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Cuckolded at the College Reunion

Cuckolded at the College Reunion

by Victoria Kasari


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© Copyright Victoria Kasari 2014

The right of Victoria Kasari to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988


This book is entirely a work of fiction. All characters, companies, organizations, products and events in this book, other than those clearly in the public domain, are fictitious or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any real persons, living or dead, events, companies, organizations or products is purely coincidental.


Cover characters are models. Images licensed from (and copyright remains with) the photographers/owners as follows: People - Killion Group, Inc., background - Odelinde / Depositphotos.


This book contains explicit material and is for adults only. All characters portrayed are intended to be over 18 years of age, even where not explicitly stated.


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Chapter 1


I’d woken early, which meant sex.

I’d noticed recently that Kim was much hornier first thing on a morning. In the evening, we were both exhausted from our jobs; on weekends, despite not having kids yet, we never seemed to find the time. It was as if the sexual side of her had evaporated sometime in the four years since we’d been married. But for some reason, if I woke up early and propositioned her first thing, she was open to it. Eager, even.

I didn’t wake her straight away. I couldn’t help but lie there and watch as she slept, her soft golden hair in a mass of golden ringlets, spilling across the pillow. She was more beautiful than any slumbering princess in a fairy tale. Blessed with all-American good looks from her native Texas, she had the big, green eyes and long golden hair that spoke of innocence, and the full lower lip that spoke of anything but. Beneath the sheet, her full breasts formed two perfect peaks with a valley between them. I felt my cock begin to swell as I thought of her body…that gorgeous combination of firm, toned flesh and soft, golden skin. I couldn’t wait to see it.

I hesitated, though, before leaning over to kiss her awake. I could see her eyes moving behind her closed lids and her lips parted occasionally, as if she was saying something in her sleep. As I watched, her head began to toss lightly on the pillow and her breathing quickened.

She was dreaming. And, from what I could tell, it was a very specific sort of dream.

It was summer, and there was only a thin sheet on the bed. I could see the outline of her long, shapely legs and, as I watched, her thighs eased apart just a little. Were her hips grinding, or was that just my imagination. No…
God, she was actually flexing her pelvis, as if bringing it up to meet an imaginary lover. Only, in her dream, that man would be very real. I wondered who it was.

Some guys would have assumed it was them—it wouldn’t even have occurred to them that their wife would dream of someone else. But I knew how my wife had sex and this—the quick little pants, the way she was swirling her groin in tiny circles—this wasn’t it. At least, not when she had sex with

Other guys would have been horrified, or angry. And I was, in a way.
Why can’t she be like this with me,
I couldn’t help thinking. But there was another side to it, too. The idea that, inside her head, she was lying there with another man between her thighs, pumping away at her…that turned me on. I wished I could tap into her thoughts, be there as an observer as his hands crushed her breasts, as—God—as his cock split the sweet lips of her pussy apart and plunged in deep. As I watched my wife’s head toss and thrash, her closed eyes seeing someone else entirely, I got harder and harder.

And then, quite suddenly, her breathing quickened further. Two whirlpools appeared in the surface of the white sheet, and I realized she was scrunching it in her fists. Her whole body went tense…and then relaxed.

She’d come. She’d come for someone else.
someone else.

Of course, it was only a dream. That’s why it was okay that I’d gotten hard—that’s what I told myself. If it had been a real person…well, that would have been completely different. I didn’t want my wife cheating on me.

But now I was left with a raging hard-on.

I brushed her hair back from her forehead. “Kim?” I whispered. “Kim, honey?”

I saw her smile. Her eyes were still closed and I think she was still half in the dream. She mumbled something. A name? It sounded like a single syllable, but I couldn’t quite make it out. It was sure it wasn’t mine because
is two syllables.

I ran my hand down her cheek and she sleepily turned her head to press into my palm. God, it was ten years since I’d met her, during our final year at college, but I swore she didn’t look any older than when we’d graduated. Her skin was unlined and, even without make-up, she was absolutely gorgeous. “Kim,” I said again.

She slowly opened her eyes and focused on me. I saw her blink a few times as she traded the dream world for the real one and, for just an instant, I saw a flash of disappointment cross her face. It hit me right in the gut…but what had I expected, waking her from a dream? Dreams are always better than reality. It was followed almost instantly by a look of guilt and a soft blush in her cheeks.

I leaned down and kissed her. Her lips are one of my favorite things about her—it’s a long list. Soft, silken pillows that, even unpainted, just beg to be kissed. She hesitated for a moment, still groggy or maybe still guilty from her dream. But then she opened up hungrily and her tongue found mine. I kissed her for only a few seconds before I couldn’t resist any more. I broke the kiss, reached across and ripped the sheet back.

In the summer, Kim always slept topless. That morning, she had on just a pair of light blue panties. Her full breasts were moving softly as she panted, and I noticed that the nipples were still hard. The morning sun was breaking through the blinds, painting her almost-nude body with shafts of pure gold that bent and slid around to follow her curves.

I pushed off my own boxer briefs and slid one leg between her thighs, nudging them apart so that I could climb on top of her. She stared up at me as I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and drew them down her flawless thighs. The soft curls of blonde hair at her pussy gleamed in the sunlight—she kept just a small triangle of hair above her pussy, shaving the rest, and I could see that her lips were already wet. As I threw the panties over my shoulder I plunged one finger inside her. God, she was soaking—wetter than I’d ever known her.

“Wait,” said Kim, grabbing my arm. “I have to go put the cap in.”

She swung her legs out from under me and hopped off the bed, then ran for the bathroom. I rolled onto my back and lay there for a moment, stroking myself. I was used to the little interruption and, weirdly, I’d gotten to find I kind of liked it. It was a kick, knowing she was in there preparing herself, a confirmation that sex was going to happen.

She ran back in and slid under me again. I used my knees to spread her legs apart again, wedging myself between them and moved up between her thighs, positioning myself at her opening. Kim was staring up at me, her hands grabbing onto my shoulders to urge me on. I teased her lips with the head of my cock for a second and then—

Relishing the moment, I thrust into her. She gave a soft little moan as I slid in to the hilt. She was perfect around me—soft and warm and God, so wet. And she seemed tight…I mean, she’d always felt tight enough to me. I’d found a couple of dildos in her underwear drawer that were bigger than me, so I knew she could take a bigger cock, but she’d never once complained. And after all, it’s how you use it, right?

I began to thrust, taking my weight on my elbows so that I could reach her breasts with my hands. Soft and yet wonderfully firm and pert, her breasts were all-natural—pure Texas cheerleader goodness. I’ve always thought of them as
I’ve always wanted to do something filthy with them, like jack off over them, or slide my cock between them, but Kim’s not that sort of girl. She has a body built for sin, but when it comes to sex she’s actually very conservative.

But that morning, at least, she was horny as hell. She started panting into my ear, her breath hot, and her nails were soon scratching at my back. I began to pick up the pace, my hips pounding between hers.
God, if people could see me now,
I thought, elated. Fucking the head of the cheerleading squad—me, Louis Dale! My hands squeezed just a little harder in my excitement and Kim arched her back and groaned. I quickly let go—I didn’t want to hurt her. Although, weirdly, it had sounded more like a groan of pleasure than of pain.

I put my hands on either side of her head, instead, and began grinding my groin against her clit as I thrust. I was approaching my peak, now, and wanted to get her off before I came myself. But as I looked down to judge her state, I got a shock. Her eyes were tight closed and she was whispering something, far too quietly for me to make it out.

She was fantasizing…probably continuing her session with her dream lover. I was spooked enough that I slowed my thrusts a little. Dreams were one thing—she couldn’t control those—but this was sex with her husband. Shouldn’t she be thinking about

But as I watched her lips part and her tongue silently form his name, something happened to me. I began to see someone else fucking her. Some big, muscled guy, very different to me. Someone who’d really fuck her hard. And she was groaning and thrashing beneath him, writhing on a cock that was slippery with their juices….

I caught my breath. Suddenly, I was hornier than I‘d ever been. I was going to come, thinking about her fucking
My hips went faster, faster, Kim’s pussy a clutching, slippery perfection around me. I could feel the spasms as she began to come and, abruptly, she hissed one word:

And then she groaned and arched her back, thrusting her breasts up into my chest, her hips swirling beneath me. As her walls churned around my cock, I had no hope of holding back. I pushed deep into her and felt the spasms overtake me. I fired my load in long, hot shudders into her depths, filling her up.
It had never been like

I finally rolled off her and kissed her again. She grinned but, as she lay there, her eyes remained closed for another minute or so, until she’d come down from her blissful peak. She was enjoying the afterglow with him…not with me.




A half hour later, when we’d showered and dressed, I walked into the kitchen to find Kim frying eggs with one hand while she flipped bacon with the other. “I made your favorite,” she told me.

I blinked. Not that it was unusual for her to do something nice for me, but this was out of the blue.

Then our eyes connected for a second and I saw the guilt in her eyes. She knew that I knew: about the dream, the sex and the afterglow. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck. “Thank you, honey,” I told her. And then I hesitated there, my mouth hovering just above her skin. I wanted to tell her that it was okay, that I didn’t mind—as long as it stayed only a fantasy. But I could tell she was embarrassed, and how do you even start talking about that stuff? So I just kissed her a second time and sat down.

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