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Dark Prince's Desire (9 page)


A long soak in the cavern pool healed their wounds, or maybe it was the power of a loving touch.

Yelena traced her fingers in widening spirals over Raze’s smooth, unmarred skin. The fire and iron had done the dirty work, and the pool had done the rest. He’d given his athame to his brother before Kel disappeared, saying only that he needed time away.

“He had thousands of years,” Raze had fretted, watching his brother walk into the broken circle of cedars. The flawed portal might dump him anywhere.

Yelena had kissed his shoulder. “Let him be.”

Raze turned within the circle of her arms. “Then I will have to focus my power on you.”

“Do your worst. I can take it.”

They came together in the magical waters until the ammolite crystals above and below beamed with pulsing energy. Afterward Yelena found one last geas inscribed in his skin.

The symbol was simpler than most, a stylized bull’s-eye with winged edges. She pressed her fingertips over the mark on his chest

Raze laid his hand over hers. “The alchemical symbol for gold. It also means sun.”

She tilted her head. “What does this geas lock?”

“My heart.”

“And the key?

“Is yours.”

* * * * *


Although a grade-school aptitude test predicted Jessa Slade would someday become a farmer, her fate as a writer was sealed when she won a writing contest where the prize was any book she wanted. Any book! Can you imagine? Since then, her imagination has taken her into paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and award-winning science fiction romance—basically, anything with woo-woo and woo-hoo! She can be found at all the usual online haunts as Jessa Slade on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Her latest book news and newsletter mailing list are on her website at

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