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Authors: Gia Blue

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Doing the White Boy

Doing the White Boy

Gia Blue

June 2012

Published by Summerhouse Publishing.
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Chapter One


Gay men must have the best orgasms. At
least, that’s what I figure, from reading about the infamous P-spot
in a guy’s ass. And hey, gay guys get dicks shoved up there all the
time, and they love the feeling, right?

I want it.

I just need to find a way.

My search has brought me to
Darcy’s Debauchery Emporium, and having such an off-the-wall name,
it’s hard for me to believe that this place does any business.
embarrassed to go inside.

Except I do. ‘Cause I’m a man with a

But I’m totally not gay.


I love tits and pussy, and the feel of
a woman’s curves. For me, the more the better, actually.

So, yeah…why am I here

The bell on the door jingles when I
tug it open; I’m immediately greeted by the soft sounds of jazz
playing through overhead speakers. That, and more shocking pink and
slut-red colors than I’ve ever seen in one place.

Now normally, I’d get all hot and
bothered if I happened to be in the presence of a woman wearing
these revealing outfits made of silk and lace, but hanging from a
rack, eh, not so much.

Now, I could be a complete pussy and
creep around the store to hunt up the dildo that’ll be my
introduction to my very first butt sex…or as I’ve heard other refer
to it, as buttsecks.

The thing is…I’m not a pussy. So,
standing tall and proud I stride toward the back, right up to the
mocha-hued woman working behind the counter. She’s hot, and gifted
with really big tits. And her outfit reveals just enough of her
cleavage to make me want to bury my face between her breasts and
taste every inch of her smooth, chocolaty skin. To see if she
tastes as good as she looks. I’m betting she does.

She straightens as I
approach, displaying more of her curves to me—her tapered waist and
the stunning flare of her hips.
I so want to ask her out—see if
I can tempt her into doing something more… I mean, other than
selling me a sex toy.

I glance at her nametag and smile,
earning one in return. “Hi, Evy…Davis. I’m hoping you can help

Up close, the woman’s even hotter than
I’d originally thought. Her lips are a juicy, berry red, and her
eyes are a pale brown, like summer wheat.

Wow, look at me being all poetic and

Absolutely. What’re you
looking for today? We’ve got sales throughout the store on
clothing, shoes, massagers, and um…penetrative aids.”

I can’t hold back, not even if I
wanted to. I burst into laughter, snort, and then finally cool my
fit with a manly cough. Pounding the center of my chest with the
top of my fist, I confirm, “Ahem. Penetrative aids?”

Her face remains a pleasant mask, the
professional demeanor of a model employee firmly intact as she nods
at me. “Yes, sir.”

Her cool attitude makes me want to
ruffle her up a little, break through that work façade of hers.
Catch her off-guard and see if she blushes. All over.

Okay, then. I guess I do
need assistance…with penetrative aids.”

Her smile turns into a smirk as she
moves from behind the counter. “Right this way, sir.”

Sir. Huh. God, she keeps calling me
that and she can’t be more than a year or two younger than me, my
best guess putting her at twenty-three, or twenty-four. That formal
term is making me feel kinda old.

I follow her through the store, with
my focus locked on to the swaying of her hips and the curves of her
large ass. An ass I’d love to sink right into, slide my cock
between those luscious cheeks of hers. Show her what this white-boy
can do, like give it to her nice and hard while I spank her butt,
have her screaming my name until she comes.

Fuck me if my dick doesn’t just twitch
in my jeans, going half hard almost instantly. I reach down to
shift “Billy and the Boys,” in order to get more comfortable. Add
in the fact that I’m here to get my ass fucking on, and my cock is
throbbing by the time I catch up to Evy in the “penetrative aids”

Here we are.” She reaches
forward and snags a nice and thick seven-incher with her hand—a
bright, glaring, purple dildo. “This one here is a Purple Yurple.
Quite popular with the customers, both men and women. It’s also on
sale for…”

She keeps talking, but all I can do is
imagine that monster in my virgin ass, causing my hole to pucker
and tighten involuntarily. “Um…got anything smaller?” I hate the
fear in my voice, but dude, the thing’s freaking huge. It makes me
wonder how I ever managed to convince my ex-girlfriends to try
anal. A shudder wracks my body, but I don’t think that Evy

Absolutely. I don’t mean
to pry, but if you can tell me who you’re buying this for, and its
intention, I may be able to help you narrow your

She glances at me over her shoulder
while I follow her farther down the aisle, and for the first time
since I began this expedition—Operation P-spot—an unexpected blush
burns my cheeks. Damn it. Throat suddenly dry, I swallow hard and
lick my lips as I come to grips that I may have to go balls-out and
come clean to the salesperson, like before I really hurt myself
with something that’ll tear my ass apart. The last thing I need is
for this to go horribly wrong because I was too much of a pussy to
ask her questions.

Uh, it’s for me.
I’m…um…exploring anal sex. Right. And finding my P…spot. So, yeah,
that’s what it’s for.”

Dude, I’m such a girl.

So something a little
smaller. Not a problem.” Her smile seems to have lost some of its
sparkle, and having just emasculated myself, I have the sudden urge
to whip out my dick and show her how much of a man I really am.
That I’m not a gay guy discovering the joys of man-love. No, I’m a
heterosexual that just happens to be investigating buttsecks,
nothing more.

Her attention flips to the other side
of the aisle, and I see things which seem to be a little more my
speed. The toys are small, thin, and just the right size to find my
magic button. I hope.

These are some excellent
models that are perfect for introducing someone to anal

The ones she’s showing me are all well
and good, but I spy a few strap-on sets down the way, and my dick
throbs. Hard. I point to them, embarrassed. “What about those? You
know, just in case I can use it with…” Blushing. Again.

Evy raises a single, perfectly
sculpted brow, and her sparkle is back. With maybe a dash of
interest as her gaze rakes over me from head-to-toe.


Absolutely. Your
girlfriend is one lucky woman. Or is it wife?”

Either she’s fishing
because she’s interested, or I’ve got her pegged wrong and this is
just her normal
I’m going with fishing. Fuck yeah. I reply, “Neither at the
moment. I’m…uh…” I cough and clear my dry throat, then flash Evy a
half smile. I don’t quite know why, but I finally admit the truth
to her. “I’m exploring my sexuality. Read it in
while waiting somewhere, and
I’m on the hunt for my happy spot.”

That comment earns me a laugh, a soft,
tinkling sound that draws me closer to her, allowing me to catch
her sweet scent. The fragrance makes me want to wrap her in my
arms, and hump her like the dog I am.

Cause yeah, I have to
admit, I’m horny like that.

At least, you know what
you want.” She gives me a wink and reaches up, snags a box that
professes it’s the perfect starter kit for the woman who likes to
take control.

Evy hands it to me, and I eagerly look
over the package to see what it includes. I’m not rich, by any
means, but price isn’t a huge deal. The thing’s going in my ass. I
don’t want some cheaply made dildo ripping up my butthole. Except
the straps are kinda small…

Frowning, I hand the kit back to her.
“Do you have something that, uh, fits women…a little larger?” I
raise my eyebrows. “I date ladies with curves, and if I’m able to
find someone who’s willing to try this out with me, I want her to
be comfortable, you know?”

The warm smile I receive and the look
of heat in her eyes, after that last comment, makes me feel like
I’ve won the lottery. Damn, I haven’t even turned my “game” on, and
she’s already staring at me like she wants to eat me

Shit, shit, shit, my dick is
rock-fucking-hard. Harder than ever, and aching too. Like I need to
stroke one out before I cream my damn pants. Her enticing smile,
her curvaceous body, her sweet scent and husky voice, combined with
what I’m surrounded by and what I’m here to buy, has me ready to
fucking bust my nut.

She turns her back to me and bends
over, reaching for something on the bottom shelf, but all I see is
the way her jeans tighten over her highly spankable ass. I want to
nibble, lick, and bite every inch of her beautiful butt. All of it.
Many times over. And I certainly wouldn’t stop there. No, I’d just
be getting started.

She straightens and spins around,
giving me a chance to peek at the juncture of her thighs, the blue
cotton hugging her cleft, revealing a nice little camel toe for me
to gawk at. God, it’s making me want to taste her. Split her lips
open and lap up her cream with my tongue. I love going down on a
girl, then making her scream before I pound her pussy with my

I’m pretty sure she sees me staring,
but I don’t give a shit.

Evy hands me the new
package and I automatically accept it, take a quick glance at the
image on the front and smile when I see that the woman gracing the
cover is all curves, with big tits, a dildo strapped to her
do I want me some of that. I don’t even know if it’ll feel as good
says, but
I’d love to give it a shot.

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