Devils Outlaws (Motorcycle Club Romance)

Devils Outlaws


By Alicia Devine






For the first time in her life, Jennifer was nervous. She was normally confident, cool, collected. But she’d never been in this much danger before. She couldn’t believe she found herself here, in the basement of the biggest biker gang in the state.


Would he torture her? Kill her? Beat her up? She had no idea what to expect, but she figured he probably wouldn’t just let her waltz out of there by herself. No, she was going to pay for what she’d done, she knew that much.


Jennifer had always been a bit of a snoop. Even when she was younger, she always tried to follow people around, see what they were up to. When she got a little older, it turned to more than just following around.


If she saw a hot guy on the street or somewhere, she had to follow him until she saw what he looked like with his shirt off. Until now, she had been pretty good about not getting caught. It was just bad luck that the next guy she followed happened to be the second in command of Devils Outlaws MC.


She cursed herself as she remembered getting caught, not even two hours ago. How could she have been so stupid? It should have been simple. She’d done it a thousand times before. But this guy was a lot smarter than she thought.


Jennifer had been visiting town that morning to pick some stuff up for her sister. She’d run into this guy on her way out of the store. He had the biggest muscles she’d ever seen, rippling as he walked past her. His eyes were pools of green and the tattoos running along his arms and legs just made him more appealing.


As soon as she saw him, Jennifer knew she had to see under his shirt. Maybe she’d even have time to watch him take his pants off? She found a bench across the street and waited for him to leave the store, eager. She couldn’t help herself.


When he left the store and got onto his bike, that should have been reason number one not to follow him. But Jennifer hadn’t been thinking straight. She hopped into her car and followed him all the way to a neighborhood she’d never been to before. Reason number two. It also happened to be right in the middle of the desert. Reason number 3.


But by then it was too late. She’d come too far just to let him go. She parked her car on the side of the road and followed closely behind him as he walked into a big house at the end of the street.


Jennifer circled around, looking for a window to peek through. Unfortunately there were curtains covering all of them. She’d have to sneak inside. She checked the door to see if it was unlocked. It swung open silently and she stepped through. So far, so good.


She quietly stole through the house, hoping he wouldn’t hear her. She peeked through every door hoping to find him. Clearly she wasn’t thinking straight, but she couldn’t resist. She
to find him.


After she checked what seemed like every door in the house, she finally found him in a bathroom. Oh this was perfect. The mirror was at the perfect angle so that he wouldn’t see her. Plus, he was just starting to get undressed so she hadn’t missed anything.


He started with his shirt, lifting it above his head and off easily. She salivated as she looked at his perfect, broad chest. Muscles lined his torso, racing across his arms and down his chest. He had an amazing six pack that made her want to reach down and start playing with herself. And that was before he took his pants off.


Jennifer felt herself get wet as he removed his pants slowly, examining himself in the mirror. His legs were perfectly sculpted with muscles lining them as much as his arms. But what drew her attention was his fat, thick cock.


Even soft, it made her wet. She imagined how it would feel like to get fucked by that thing. She closed her eyes and moved her fingers underneath her panties and started playing with herself, right there in his house. She gave a little moan as she rubbed more furiously, praying she might one day be able to fuck a cock that huge.


In her pleasure, she didn’t notice that he’d heard her moan. She felt a warm, firm hand jerk her up to her feet, jolting her from her fantasy.


“And just what do you think you’re doing here?” growled the man in a deep, sexy voice. Even though she’d just been caught, Jennifer couldn’t help but feel soothed by that voice. It almost felt hypnotic.


“Uh…” she couldn’t think of anything to say that would make sense.


“Nothing to say, huh? You know you’re trespassing in my house, right?”


“Yes,” she squeaked, her heart pounding now.


“Were you spying on me?” he asked, glancing down at her soaking wet panties.


“Um, n-no,” she said, her eyes telling him the truth.


Jennifer couldn’t help herself. Her eyes traveled down his body and to his cock again, now just a little bit harder. Was she imagining that it was harder? She couldn’t be sure.


“Do you know who I am?” he demanded.


“N-no,” she murmured, eyes on his cock.


“I’m Rick Thompson, one of the founders of Devils Outlaws MC. Do you know who we are?”




He shook his head.


“No, you don’t,” he agreed. “But you will. Little sluts like you need to be taught a lesson every now and then. I think I should be the one to teach it to you,” he said, a wicked grin spreading across his face.


Without warning he picked her up and carried her to another room she hadn’t noticed before, in the very back of the house. Jennifer tried to fight but he was too strong. He tied her up to a chair and left her there.


Now, two hours later, she still couldn’t get free. He hadn’t tied the rope tight enough to where it hurt, but he sure as hell made sure she wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. Try as she might she couldn’t get free.


Jennifer felt herself doze off after a while, hoping her sister had contacted the authorities or something. But Jennifer was known for disappearing for days at a time with a guy or something, so her sister would assume that nothing was wrong.


She woke to a familiar, warm hand shaking her awake. She blinked a few times and saw him there, the man who’d caught her.


“So, my little slut. Anything to say for yourself?”


“I-I thought you were hot,” she blurted out, blushing.


He grinned.


“It’s a good thing you’re cute, or you’d be in some serious trouble. Still, I can’t let you off the hook that easily. A little slut like you needs to learn a lesson every once in a while.”


She felt her heart pound in her chest, excited. Now, she’d finally find out what he planned on doing with her. He cut the rope and she stood up, stretching.


“What now?” she asked, a look of innocence on her face.


“Now we fuck,” he said, removing his clothes in less than a second.


Jennifer felt her pussy throb as he grabbed her arms with his thick, muscular arms. He ran his tongue gently across her face, tasting her for the first time as she shuddered with pleasure.


She raised her hands in surrender. He growled with pleasure and tore her shirt off with a quick movement, exposing her large, voluptuous breasts. She shuddered as he ran his hot tongue across them, making her nipples harden.


His hot breath on her bare tits made her pussy ache with want. She glimpsed his cock and her mouth began to water. She bent down as he leaned back, inviting her to suck him. Jennifer didn’t quite know what to do, since she had never sucked a cock before, but it couldn’t be too hard.


She knew what to do. She grasped him in both hands, his warm, thick cock throbbing to her touch. She slid the tip of her tongue up and down his long shaft, enjoying the taste of his huge cock. She swirled her tongue around his head and she felt him shiver with pleasure. Jennifer smiled to herself. She was really starting to enjoy this.


She wrapped her lips around his head, sucking on him ever so gently. She started with just the head, teasing him, making him want her. It worked. He couldn’t take it any longer as he grasped her head with a strong hand and gently moved her head onto him. She giggled as she filled her mouth with his cock.


It was so big, she couldn’t fit it in all the way, but she sure tried. She took him all the way to the back of her throat and held him there for a second, before drawing back and taking him again. He let out a low growl of pleasure as she repeated.


She ran her lips down his shaft as he growled, gently moving her hair behind her head. She felt each and every vein against her tongue as she sucked, enjoying the feel of the extra thickness.


Her pussy throbbed as her head moved up and down on his cock, sucking him harder and harder. She felt his cock throb in her throat as she sucked, knowing he loved this. She didn’t want him to cum yet, but she figured as a huge, burly biker he’d still be able to fuck her pretty good.


A smile spread over her face as she sucked and thought about what she was doing. She was sucking a fucking biker’s cock. If someone had told her yesterday she’d have a giant eight inch schlong halfway down her throat, she would have laughed her ass off.


Jennifer’s pussy was sopping wet as she sucked, yearning for a cock to fill it. She sucked him with one hand and slowly removed her underwear with the other. She let her fingers of her hand slide up her slick leg as she began to play with herself.


Her lips swelled around his cock as she sucked with renewed vigor, leaving trails of saliva snaking down his massive cock. She spread her pussy open and rubbed herself, aching for him to fill her more than ever.


The man noticed his lover’s pants were now off and grinned with relish. He pulled her up and attacked her bare body, lowering her to the soft carpet. His tongue snaked around her breasts once more, making her shiver with pleasure. The warm, hot tongue slowly moved down her chest right onto her clit.


Jennifer let out a small shriek of pleasure. He was unmerciful, swirling his tongue around her most sensitive spot as she had done to him. He spread her lips open with his tongue as it darted in and out of her sopping wet hole, filling her.


Jennifer was almost blind with pleasure. She bucked as his tongue attacked her folds, sending fiery bolts of electrical pleasure up and down her body, right to her core. She grasped the carpet as he pleasured her, hitting her clit again and again. She could feel her orgasm begin to build slowly.


She couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure she was feeling at this moment. Nothing she’d ever experienced before had ever been this incredible. There must have been something different about being him that made him able to pleasure her so intensely with his tongue; surely no regular human could do this.


Jennifer gave a moan of pleasure as his tongue plunged in and out of her, filling her wet hole. She quickly felt her orgasm rise to the surface with each pass of his tongue, grabbing his huge, tanned arms for support. She came quicker than she expected, every drop of her cum splashing into his mouth as he took it all.


Jennifer reached out once more, grasping his cock as he licked her, aching to pleasure him again. But he had other ideas. He sat up straight, massive cock dangling right in front of her warm hole.


“Please… fuck me…” she moaned, wanting nothing more than for him to fill her.


The biker grinned. He took her by the hand and moved it onto his cock once more. Together, they slowly guided it into her pussy. It was a good thing Jennifer was already on the floor because she would have collapsed otherwise.


It happened so suddenly, Jennifer didn’t know what happened until she felt a massive wave of pleasure wash through her. She felt a small amount of pain as he slowly entered her, but as he filled her more and more, the pain was replaced with pure pleasure.


But Rick was impatient. Her mind was washed of all thought as he began to pull in and out of her. His fullness felt fucking perfect in her slick pussy as he stretched her to the max, making another orgasm quickly begin to rise to the surface.

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