re going to Chances Are, I’m gonna eat a burger and onion rings and, if you’re very, very good, you can have some chili fries with your salad. What do you think about that?”

Hands held his face in place, and Benjamin ghosted his lips across Marcus’s mouth. “I think, if you can do all that, babe, you can have two of those damned burgers. Now shut up and fuck me.” He worked his way down to Marcus’s chest, licking and sucking. “Or
are you all”—he paused to swirl his tongue around Marcus’s right nipple and bite down—“talk.”

Marcus pumped his hips and flipped Benjamin up, then onto his back.
His hand slid under the pillow, snagging the bottle of lube hidden there. He grabbed Benjamin’s legs and pushed
them to his chest, holding them in place with one hand. Flipping open the top, he squirted a stream of the clear liquid onto his cock, then tossed the bottle aside. Marcus reached down and stroked himself, capturing Benjamin’s gaze. “Better watch that mouth. I seem to remember showing you on more than one occasion…” His cock pressed up against Benjamin’s tight entrance, and Marcus smiled evilly as he leaned his weight forward, shoving in. Benjamin’s legs strained against Marcus’s hold and Marcus slid his way inside, making Benjamin take it. “…who’s the boss here.” With one final thrust of his hips, Marcus’s groin met Benjamin’s balls.

“Fuck.” Benjamin tried to push back against Marcus, twist his hips, grind up or back, but Marcus had him pinned with his hand and his groin. “Marcus, I swear to fucking God if you don’t move now, I’ll…I’ll…”

Reaching between them, Marcus grabbed Benjamin’s shaft and slowly slid down, then tightened his grip and pulled, inch by inch, up his cock then twisted his fist at the very end, right against Benjamin’s cockhead. He held it in his palm, tight. “You’ll what, baby? Beg for more? Scream my name? Come for me?”

Sobbing, Benjamin tossed his head from side to side. “I’ll tie you down and make you beg for me to fuck you, big man. Now, if you ever want to eat red meat again, move, or so help me I’ll talk to the cook at Chances
Are and you’ll have black bean burgers for the rest of your fucking life. Now.

He held Benjamin down for one more long moment, then pulled out and with a snap of his hips, slammed back into Benjamin. They both groaned, and before Benjamin could catch his breath, Marcus had pounded back into him, again and again. When Benjamin reached for his cock, Marcus batted his hand away and took him in hand, his strokes matching the rhythm he set.
“I’m close, baby. Want you to come for me.”

Benjamin arched up, wrapping one hand around the back of Marcus’s head and pulled him into a kiss. His tongue demanded entry, and Marcus opened and was surprised by the ferocity of Benjamin’s passion. His hand held him tightly against Benjamin’s mouth, and when Benjamin’s breath caught, he felt the hot streams of his load hit his chest and stomach.
That, and the sudden grip of Benjamin’s ass on his cock sent him over. Marcus’s sight went white, and he felt himself unanchored from the earth. When he came back into his body, he rolled to the side to allow Benjamin to breathe.

They both lay in the bed, panting. After a moment, Benjamin reached over and twisted his fingers around Marcus’s. “Well”
—he grinned—“that earned you onions and mushrooms.”

Marcus could
feel his heart fill, and he smiled. “Guess we better hit the shower soon then, ‘cause I’m in the mood for chili and cheese.”


It was good to get out of the condo, even if it was to allow Marcus to eat his weight in grease and beef. The man would hang out at Chances Are every day for lunch, and then at that damned barbeque place at night, if Ben didn’t keep him in line with glares. And sex.

They took a booth near the back, and Ben eyed the one that usually sat empty. It was unofficially reserved for Wick, when he deigned to visit and Ben had to hide a chuckle. The guy still spooked him, and he didn’t like turning his back on him completely, but
Marcus loved him like a brother so he left it alone. Plus, the man was just smokin’ hot with that fuck-the-world attitude, and it was fifty shades of wrong, but he was attracted to the man. Even though he knew Marcus and Wick had some kind of history, and that was kind of yucky and sexy both at the same time.

As soon as they sat, Chance worked his way over from the end of the bar and slid in beside
Marcus. After a shoulder bump, he turned to Ben. “He’s looking good. Almost back to normal now. You keeping him in line, Ben? Feeding him all that rabbit food and letting him run around on his hamster wheel?

glared at them both after elbowing Chance. Ben laughed and flipped his hand in the air at them. “Don’t even try, Chance. You know damn good and well you’ve been sneaking him those barbeque brats every Sunday for weeks. Now, he earned his burger this morning.” He shifted around in the booth, making it plain what he meant. “How about two of your burgers, medium, and rings? And my guy here, he gets chili and cheese.” He blushed at the huge grin on Marcus’s face and the knowing smile on Chance’s.

After passing the order off to
Gerry, Chance turned to Marcus. “I know Zack called you. So what do you think? Any ideas?”

“Nothing yet.
I haven’t had a chance to really move on it yet. Thought maybe the three of us could put our heads together. Benjamin’s agreed to help me out on cases until school’s out, and since he probably knows our guy better than anyone else, here we are.” Marcus pulled a small notebook out of his jeans pocket and looked over at Ben. “What?”

Ben stared at the big
doofus, shaking his head. He had no idea what was going on and who the client or missing person or whoever they were talking about was. But he knew one thing—if this was the way things were going to work for the next year, he didn’t want any part of it. And Marcus must have seen part of that on his face, because he went a little pale and started backtracking and explaining.

, Benjamin, what happened was, Zack called me to check to see if we’d heard from Nick—Gabe. I didn’t think you had, and Jeremiah was worried, so Zack asked me…us…to check and see what we could find out. And since you know him best, I thought if we all got together and talked, compared notes, maybe we could figure out what’s up.”

The silence was heavy, and it was kind of fun to watch Marcus squirm. Ben was almost ready to let him off the hook when
Zack and Jeremiah came in the bar. Chance waved them over, throwing Ben a worried look. Geez, for such a group of tough cops, those two sure were easy to fuck with. Ben scooted over to make room for J, Chance jumped up to let Zack sit and pulled up a chair to sit at the end of the booth and soon they were all settled.

Ben cleared his throat. “So, as I understand it, Gabe’s still missing and you guys want me and Marcus to look into it. Is that right?” Jeremiah nodded to him while the three older men gaped. He rolled his eyes. “Dudes, really? I may be
twenty-five, but I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Nick’s a friend, and I haven’t heard from him in a couple of months. So, where do we start?”

Marcus, as usual, took control. He opened his notepad and started taking notes. “Chance, he was supposed to mo
ve to your apartment above the bar, what, about a month ago?”

Chance leaned back and rubbed his chin, thinking back.
“Yeah. It was right during the time you guys”—he gestured to Zack and Jeremiah—“were working on that case with the priest. The last time I saw him was after the scene upstairs. He was supposed to move in, but he missed his next shift and didn’t show or come by to get the keys.”

looked over to Jeremiah. “And you didn’t hear anything from him, right, love?”

A smile played around
Jer’s mouth. Ben had to grin; the endearment slipped off Zack’s tongue freely. Ben had been pissed off with Chance and Wick a few weeks earlier when they not only implied, but came right out and treated Jeremiah like Zack and Archer’s rent boy. In all honesty, Ben had thought the same thing about the three men. Even hit Zack between the eyes with it the first time he met the man. Whether for an hour, a night, or a year, when money changed hands for sex it made a man a whore.

But now, Ben was with Marcus and unconventional as it was, Jeremiah was with Archer and
Zack. And it worked. Any fool could see the care, the love between his friend and his Dom. Doms.

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