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Deeper: A Hideaway Novella










A Hideaway Novella


Also by Elyse Scott



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Text copyright © 2014 by Elyse Scott. All rights reserved.

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This is an erotic story intended for readers of 18 years and over.
It contains BDSM, very graphic medical play, spanking, anal sex, impact play,
and instances of m/m, m/f, and m/m/f, amongst other activities which may be
offensive to some readers.

This is a work of fiction. Please don’t try any of this at home
unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Keep it safe, sane, and
consensual, and do your research first – hey, research can be fun!

No part of this story may be reproduced or retrieved by any means,
electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without written permission from the

All characters and events in this story are fictional, and any
similarity to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I’d like to thank you for
purchasing this book. I hope you enjoy it! Comments and constructive feedback
are welcomed at [email protected]

















Chapter 1


His finger teased her anus, dipping in just enough to bring on a
riot of sensation, a promise of rude invasion, and an overwhelming sense of

Cady ground herself down on his erection, taking in as much of him
as she could. She was gratified by his groan, and answering thrust.

‘Jake… put your finger in. Please.’ Cady tensed, straddling the
big man’s lap. He was already fully inside her. This was the first time she’d
dared ask for anything anal, and her previous boyfriend hadn’t reacted well to
the plea. Jake, however, didn’t miss a beat.

‘Sure, sweetheart.’

Her growing slickness allowed him to slide that much further into
her body as she anticipated the new penetration.

His middle finger was cool and wet now, as he touched it to her
anus. She gasped, and he rubbed her back. ‘Shh. Nice and easy, now. Just relax.’
He slowly increased the pressure until she reflexively pushed against it, and it
slipped in. It was a shock to her system. She squeezed her eyes shut, and made
a low noise.

‘Is that a good groan, or a bad one?’ he said.

She swallowed, scrutinizing his face for any sign of judgment or
revulsion. There was none; only a slight concern, which vanished when she
smiled, and rocked back against his hand.

‘Deeper. A

He laughed, and obeyed.

It felt utterly blissful going in, and then the slow withdrawal
showed her just how much better it could get. Her moan was swallowed in his
kiss, and ten seconds later, she’d come harder than she’d known possible.

They’d both been exhausted that night, and had cuddled without
words. She said nothing about what he’d done, but thought about it a lot. At
work, staring at her computer. In meetings, trying to concentrate on hot summer
afternoons as the sun beat in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Taking the
subway home. Lying in bed with her e-reader, her hand in her panties, pretending
her fingers were Jake’s, imagining him doing to her what the Doms in her books
were doing to their subs.

Could she see him doing those things to her? She considered. Yes,
she definitely could. He was a southern gentleman who’d begun life as a
military brat. He’d spent enough of his youth in Scotland to let drop a bit of
an accent at times, and when he found out the effect it had on her, he did it
more often. He had a sense of humor that had put her at ease within minutes of
their first meeting. Still, she’d read enough about alpha males to be able to
spot one in the wild, and now she’d been with him long enough to know there was
more to him than met the eye.

Could she trust him enough? Well, they’d been going out a couple
of months, and although she had a nagging sense that he was holding something
back, she couldn’t really blame him; she’d been around the block a few times,
and had been burnt enough to be cautious. It wouldn’t be surprising if the same
went for him.

Would she like the reality of it, or would it be horribly
embarrassing? Plus, she considered herself an intelligent person, and as
feminist as the next woman, and the idea of being dominated by a man didn’t
entirely sit well with that.

Still. What she read when the lights were low was proof positive
that she responded very well indeed to the idea of being dominated, and was, in
fact, a good deal kinkier than she had ever suspected.  

It was amazing how much you could learn in just a few hours on the
internet. Between the books and the websites, Cady’s resolve to keep her kinks
and fetishes to herself had crumbled by the end of the week, and during a break
from a particularly mind-numbing meeting, she’d texted Jake.

‘Play doctor with me?
that’s not too weird?’

Always add a disclaimer, just in case. Her cheeks burned, and she
rubbed her sweaty palms on her jeans. An agonized wait followed, until his
reply came in.

‘Doctor’ as in the ones in the books by your bed?’

Excitement, embarrassment, and apprehension battled for pole
emotional position. Wow. He’d noticed the books, just as she’d hoped and feared
he would.
she texted back.

‘Don’t you mean, ‘Yes, Sir?’

She grinned.
‘Yes, Sir. That’s what I meant.’

His reply came almost immediately.
‘Then that is exactly what
you’ll get. But we need to talk first. Don’t touch yourself until we meet. See
you Friday. J xxx’

She slumped back in her seat with relief, trying not to grin as
the managers droned on. It was only Monday; by Friday she might lose her nerve.

Chapter 2


Having a mind filled with thoughts that were most definitely not
safe for work made for a very long week. Too long, in fact. After a day full of
meetings with senior editors and board members, she’d taken a long walk,
watched tv, had a bath, and finally had to resort to using her vibrator for a
little stress relief. Yes, she’d felt guilty as she pressed the huge, slick tip
inside herself, but not enough to stop. With a little luck she might even get
punished for it.  

On Thursday, Jake called just as she got to work.

‘Hey,’ she said, brightly, hoping he hadn’t changed his mind about
the next day. ‘This is a nice surprise.’

‘I’m glad,’ he said. His voice was warm, but serious. ‘Sweetie,
there’s something I need to talk to you about. Can we get together after work

Her breath caught for a second. She’d gone too far. He thought she
was a freak. ‘You know how to make a girl nervous.’

He gave a low laugh. ‘That’s not my intention. Will you be there
if I bring coffee?’

‘I’d be on the surface of Mars if I was promised coffee.’

He laughed again. ‘True enough. See you at the entrance to the
park across the road from you at six?’

‘At six. You’re sure…’

‘I’m sure. Have a good day, sweetheart. Can’t wait to see you.’

She couldn’t wait to see him either, because now her imagination
was working overtime, and she was kicking herself for ever having asked him to
play doctor in the first place.

The day passed painfully slowly, but finally she was able to
gather her things and escape. As she reached the front door, she saw him
standing there across the road, all six foot two of him. He wore a black cowboy
hat, the faded dark blue t-shirt that he lived in, his work jeans, and heavy
black shoes. In his huge paw were two coffee cups. He spotted her, grinned, and
touched his hat brim.

‘Holy mama. Save a horse, ride one of those,’ said Elliott, from

Cady gave him a wicked grin. ‘I do.’

Elliott let out a guffaw. ‘Where’d you find that one?’

‘Remember the big meteor shower back in the spring? I went to a
gathering on the beach to watch it. I was walking along, looking up at the
stars, and I literally fell over him.’

Elliott laughed. ‘You’d have thought he’d have taken evasive
maneuvers when he saw you coming.’


‘You know what I mean.’

‘He was fiddling with his telescope.’

‘Mmm,’ said Elliott, dreamily.

She gave him the elbow. ‘That’s it; no more details for you!’

Elliott frowned. ‘Wait. Is this the one with the Scottish accent?

‘Jake Turner. Yes. Well, he doesn’t have an accent all the time.
He can put it on when he wants to.’

‘He doesn’t look like he’s just come down from the highlands.’

‘Military brat.’

‘You’re being very tight-lipped about this. It’s annoying.’

She grinned. ‘I know.’

He hoisted his backpack higher on his shoulders. ‘Oh, I’ll get it
out of you, honey. I want to hear more about this star-struck, Scottish

As they went their separate ways and she waited for the light to change,
she began to wish she was anywhere but here, having to face the man to whom
she’d revealed her most embarrassing fantasy.  

At least the waiting was over. Whatever he had to say, he could
just say it, and it would be done. She took a deep breath, and crossed the

‘Hi, Jake.’

He looked worried. ‘No hug? Am I in trouble?’ he said.

‘No, of course not.’ She hesitated. ‘Am I?’

‘No.’ A slow smiled spread across his face. ‘Should you be?’

That was a good sign. She smiled. ‘Not as far as I know. So is one
of those coffees for me?’

He blinked, seeming to have forgotten that he was still clutching
the cups. He gave her a crooked grin. ‘Sorry. Here you go.’ He handed her the
life-saving liquid, and they headed into the park.

‘Shall we sit on that bench up there?’ she said, pointing to the
one by the lake.

They did.

‘Cady,’ he said, slowly.

Her heart sank. ‘Just tell me if you think I’m crazy or something,
okay? I can’t stand the strain.’

He looked utterly confused. ‘Crazy? Why?’

‘You know,’ she cast a glance around to make sure no one could
overhear. ‘What I asked you to do. Can we please forget I ever said it?’ Her cheeks
were hot as her eyes remained fixed on the distant side of the lake.

After a few moments, a huge grin spread across his face. ‘Ah,
that.’ His fingers hooked into the back of her collar, and gave her a tiny
shake. ‘Look at me,’ he said, his voice subtly different now; resonant, and
commanding in a way that went straight between her legs. When she raised her
eyes to meet his, he smiled. ‘In no way are you crazy. I love that you opened
up to me like that, and trusted me with your fantasy. There’s no need to be
embarrassed. Everybody likes to mix it up and do things for fun sometimes. I
know I do.’

‘You do?’ She wondered what he meant; so far he’d offered her no
handcuffs or naughty schoolgirl outfits.

‘Oh, yeah.’ He smiled at what must have been her expression of
profound relief.

‘The reason I wanted to talk to you is kind of related to that,’
he said. ‘You know I have two jobs.’


‘You know one of them’s at a ranch, and one of them’s at a hotel.’


He took a deep breath. ‘Have you ever heard of The Hideaway, up on
Oceanside Drive?’

She scanned her memory banks. ‘No.’

‘It’s a luxury spa hotel that caters to people who enjoy bondage,
dominance, sadism, and masochism.’ His eyes didn’t leave hers for a second
while he said it.

She blinked. ‘BDSM.’

‘You got it.’

‘Like in my books.’

He laughed. ‘I haven’t read enough of your books to say for sure,
but along those lines, yes.’

‘What do you do there?’ Her mind had already gone to about thirty
different places.

‘Well,’ he turned so that he was facing her directly, ‘I’m a
Dominant. An experienced one. They call me Master Jake. I see clients. I act as
a dungeon monitor to help keep people safe. I do some of the admin work around
the place, supervise non-professional staff, run training courses. Lots of

She bet. ‘So, while we’ve been together, you’ve been having sex

‘Clients,’ he supplied, ‘and, no, I haven’t had sex with anyone
but you since we started seeing each other.’

‘But it’s your job.’ She felt as though she’d fallen into an
alternate universe.

He looked her dead in the eye, and shook his head. ‘It’s been a
long time since I’ve seen someone that I didn’t meet through work. It’s been an
adjustment for me. When we started to be intimate, I started doing more admin
and teaching, or supporting colleagues with their scenes.’ He was watching her
closely. ‘Now it’s my turn to worry if I’ve freaked you out. I know this is
difficult. I’m so sorry not to have told you sooner, but at first I wasn’t sure
where we were going, and I didn’t want to scare you. When I saw those books in
your bedroom, and then your kinky text, well, I thought there was a chance
you’d understand, and in any case I thought it was time you knew.’

She nodded slowly, and got to her feet, fighting the impulse to
run. Beware of your wishes, indeed.

He let her walk a little before catching up to her. She thought he
might try to stop her, but instead he fell into step beside her as they circled
the lake.

‘Please tell me what you’re thinking,’ he said.

‘I’m not sure. Part of me is numb, and another part is terrified.’

He nodded.

‘What if I hadn’t shown you those books, or texted you? Would you
ever have told me? You couldn’t have kept it a secret forever.’

‘Of course, but you don’t need me to tell you that our society
doesn’t exactly make it easy to be open about sexual expression. I mean,
besides me, who knows what kinds of smutty books you like to read when you get
yourself off?’

She flushed. ‘No one.’

‘Exactly. I don’t want secrets between us. It’s what I love about
the lifestyle. It’s about being completely honest with someone about who you
are and what you want, and trusting them to accept you for what you are, and
meet those needs without judgment. That’s what people come to The Hideaway for.’

She gave him a hard look.

He didn’t flinch from her stare. ‘Would you give me a chance to
show you?’

She sped up, her heart racing. This time, he did put a strong hand
on her shoulder, and planted himself in front of her, blocking her way.

Something zinged right between her legs. For God’s sake.

There was something in his expression that suggested he knew what
had happened.

‘Cady,’ he began.

‘I have to tell you that right now, I feel more exposed and
terrified than I ever have with a man,’ she said.

‘Because I’ve told you I’m Dom?’

‘A little, yes.’

‘What is it about that that scares you? I can probably guess, but
I’d rather not put words in your mouth.’

‘Doms have a pretty scary reputation, you know. But I know you,
and I’m not scared of you; and maybe that’s what unsettles me most of all.’

‘I think maybe what’s unsettling you isn’t me, but you,’ he said.
‘Does that make sense?’

She nodded. ‘What does it say about me, that I like this stuff?
Why can’t I just like…’

‘Normal stuff?’


He smiled, and kissed her. ‘Newsflash. You’re normal. You know
yourself, and what pleases you. It means you’re creative, and you’re open and brave
enough to try things and see if you like them. You’re not willing to deny
yourself something that you might enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots
of people miss out on a lot of pleasure because they’re too afraid to ask for
what they want, or need.’

She was warming to his words, clinging to the reassurance he

‘Please don’t be terrified,’ he said. ‘Just tell me what you’re
thinking, and give me a chance to set your fears to rest.’

‘Well,’ she began slowly, ‘part of me is thinking I’m incredibly
lucky. I’m a lot kinkier than I look, Jake. And I’m open to doing a lot more
than we’ve done so far.’

‘Because of what you’ve read?’ he said, steering her to the next
bench they came to. ‘Sit down.’

She smiled, seeing his commands in a new light, and obeyed. ‘I’ve
been exposed to a lot of different things in my reading, and I’ve wondered what
they’d be like to experience in real life.’ She gave a short laugh. ‘Never in a
million years did I expect to meet a real Dom, let alone find out that my
boyfriend secretly is one. It takes a hell of a lot of trust to do some of
those things, Jake. I mean, to let someone tie you up is big. You have to trust
them to keep you safe, and not do anything that’s going to scar you for life.’

‘Exactly. And if it makes you feel any better, the recruitment
process for working at The Hideaway is incredibly rigorous. It has to be,
because you’ve got to be able to trust your staff implicitly in order to allow
them to work with private clients in situations which can be delicate both
physically and psychologically. Nobody wants anyone to get hurt, or bring down
a lawsuit that harms The Hideaway’s reputation. Everyone who works there,
including me, has been vetted within an inch of their lives, and undergoes
regular health checks. We’re trained in advanced first aid techniques, and we’re
given courses in human psychology and sexuality, plus the courses that we teach
in-house, to share best practice. Basically,’ he smiled, ‘you’d be hard-pressed
to find a saner or more competent bunch of people. It has to be that way,
because of the nature of the work we do.’  

She leaned back against the bench. ‘That’s a comfort.’

‘I have a lot of experience in helping all kinds of people get in
touch with their own sexuality, and have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be
serious, or intimidating. Some people like it that way, and that’s fine. Others
prefer a less intense scene. Like everything to do with sex, there’s a sliding
scale of how much, and what kind, of kinkiness you’re comfortable with.’

She looked at him. ‘And just how much, and what kind, of kinkiness
are you comfortable with, Jake?’

He smiled. ‘I like to keep an open mind.’ He paused a moment. ‘I’m
also a sadist. Do you know what that means?’

Her mouth fell open. ‘You… enjoy hurting people?’

He shifted, seeming to be searching for the right words. ‘Yes, but
let me qualify that by saying, I enjoy hurting people who want to be hurt. It’s
all about the exchange of power, and the submissive is always the one with
ultimate power. As their Dom, I’ll give them what they want, or need, within
the parameters that we’ve agreed. Pain has a profound psychological effect on
both the giver and the receiver which I find fascinating and liberating. It can
produce incredible pleasure and release. If I’m going to push someone’s
boundaries, I’ll tell them in advance, and they always have the option to pause
or stop the scene.’

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