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In a bid to wake accident victim, 10-year-old Robbie Ainsley, from his coma, Zola promised him a VIP seat in the Directors’ Box when Chelsea next played Manchester United at home. And on Saturday Robbie was there to watch his hero put Man U to the sword, and score the winning goal himself…

“It was great that Robbie was here to see us win,” said the Italian star. “It wouldn’t have been so good to wake up from his coma and come and see us lose, would it? I gave him a bit of a wave when I scored
my goal. I dedicated that goal specially to him. It’s a great day for me, for all of us at Chelsea because it’s like Robbie came back from the dead almost to be with us. That’s a whole lot more important than beating Manchester United, I think.”

Robbie’s family came along for the match as well, with the family dog, Lucky. He was knocked down in the same accident, but like Robbie he survived –

And Robbie’s comment on his great day at Chelsea? “Gianfranco and me kicked a ball about afterwards. Just him and me – and Lucky. It was cool.”

But that wasn’t the end of Robbie’s great day out. He was back in Exeter in time for the evening performance of the Panto at the Northcott Theatre to see his dad play the part of one of the ugly sisters.

Said Robbie: “He was cool, really cool.”

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