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Copyright © 2011 by Mallory West
Published by CamoGal Publishing.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
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Due to strong language, and sexual situations, this book is not suitable for readers under the age of 18


Two young, beautiful, California women set off to enjoy their much-needed vacation in the Florida Keys. By chance, they meet up with wealthy, James Welborn. The intriguing older man was well known about town for his elaborate parties aboard his yacht,

The girls take a chance to join James and his special friends, for an ‘exclusive party’ aboard
, but they had no clue what they were in for. They soon find themselves swirling in the decadent world of BDSM; intense torturous pleasures, kidnapping, and piracy upon the high seas!  

When someone discovers they have a proclivity for the unusual; it’s not that they are deviant, they just have a deeper, more primitive sexual need. Lucky are those who meet a partner who shares similar pleasures.

Pam's body betrayed her during the many unforeseen torments that occurred; awakening her to a l
ife changed forever.  




Thank God it’s Friday
sighed Pam Malone as she turned the wheel of her Honda sedan, slipping easily into the parking space. Today was going to be fun. She worked at a major brewing company as a sales rep, and modeled as one of the ‘Four Ace’s Light Girls’ when she was needed at special media events. It was quite the perfect job for her, as she was a beautiful, charming, and gregarious young woman.

Because of the hard work she and her co-workers had accomplished throughout the year, her boss was holding a unique raffle this afternoon as a reward for his staff. A vacation for two was hopefully within reach. She had purchased five raffle tickets hoping to up her odds of winning. She would love to win a vacation and get out of town for a while.

Pam pulled the rearview mirror over to check her lipstick and eye makeup. She licked her full pink lips and touched her right eyebrow briefly. Big blue eyes stared back at her; she looked fine as always. She gave a last fluff to her curly, shoulder-length blonde hair. Just as she opened the car door and stepped out, another car pulled up a few spaces away from her.

It was Barbie Saldana, her best friend who was also in sales and a model when needed. Barbie shut off her engine and waved at Pam, who stood still and watched as Barbie exited the car and came walking over to her. Her lush dark hair was pulled into a sexy side ponytail and her big brown eyes were wide with excitement.

Do you think we’ll win the contest?” she asked excitedly, grabbing Pam’s arm as they turned to walk briskly into the office. “I hardly slept last night thinking of what I would do on a cruise or flying off to a foreign country.” She was literally bouncing as she stepped along with Pam.

I don't think Bob would be spending
much money on a trip for two. But who knows? It might be you, it might be me. Nevertheless, we did make that pact if it was one of us we would take the other. You won’t back out on that will you?” asked Pam grinning from ear to ear, her eyes sparkling. She knew there was no way either of them would leave the other behind…they’d been the best of friends for the last five years.


* * *


Bob Tremont was Sales Director and owner of Four Ace’s Brewing Company. He was about to retire in a few months. A good-looking, physically fit man in his mid sixties; he had always enjoyed the beer industry and was extremely successful in his career. The special beer promotions at sporting events and sports bars were always entertaining. And he had several wonderful employees who helped make their division in southern California a huge success. His company supplied many distributors throughout California and all the way to Texas.

Before retiring, he wanted to do something truly special for a couple of his staff. What better than a raffle? He was not telling anyone what the prize would be; just that it would be a vacation they would never forget.

All right, Pete,” Bob said to one of his top sales managers. “Tell everyone to meet in the lunch room at two o’clock sharp. If anyone is out in the field, they will need to get back here pronto.”

Sure thing,” Pete replied with a brief nod. He was hopeful it would be him. He had just gotten married a couple of months ago and this would be a great overdue honeymoon.


* * *


It was two in the afternoon and the lunchroom was nearly filled with anxious men and women of various ages, softly chattering with shared excitement amongst themselves.

Bob asked for quiet and ran his hand swiftly through his short gray hair. He nodded curtly at his employees, and then began his opening speech regarding why he was having this raffle and how much he enjoyed working with everyone. His heart-felt speech drew soft rounds of
applause. Bob reached over to a table behind him and picked up an old straw cowboy hat filled with blue tickets.

Okay, I’m going to draw, and keep on drawing until two winning numbers are picked. At that time, you and a guest of your choice will be off on a new adventure for seven fun-filled days. Good luck!”

Bob picked up the first ticket and shouted out the numbers. No one jumped for joy. All eyes were locked on Bob. He picked up a second ticket. Nothing. Picked up a third.

!" hollered Michael Bowden, one of the newer salesmen, “Yes…I
!” Everyone clapped energetically and whooped. “All right!” Michael yelped excitedly with a furious fist pump.

Bob picked up a fourth ticket. Nothing. He picked up the fifth ticket and read out the numbers.

It’s me…it’s me!” Barbie shrieked in high octave while hopping up and down as she hugged Pam tightly. “I can’t believe it!” Everybody in the room whooped enthusiastically once again, applauded, and congratulated her. They all liked Barbie and were quite happy for her.

I’m taking Pam…we’d made a pact.” She was excited and her nervous hands fluttered over her face. “Where are we going?”

Bob laughed. “I guess that would be the next question. All right…Michael, you and a guest will be flying off to Hawaii. Maui.” Whoops, claps and hollers briefly deafened their ears. Bob held up his hand for silence. “Next, Barbie and Pam will be flying out to the sunny Florida Keys.”

What?” Barbie and Pam screeched loudly in sync as they hugged and jumped up and down in place. The guys stared at the two sexy women in a tight clinch, hoping they would kiss, but knowing that was never going to happen.

After everyone calmed down and split for their own offices, or back out into the field, the winners gathered together to discuss their luck at winning.

I was thinking of asking you to go with me if I won,” Michael said to Pam with a sly look in his eye. “But I see that was only in my dreams,” he laughed. “You two will have a blast. Maybe I’ll ask Anna.”

If you take our receptionist I will kill you,” teased Pam. Michael was an incredibly hot looking guy. Pam had dated him twice and fucked him once. That was enough…nice guy, but not so hot in the sack.

She’s all mine!” Barbie hugged her friend tightly. “We’re gonna hit all the bars in the Keys. Whooo hoooo! I can’t wait.”

Michael smiled and gave them both a quick hug. “Well, I know you two will be wild women for sure. I’m really going to ask my best friend, Jack, to go with me. We’ll have a great time picking up women on the beach and hanging out at the bars. Never been there, so it’ll be quite an adventure.”


* * *


Later that evening, Barbie and Pam sat at the bar at their regular hangout, Crush 27; an upscale restaurant with a softly lit, smoky mirrored bar area, and sensual ambiance. Usually they had good luck in meeting men there and had actually ended up dating a few. But love seemed to elude the two women. Maybe they were just fussy, or maybe they just hadn’t yet found a truly honest man.

All men seemed to be ‘out for pussy’, and Barbie and Pam, being in their late twenties, were looking for more than that…like substance and stability. However, hot sex for the both of them was on still the agenda as always. They were both definitely trying to find that balance.

So by next weekend we will be in the Keys. I can’t wait…I’m starting to pack this weekend,” said Pam and took a sip of her dirty martini.

I’m so excited I won’t sleep all week,” Barbie replied. She scanned the sparsely populated lounge. It was still early; businessmen were just leaving their offices.

I’ll be living in my bikini and sundresses and I want to get laid!” Pam declared lifting her glass to toast to her friend. “To getting lots of hot sex!”

Absolutely!” Barbie

s glass clinked to Pam’s just as she caught sight of a cute guy strolling into the bar out of the corner of her eye.

* * *



The flight was long and tiring, but the girls had their iPads in airplane mode so they could play games or read, in conjunction with trying to catch some much-needed sleep. They landed in Key West around noon, caught a cab to The Santa Marina Suites Resort, and checked in. Luckily, it was near the beach.

Talking and flirting with the handsome young desk clerk, they found out the nearest dance clubs were over on Duval Street. They could either walk or take a short cab ride and enjoy that very night! They found a nearby restaurant and had a good lunch, then walked through a few of the shops, checking out the beach clothing. They were so excited to be in the Keys.

Around seven in the evening, the young women took turns showering and got dressed up. Barbie wore a shimmering red dress that skimmed the tops of her firm deeply tanned thighs, and clung notably to her shapely figure. Tall, black platform heels completed the look. Pam wore a similar short dress in black with an extremely low cut top, making her large tits seemingly burst into action whenever she moved. They decided to hail a cab on their quest to check out the nightlife.

Their first stop was the Bourbon Bar, which surprised them with a drag show. After one drink, they moseyed on down the street to the Garden of Eden, with lots of naked elderly men. They stayed for one drink and good-naturedly let the men ogle and try to pick them up. Moving on.…

Next stop was Virgilio’s which was quite nice. The martinis were excellent. At this moment, the girls were feeling no pain.

I’m getting pretty horny, Barb…what’s say we start serious looking?” The band playing was first-rate. A strong bass that brought out the sexual beat caused Pam’s pussy to commence a slight throb. A few couples had started some slow dirty dancing. There were several single men of various ages at the bar; a pair of them looking in their direction.

Barbie agreed. “But first let’s get some food…too much alcohol.”

Neither one noticed the older gentleman in the corner of the bar watching them intently.

* * *


After Barbie gave the server their order for a couple of filling appetizers, a good-looking, Latin man slid into the empty seat at their table. “Can I get you a refill?” he indicated by pointing at Pam’s half-empty drink.

Sure, why not?”

s cute
, Pam thought, checking out the well-built young man with a slight Cuban accent.

Are you ladies tourists?” he inquired.

Yes, we are. From California…out for adventure,” Barbie said finishing off her martini.

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