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by Norma Jeanne




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Edited by Matt Nicholson

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This work contains graphic language and
sexual depictions of sometimes extreme consensual and
semi-consensual female bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended
for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under
eighteen years of age. This book is a work of fiction. Names,
characters places and incidents are products of the authors’
imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual
events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely
coincidental. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce
or redistribute this book or portions thereof in any form
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Oh, shit
, I thought as I turned to
pull into the driveway.
God, why did he have to come home early
from his trip…again?
The garage door was up, his banana yellow
Camaro parked inside. He’d left the garage door open for me.

I knew better than to go shopping with Rita.
I told him that Rita had asked me to go with her, but he had told
me he didn’t want me going. But Rita convinced me he would never
know. I should have known better. I’d gotten into trouble before by
listening to her. But she hadn’t held a gun to my head though. I’m
the one with the Master’s degree, and I’m the one that did it.

I wanted to stay in the garage for a while
and try to think, but I knew he’d have heard my car.
What am I
going to tell him?
I couldn’t say I had an emergency partner’s
meeting at the firm. I wasn’t dressed the part. Besides, the last
time I tried that one it didn’t work out so well.
God, let me

But there really was nothing to think about.
After agreeing to be his slave, I’d given into the part
wholeheartedly. I may have been a high-priced corporate attorney by
day, but by night—and by weekends, days off and vacation—he owned
me. He’d had two years to learn how to read me like a book.

If I lied to him he’d know it, and that would
make it that much worse. Bracing myself to face him, I used the
remote to close the garage door and got out of the car. The longer
he had to wait for me, the worse my punishment would be.

I went into the house and into the family
room. He was sitting there reading
Sports Illustrated.

“Hello Master, you’re home early. It’s good
to see you.” I did my best to smile at him, but I was sure he could
see that both my words and my smile were forced.

“Hello, Jessie. Yeah, I got done a day early
and thought I’d come home early and surprise you by taking you to
an early dinner and to that movie you wanted to go see.”

He was being too sweet. I knew it wouldn’t
last, but I couldn’t call him on it. “That was very thoughtful of
you, Master, thank you.”

“Now that you’re home, don’t you think you
need to put your collar on?”

“Yes, Sir, I’ll do that right now.”

I went to my room, picked up my black leather
collar and fastened it around my neck. Then I took it back off and
picked up the gold one, the one he had given me on our first
Maybe seeing this will give him warm

He hadn't asked me where I’d been, and I
hoped he wasn’t going to, but I really didn’t think I’d be so
lucky. I put the collar around my neck and tried to fasten it. My
hands were trembling. Finally I got it fastened, looked in the
mirror quickly, re-tucked my t-shirt into my jeans, and put on a
little of his favorite perfume.

When I went back to the family room, he was
still sitting in his chair. I knelt next to it, assuming my
submissive position. He kept reading his magazine for about twenty
minutes, all the while absently stroking my long, auburn hair. Even
so, thoughts of how he might plan to punish me kept running through
my mind.

Finally, he smiled at me. “I thought we’d go
to the Twin Dragon and have Chinese tonight. Sound good to

Still hoping he might be feeling generous, I
smiled back. “Yes, Master, it sounds wonderful. I’d love some
Mongolian Beef and Cashew Chicken.”

“Mm, that sounds good to me, too. You ready
to go?”

“Yes Sir. JustYes Sir, just let me go take
off my collar and freshen up a bit.”

“No, wear it.”

Wear it? Wear my collar out?
never done that before. At first glance, most people would just
think it was just a heavy gold choker necklace of some kind, but if
anyone really looked at it, they might suspect what it really was.
The lifestyle had changed since
Fifty Shades
. A lot of our
secrets were out. Maybe he felt by wearing the collar out it would
be punishment enough. If so, I could live with that.

I went back to my room and freshened my
make-up, taking care to make sure I looked my best in hopes of
distracting him. As we drove to the restaurant, we chatted
normally. He talked about work and about how the trip had gone.
Everything seemed fine, and my tension began to ease. As always, he
ordered my dinner for me, and everything was wonderfully pleasant.
Then, right in the middle of dinner, he hit me with the

“So, where were you today, Jessie? I was
disappointed when I got home and found you weren’t there.”

I dropped my eyes to my plate. “Uh…I went
shopping, Master.”
There, it's out. No lies.

“Oh? I didn‘t see any packages when you got

“I didn’t buy anything.”
I didn’t want you
to know I was out.

“You went with Rita?”

“Yes, Master.” I was still staring at my

“I see. That was what I thought. This isn’t
the first time you’ve outright disobeyed me with Rita, Jessie. I
am not
pleased. I hope it will be the last.”

The way he said, “I am not” made me wince.
“Yes, Sir.”

I kept examining the remains of my Mongolian
beef, but I knew he was looking at me. I could feel his eyes
burning right through me. He didn’t like Rita at all. He felt she
was an uppity slave and that her Master let her do anything she
wanted. He’d told me before that she was a bad influence.

“I’m sorry, Master.” My voice was barely a

After a few moments, he said, “Well, I hope
you had a good time.”

I wasn't sure how to answer, so I decided to
stick with the truth. “Yes, sir, I did.”

He said nothing else, eating his meal in
silence. I had lost my appetite and just pushed a cashew around on
my plate.

After finishing off his broccoli, he glanced
at me. “I think we’ll skip the movie and just go somewhere else
later this evening.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You don’t seem to be eating much.”

“I guess I’m not very hungry.”

“Eat your dinner, Jessie. You’ll need your

I felt my pulse quicken. If he hadn’t said we
were going somewhere else, I would have been certain he meant he
planned on punishing me when we got home. A few minutes later, we
finished our dinner and went to the car. As we drove, mMy Master
talked to me like he always did, giving me hope that the situation
was over. But we went straight back home, leading me to believe he
had changed his mind about going out. Usually my punishment came
quickly. This roller coaster of not knowing was unusual, and

I was ready to get it over with, to get naked
and go downstairs, to the dungeon, where I fully expected—and
deserved—a belting. He reserved whipping strictly for punishment,
so I’d know without a doubt I had disobeyed him. Sometimes he would
go easy, if what I’d done was minor. Most of the time, he would
leave my bottom in welts for days, or weeks.

The first time he’d taken the belt to my
pussy and breasts was after he had caught me with my breasts tied
and clamped. I’d been so involved in the vibrator I hadn’t heard
him come in early, yet again, from a trip.
If you want them to
hurt, then I can hurt them.

I had to find creative ways of hiding the
braless look for a week, and I had to stay in concealing tops for
another week after that. Had I been in a cubical cubicle instead of
a corner office, it would have been difficult at best,. nNot that
sitting on my bruised bottom all that time wasn’t difficult.

But, punishment or not, I can always tell he
enjoys it because of the way he takes me afterward—rough,
wonderfully rough, using me just to slake the need that had built
watching all my best parts bounce and shift as he delivered lash
after lash.

It’s obvious that it is his favorite way to
torment me. But he is a good Master, probably one of the best. He
truly loves me, he follows the contract, and he never makes up
reasons to punish me that way—no matter how much he enjoys it.

Tonight, however, he didn’t need to make up
reasons. He had every right, and I was sure this was going to be a
breast and pussy night. He hated Rita. I started gearing myself up
for it, remembering all the benefits that offset the pain.

But he didn’t mention it at all. Instead, he
went into the den and made a short phone call then came into the
family room and turned on the TV to watch the news. It was Friday
night, and it was still early, so there was still a lot of time
left in the evening for him to take me downstairs for

I picked up the book I was reading,

, by Stephen King. I liked
the book, but found I couldn’t concentrate on it. I read the same
paragraph over and over and still didn’t know what it said. I
couldn’t get the idea that he was planning something out of my

“It’s about time to go, Jessie.”

As wrapped up as I was in my thoughts, I
jumped when he spoke. I thought he had changed his mind about going
out, and I was sitting there waiting for him to tell me to go
downstairs. We were going out after all.

“Where are we going, Master? What should I

“Nothing,” he replied.

I was certain I’d misheard him.

“Nothing but your black collar.”

Nothing but my black collar? He’s taking
me out naked?
I couldn’t believe it. He had never taken me out
naked before. I’d gotten undressed at other places, but never
leaving the house that way.

“Are you serious? I’m supposed to go with no
clothes on?” I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t as if I was a housewife,
like Rita. I knew people.

His eyes met mine. They were as hard as
steel, flashing anger at my response. He was dead serious, and he
was still within his rights.
God, naked!

I went to my room and took off my clothes and
the gold collar, as much good as it had done. I just sat on the
edge of the bed with the black collar in my hands. If I had any
idea he would do this, I would never have disobeyed. I had to
admit, a part of me enjoyed the occasional punishment—it was
probably a subconscious part of the reason I went out to begin
with—but this, this humiliation, came out of left field.
He is taking me out naked!

“Jessie, get down here!”

I jumped up, hastily put the collar around my
neck, and ran to the family room. I felt my breasts bouncing and my
bottom jiggling the entire way. My pussy felt way too bare. It
wasn’t as if I was concerned about my looks. I was always
comfortable with my body. My Master had seen to that. The only time
I thought twice about things was when he was punishing or playing
with them. But the knowledge that I was going to be in public this
way made everything seem exposed.

He was standing there waiting for me, my
leash in hand. Without a word, he snapped the leash on the collar
and led me into the garage.

“We’ll take the Lexus tonight.”

Normally, I love going out in the Lexus, but
tonight I didn’t want to go in it, or in anything.
Naked! God!
He is taking me out, and I’m stark naked!
It was all I could
think of. At least it’s dark, maybe no one will see. Then reality
made me paranoid.
What if we get in a wreck, or he gets pulled
over?. What if we get stuck next to a truck at a stop
Obviously, he didn’t care.

We left and headed north over the viaduct. I
wanted to ask him where we were going, but was afraid to. It was
likely one of the parks we’d visited and sometimes played in.
Finally, my curiosity got the better of me.

“Master? Where are we going?”

“The Club.”

A club? He’d never taken me anywhere
public before. “What club?”

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