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Dreams of Darkness Rising


Dreams of Darkness Rising


(Prism Volume 1)



Ross M Kitson



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Structural Editor: J Darroll Hall


The Prism trilogy


Volume 1: Dreams of Darkness Rising

Volume 2: Echoes of Empires Lost

Volume 3: Whispers of Worlds Reclaimed


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Firstly I would like to thank my family for all their support in the creation of this trilogy. Amanda, Charlie, Evelyn and Henry—I love you loads.

Secondly a big cheers to Nik, Giles and Dan for reading the drafts. It wouldn’t be half the book without your input.


Prism Volume 1      Dreams of Darkness Arising


Table of contents


Map of North-Western Nurolia. c 1920

Map of South-Western Nurolia. c1920.

Map of North-eastern Nurolia c1920.

Map of South-Eastern Nurolia c1920.

Map of South Goldoria and North Thetoria c1920


Prism Book 1
The City of Mists.

Prologue  The House of Preparation

Chapter 1 The Air Mage

Chapter 2 Kirit’s Eye

Chapter 3 The Carnival

Chapter 4 Dark Intentions

Chapter 5 The Lamb

Chapter 6 Funerals and Forts.

Chapter 7  Cutting the Cord


Prism Book 2

Chapter 1 The Dead City

Chapter 2 Trial by Fire

Chapter 3 An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 4 The Half-Ogre

Chapter 5 Defiance

Chapter 6 The Crypt.

Chapter 7 Escape into the Mist.

Chapter 8 Darkness rising

Chapter 9 The Necromancer

Chapter 10 The Feast of Blood

Chapter 11 Blackstone Bridge


Prism Book 3

Chapter 1 The Farm.

Chapter 2 The Wake

Chapter 3 An Unexpected Reunion

Chapter 4 The Barrowlands

Chapter 5 The Sanctuary

Chapter 6  Death in the chapel

Chapter 7 Spectres of the Past

Chapter 8 A Cold Future.

Chapter 9  A Low Profile

Chapter 10 The City of a Hundred Bridges

Chapter 11 Terror at the Ball

Chapter 12 Goldoria City

Chapter 13 Darkness in the City of Gold

Chapter 14 Childhood’s End.

Chapter 15 Blood on Steel


Epilogue The Realisation of Dreams






i. Map of North-Western Nurolia. c 1920




ii. Map of South-Western Nurolia. c1920.




iii. Map of North-eastern Nurolia c1920.




 iv. Map of South-Eastern Nurolia c1920.



v.   Map of South Goldoria and North Thetoria c1920


Prism: dramatis personae.


The house staff of the Keep



Sandila—her close friend.Housemaid.Azaguntan.

Abila—another friend from the Isles. Scullerymaid

Gelia—maid at the Keep

Annre—maid at the Keep

Tarn—maid at the Keep

Gedre—maid at the Keep

Quellik—maid at the Keep

MotherGresham—housekeeper at the Keep

Halgar—maid at the Keep

Torm—footman at the Keep

Captain Ris—Captain in the Garrison of Coonor

Sarik—a guard in the Keep


The inhabitants of Eeria


Hirfen—chief valet & butler to Lord Ebon-Farr

Tremen—head of Greypeak preparatory house

Talis Ebon-Farr—Lower Lord of the Eerian council and Warden of the Garrisons

Heler Ebon-Farr—his wife (born of the Farvous house)

Jular Farvous—nephew to Talis and son of the Farvouses (by Heler’s brother)

Elik Farvous—head of the Farvous family and Orla’s father

Hulgor Farvous—eldest son of Elik Farvous

Karak Ebon-Farr—eldest son of the Ebon-Farrs

Geldir Ebon-Farr—second eldest son, to join the Priesthood

Uthor Ebon-Farr—third son. To join the Knights

Erica Ebon-Farr—daughter to the Ebon-Farrs

Inkas-Tarr—Arch-mage of Air (gold sash)

Ekra-Hurr—Air-mage (brown sash)

Bardit-Urr—Air-mage (silver)

Lady Orla Farvous—Knight of the Air (captain: 3rd lance. Silver wing)

Highlord Cranston—Highlord of the Eerian council

High Cmmdr Taros—Commander of the Knights of Air

Sir Risstan Helminth—Knight of the Air (sergeant: 4th Lance. Silver wing)

Lord Hinteron—Lower lord on the council and mining magnate

Shkris—Netreptan envoy on the council


The Denizens of Kir


Jurges Innsman—proprietor of the Rose Tavern in Kir

Alfra’Te—merchant from Kâlastan

Olix—an Azaguntan assassin from Kir

Jelbettio—a Feldorian mercenary

Malik—apprentice assassin in Kir

Hunor—a thief and adventurer. Thetorian

Jem—his friend. Goldorian. A Wild-mage

Linkon Arikson—Guildmaster of thieves in Kir

Scarseye—thief and enforcer in the Kirian guild (West Avenue Boys)

Thintor Lemon-bite—Wild-mage in the employ of the West Avenue boys


The Denizens of Bulia


Igred—Northridge Guildmaster in Bulia, Azagunta

Hegris Grach—Azaguntan merchant and criminal

Olthik Slanteye—Inn keeper of the Lamb Inn

Varix Aol—East side guild master in Bulia

Vrhin—a guard at Grach’s villa


The Knights of the Air


Sir Ronen Unhert

Sir Robert

Sir Iyri Minrik


In Artoria


Marthir—a druid hailing from Artoria

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