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Dark Victory

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Dark Embrace

“A Perfect 10. Brenda Joyce has created a tale that is full to overflowing with emotion. Passionate, heartbreaking, hopeful, and entertaining,
Dark Embrace
is a novel you do not want to miss. I recommend it highly.”

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“Known for her intensity of emotion and superlative storytelling, Joyce draws you into a new Masters of Time
novel that will blow you away with its unforgettable alpha hero and a willful heroine who feels his pain across the centuries.”

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(Top Pick)

Dark Rival

“The supporting characters are excellent, the sex scenes are plentiful…and the plot thick, making this sophomore series entry a fine entertainment, sure to gratify fans of the bestselling kickoff.”

Publishers Weekly

Dark Seduction

“Bestselling author Joyce kicks off her Masters of Time
series with a master’s skill, instantly elevating her to the top ranks of the ever-growing list of paranormal romance authors…. Steeped in action and sensuality, populated by sexy warriors and strong women, graced with lush details and a captivating story…superlative.”

Publishers Weekly,
starred review

“Sexual tension crackles between Claire and Malcolm as he struggles with his desire for Claire and his protective duty in this sizzling, action-packed adventure.”

Library Journal

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Watch for Book Three of the Rose trilogy
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Coming August 2009


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Born 1398, Dunroch, Scotland. Six foot three, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, approximately two hundred and ten pounds.

Age: unknown, presumed dead.

Father—the Earl of Moray***. He is believed to be alive despite reports of a vanquishing. Mother—sequestered or deceased. Half-brother—Malcolm of Dunroch**. Wife—deceased 1427. Son, Ian—born 1427, presumed deceased 1436.

Current status—NA. He is believed to have taken the vows of the unnamed and clandestine Brotherhood. ***His loyalty to the Brotherhood has been compromised.***

His Mission—NA

Last seen—September 8, 2008, 26 Moore Street, NYC, 8:12 pm.

Brianna (Brie) Rose

Born: 1982 in upstate NY. Five foot five inches tall, 138 pounds, dark hair, green eyes.


Family History: Father—Frank Billings, realtor. Mother—Anna Rose, deceased.

Personal History: Status—single. Active Relationships—the sisters Tabitha and Sam Rose*, her cousins, and a best friend Alison Monroe, MIT.

Occupation: Brianna Rose* is employed at HCU in Research and Support.

Current status—Missing. Priority Level—1.

Last seen—September 8, 2008, 26 Moore Street, NYC, at 8:15 pm.

Last Updated-September 6, 2007


All historical evidence states that the Wolf of Awe was hanged by his political enemies in December, 1502. However, prior to his death his activities were extensive and there have been numerous Sightings of him, as recently as September 8, 2008 in New York City.

Note—Proceed with the assumption that the Wolf may reappear at any time, in any place, and that he has forsaken his vows.

Warning—The Wolf of Awe is unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

*CDA agent or employee ** a Master or otherwise affiliated with the Brotherhood ***evil in any form



Ms. Rose is believed to have been abducted by the Wolf of Awe and she could be anywhere, in anytime. She has had no PES training. Ms. Rose was recently hospitalised and may be suffering from extreme empathy to her abductor, making her extremely vulnerable.
It is believed she does not have the resources to survive in a past era.
Her recovery is Priority Level 1.

Tabitha Rose is a practicing witch with some powers; no criminal record. Sam Rose is a classified level 5 CDA agent. Alison Monroe is MIT (missing in time).

*CDA agent or employee **A Master or otherwise affiliated with the Brotherhood ***evil in any form

Last Updated-September 10th, 2008


Born approximately in 1190 at Blayde, Scotland. Six foot two inches tall, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair.

Age: unknown.

Father, “William the Lion”, the Baron of Blayde, deceased. Mother—Elasaid**, presumed dead, missing since 1201. Mother was a High Priestess of the Brotherhood with great healing powers.

Current status—Unknown. He is believed to have been summoned to Iona to be inducted into the unnamed and clandestine Brotherhood. His status is uncertain.

His mission—NA.

Last seen—December 9, 2008, 4:10 pm, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Tabitha (Tabby) Rose

Born 1979 in upstate NY. Five foot six inches tall, 115 pounds, blond hair, hazel eyes.


Family History: Father—James Comines, deceased. Mother—Laura Rose, deceased. Sister, Sam Rose*, b. 1981. Cousin, Brianna Rose*, MIT, presumed alive.

Personal History: Status—divorced. Active Relationships—sister Sam Rose*, her cousin, Brianna Rose* and a best friend Alison Monroe**.

Occupation: Ms. Rose teaches first grade at PS 106.

Current status—Missing In Time. Priority Level—3.

Last seen—December 9, 2008, 4:10 pm, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, NYC.


William of Blayde was murdered at Blayde in 1201 along with dozens of his kin; contemporary sources claim political motivations (a clan war). HCU investigators believe Elasaid escaped the massacre, but her whereabouts remain unknown. One daughter survived, Alison (Allie) Monroe**, currently the earl of Morvern’s wife, and a valuable Healer.

Note—It is uncertain if Guy Macleod has taken the holy vows required of the brethren and his appearance in the city remains unexplained. HCU currently believes that Macleod is bent on revenge for the massacre of his family in 1202. +He absconded from the Met with an artefact from the exhibition The Wisdom of the Celts. HCU believes there is vast power in the artefact. Also, on December 8, witnesses claim he was present at the PS 106 hostage crisis.

*CDA agent or employee **A Master or otherwise affiliated with the Brotherhood ***evil in any form +Open investigation.

Last Updated—October 1, 2008.


Tabitha Rose is a practicing witch with some powers, the extent of which is uncertain. Her sister, Sam Rose, is employed by CDA, and Brianna Rose was employed at HCU before her disappearance last year. Tabitha Rose is believed to have hidden Guy Macleod from the authorities on December 8; Macleod is believed to have been at the scene of the PS 106 hostage crisis. She has not been seen or heard from since December 9. She is believed to be alive. Witnesses at the Met claim she was abducted against her will. A second Highlander might have been present.

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