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Authors: Ilana Manaster

Doreen (30 page)


Rebecca Sherman and I have been friends since we met at Jewish summer camp in Wisconsin in the mid-1990s. I don't know why she trusted me with her idea of writing a YA version of
The Picture of Dorian Gray
, providing me with her professional support, her keen editorial eye, and her unerring, baseless confidence in my abilities, but I am so grateful that she did. If you have arrived at this page and enjoyed yourself, please know that you too have Rebecca to thank, because this book would not exist without her.

Additional thanks go out to Andrea Morrison, Lisa Cheng, Marlo Scrimizzi, and Leslie Yazel. Robin Wasserman and Wistar Murray are always there to offer a bit of sleeve to cling to when I'm peering over my toes into the beckoning abyss. And to Gregory Edwards, who must live with all of this, thanks for hanging out with me all this time and for making every single hour I spent on this book possible.

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