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Chelsea woke up at nine on Saturday morning and put on the short blue satin robe she purchased, then padded barefoot out to the kitchen. Last night was a good time. Really good. Elias took her out dancing at a place a few miles away that had a house rock band. The music was good and Elias turned out to be a fun dance partner. They took the bikes, and it was a sweet time all around. She couldn't remember the last time a man took her dancing. Probably high school.


Riding the Sporty was a dream. She had to admit that she enjoyed it more than driving the Shelby. In a car the world passed by like it was on a screen. On a bike, you were part of the world around you. Part of the night, part of the city, and part of the man next to you as you rode down the boulevard. The dual thunder from their pipes was heaven, and the purring vibration of her engine—magical.


She was inches from kissing him goodnight. The urge to do so was near compulsion. If she had kissed him, she would probably be waking up in his bed right now instead of the guest room.


Chelsea floated into the kitchen and put together a pot of coffee, and then looked in the fridge for something she could make for breakfast. She wasn't much of a cook, but she could do scrambled eggs and sausage. She found both, smiled, and took out the ingredients. After finding a skillet, she set to preparing the morning meal, humming a song they danced to last night.


Yesterday Larry had Tomas served with the law suit papers. That probably sent Tomas through the roof, and the thought was a thrill to her heart. Larry told her that he would have her car out of the impound yard and delivered to Duffy's garage on Monday. She had a whisper of a doubt that he would be able to deliver when he told her that, but this morning—well, anything seemed possible. The world seemed possible. Hell, even sex with the good-looking man sleeping in his room at the moment seemed possible.


It had been over a year since she had sex with someone that she
to have sex with. During that year she was property, little more than a sex doll available for use, with no will to say no. It was as damaging to her as it was humiliating. But this morning, she felt nearly whole again.


"It's the naked sunbathing, that's what it is," she said with a smile as she cracked eggs and set to whipping them.


"I thought you bought a suit," Elias said behind her as he walked into the kitchen.


She smirked. "I did, but I like being naked back there. It feels good. You were right."


"I have my moments," he agreed. "Thanks for making the coffee."


"Scrambled eggs and sausage will be ready in a few. How are you feeling?"


"Good. Probably not as chipper as you, but good all the same. Glad you enjoyed yourself last night. Seemed like you haven't had a good night out in some time."


"That's an understatement," she agreed with a laugh. She looked over her shoulder and found his eyes on her ass. She gave her ass a little wiggle and saw his eyes go wide and then jump up to hers. "Caught you," she told him.


"Dead to rights," he laughed. "Sorry, but that robe does things for me."


"Well, good. Because you do things for me."


"Do I?"




"Hmm," he said, sitting down with his coffee.


"I know,” she told him with a sigh, “I've made the boundaries. So, it falls to me to break them."


"What does that mean?" he asked warily.


"It means that last night I could have kissed you, and meant every bit of it, and loved every morsel. It's true that I wasn't interested in anything with anyone. But, well, I like you. And I haven't liked anyone for a long time. A very long time. It isn't just the room, or the protection or your chivalry. It is you. I like you."


"Which probably means we are awful for each other, because I like you too. Very much in fact."


"You are probably right, but… no, let's just leave it at that for now, alright? I'm not in the mood for anything heavy right now."


"Sounds like a very good idea," he agreed. "The club is going for a ride today, starting at eleven. Want to go with us?"


"Oh fuck yes!" she said, and did a little dance. "Where are we going?"


"Does it matter?"


"Hell no, just curious," she replied.


"We're going to run down to Galveston, sit on the water, tell lies, drink beer, and look at women in bikinis."


"I'll be sure to bring mine, then, so you can look at me." She smiled.


"What I'm seeing right now is enough to wake the dead. Seeing you in a bikini might be too much for that chivalry you were just talking about," he mused.


"Good," she laughed.


"You really are in a good mood, aren't you?"


"I am in a fantastic mood," she said with a nod and a grin. Then she felt him behind her, and then felt his hands on her waist.


"How good?" he asked.


"Getting better all the time," she said, and leaned back into his chest.


His lips on her neck sent wondrous shivers down her spine, and into her thighs. "Oh, fuck that felt good. Do that again."


He did.


She turned around, and put her arms around his neck. "Kiss me, please?"


"Love to," he told her.


The kiss was everything a kiss should be between a man and a woman.


"I'm not quite ready for sex—is that alright? I don't want to be a tease,” she told him after their lips parted.


"You aren't, and yes, it's just fine with me. I'm not quite there myself. But you are glowing, and wearing this robe, and all naked and warm under it, so I had to do something."


"I'm so glad you did," she sighed. She leaned into his chest, kissing his pecks through is t-shirt, and then lifted up to kiss his lips. "So very glad you did."


"Breakfast might burn if you don't turn back around."


"Let it. I'll buy you something at the Log Cabin before the run," she murmured.


He smiled but reached around her and turned the heat down. "Now we have time for at least one more before that is required."


"You think of everything," she said, and kissed him again. This time he took her into his arms and embraced her, exploring her tongue and mouth with his. She whimpered at the heat rising inside of her, radiating out across her thighs, up her abs, and flushing across her breasts with scarlet.


"I am so going to wear that bikini under my leathers and jeans," she said with a smirk.


"I'm so going to make a fool of myself staring at you," he returned with a smirk of his own.


"Will you swim naked with me when we get back?" she asked.


"I'll go into the hot tub with you—how's that?"


"Perfect," she sighed, and turned around to finish breakfast, deciding that she really did want to make breakfast for him like they were as domestic as she was feeling right now. She rubbed her butt into his thighs. "Shoo, I want to do this," she told him.


"Yes ma'am," he said, but lingered just long enough to run his hand down her ass and give her a squeeze. Then he was heading back to the table.


God, what he does to me?
she thought, smiling like an idiot.






The run down to Galveston was blissful. They rode side-by-side the whole way, and she could feel him next to her. His large V-rod thrummed through her body like velvet thunder.


Once on the shore, she stripped her jacket, shirt, and pants, stuffed them into the large leather saddle bags on the Sporty, and took out her sandals. Then she took his hand, and they walked down the beach with the rest of the club, stopping at a bar and getting a round of beer to wash the dust from their throats.


The sun was hot and felt divine on her skin. After their drinks, Elias smoothed her down with tanning lotion and gave her ass a squeeze again.


"You seem to be quite the ass man," she teased.


"Not really, but, hell, anyone would be around an ass like yours," he told her.


"Yeah? So, a breast man?"


"I'm a full body man. I like symmetry, and you have it in spades."


"Do I?"


"Oh yes." He smiled.


"Well so do you. I like your V shape, and that cute little butt you have. I think I could gnaw on that for hours," she teased.


"Hmm," he murmured.




"Yes. It is the sound of fantasy, and seriously enjoyable thoughts."


"Ah, well, that is a good thing then," she sighed, and leaned into him.




She was tempted to ride back in her bikini but finally nixed the idea when she remembered the sand across her cheeks on the trip down. She didn't want the hot tub water to sting. She wanted to be comfortable and relaxed, not burning from chlorine in sandpaper cuts.


They ate at the Log Cabin, had a beer, said goodbye to the rest of the group, and headed home. She danced into the house, stripping her clothes as she headed for her room, wondering if she should come out naked and ready for the hot tub.


"Are we jumping in right away?" she called to him. "After that ride, my butt could use the soothing."


"Sure, I'll be right out," he told her, heading for his own room.


Would he come out naked?


She decided that she was going to go with her bikini bottom on, and strip them off once she was outside. On the way she grabbed two beers from the fridge and walked out on the patio. The sunlight was defused in the sky, but there was still at least couple of hours before true dark. The gentle breeze felt wonderful.


Behind her she heard the slide of the screen door and she turned to greet him with a smile and found him completely naked and his cock at half-mast. "Holy shit," she breathed.


"You did say naked, right?"


"Oh gawd, yes," she whispered.


His abs were marvelous, and his pecks nearly chiseled. She was quite wrong about how he might physically stack up against Tomas. Tomas had better watch his step around this man. This man was powerful and truly beautiful at the same time. She handed him his beer, and then pulled the strings of her bikini bottom, letting it fall to the patio deck.


He looked her over and she felt a warmth between her thighs like never before. "Um, remember what I said about the sex this morning?" she broached.




"Fuck that, I'm ready."


His laughter was deep and soothing across her skin, and her nipples hardened a little more with each chuckle. "Let's relax for a while and see what happens."


"Oh, we can relax, but I already know what's going to happen. You can come willingly, or I can drag you, but it's going to happen."




"Oh yeah," she grinned.


"Hmm," he murmured.


"I'm starting to like that sound."






In the hot tub she leaned against him and drank her beer, feeling like she had always been there, right beside him. As if this was where she had always belonged. For that half-hour in the bubbling water, Tomas, the drug running, Mr. Stewart, and the months of servitude simply didn't exist. It happened to someone else. Someone who didn't have Elias in her life.






"It's only been a few days, but it feels so much longer. Really it's just been since last night that I've come out of the shell I was trapped in. Is it all right that this has happened so quickly?"


"All right? It's great. But I know what you mean. I feel like a year of tension and cold has been taken off my back."


"Exactly." She nodded enthusiastically.


"You know, I am perfectly alright with not having sex with you for a few more days. You are incredibly sexy and I do like you very much, but—"


"Nope," she injected. "You're fucked boy."




"Hmm," she agreed, and kissed his shoulder.


Elias put his arm around her and she snuggled into him and watched the sky darken, feeling all the aches of the ride slip out of her as her body relaxed into the soothing silk of the water's heat.


After full dark he said, "Come on, take a shower with me."


," she sighed, and took his hand so he could help her out of the hot tub. The chill of the night air had them hurrying into the house and sliding the glass door behind them. He took her hand again, led her back to his room, and started the shower. She rubbed her arms, giggling, while staring at his muscular butt.


"You're a seriously sexy beast, mister," she told him.


He turned to her and took her into his arms to kiss her, palming her left breast in his large hand and then pulling at her nipple until she gasped inside his mouth.


"I think you are probably the sexiest woman I have ever seen."


"Flattery will get you a great blow job, but I still won't believe you," she told him.


"Maybe I don't get out much," he suggested.


"Maybe you are blinded," she suggested in return, looking into his eyes.


"You are sexier than I have ever hoped for," he offered.


She smiled. "Maybe I'll believe that."


They showered off the hot tub water, and then toweled each other dry. Then he swooped her up into his cradling arms and carried her to his bed while she kissed his neck and nipped at his ear.


Laying her down, he stood and looked her over, "Nope, you're the sexiest woman I have ever seen."


"Get down here," she told him, motioning with her finger. "I want to be with you."


"Hmm," he murmured, and lied down beside her.


Once she was in his arms again, she rubbed her thigh against his and purred into his chest, "I want you to do whatever you want, however you want. I promise you, I'll enjoy every moment of it. I want you to take me and make me a woman again. I never want to feel like I did with Tomas ever again."


"I promise that you will
feel like that again."


She looked up into his eyes and nodded. "I believe you, and I trust you."


He kissed her then, deeply. So deep she felt as though she belonged to him—but not as property, not something he owned. As a mate, as a partner, as a woman. She clung to that feeling and let it grow inside her as his hands explored and massaged her body.


"Yes, god yes, just like that," she moaned.


He pulled her up as though she were weightless and then suckled her breast, rolling her hard nipple with his tongue while cupping and fondling her ass cheek in his strong hand. She never felt hands like his on her before. They were just as arousing as the feeling of his cock coming to heated life against her thigh. Running her hands through his thick mane of dark hair, she groaned and pressed her body against him. He felt unhurried and perfectly content in his explorations of her ass and thighs. Then he shifted down, kissing his way across her quivering abs and getting between her legs.


"Oh god, yes, it has been so long. Please?" she begged as his mouth found her pussy and began to kiss and lick her lips and explore her opening.


Her back bent, arching, pressing her breasts toward the ceiling. She grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, pulling lightly at her nipples. Lost in the growing pleasure she spread her legs, offering herself to him to do as he pleased. When two of his thick fingers entered her, she gasped at the feeling of being stretched open. When his tongue and sucking lips focused on her clitoris, she whimpered and writhed.


"Oh Elias, I need this so much. Oh god."


Her orgasm rose up in a wave of light and electric fire, urged on by his stroking fingers and the excitement in her very happy clit.


"Oh fuck, I'm going to come," she keened as the sweltering heat suddenly coalesced into a clap of blissful agony.


Her hips rose and her hands clawed at the bed. His arm came around her thigh and clasped her hips down into the mattress, ruining her escape. Then he enticed her clit even further and began fucking her with his fingers.


"Shit Elias! Oh god!" she cried as her orgasm took on a whole new shape and definition. Her hands flew to his hair, gripping him, but were unable to decide whether to push or pull. Her breath exploded from her lungs in deep guttural rushes. Her heels dug into the mattress as her toes pulled back, causing an aching strain to run up her calves.


"Please! Oh god, please!" she begged, though for what she wasn't sure.


A riot of pleasure and anguish rippled through her body, twisting and clutching her abs and spine.


Then he was kissing and licking her pussy, bringing her back down. She panted with exhilaration and wonder. Her eyes were wide and staring, though unfocused on anything in this world.


"Oh shit Elias, what you do to me," she panted.


He lifted up between her legs and pulled her down to him, and then guided his hard cock to her opening. She felt the heated and engorged head spread her open, and then his thick, hard shaft moved inside of her. She opened her mouth to protest, but all that came out was a rush of air and a deep groan.


His cock continued to spread her open as he pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and chest, then cupped her ass into his hands and pulled her onto him, impaling her with his cock. Again she clawed at the mattress and her hips and abs twisted and convulsed.


"Dear god, Elias! You're so fucking big! Fuck!" she howled, and struggled to slow his impalement down with no effect at all. He was simply too strong, and she realized she didn't need to tell him to take her as he wished. He was going to do that anyway.


He wasn't rough, just powerful, and when he began to stroke his cock in and out of her she cried out with ecstatic laments and incoherent streams of pleasure. Then he laid down on her, took her into his arms, and began to pound her with his powerful abs and butt muscles, driving his cock into her, bringing her to climax after climax. She clawed at his back and bit at his shoulders, driving her hips to meet his, and focusing all of her available strength into squeezing his cock with the muscles of her pussy. Her legs flailed, and then wrapped around his waist in an attempt to slow him down—with no effect at all, once again. Unhindered he continued to pound himself into her, driving her into the mattress. She wailed and cried and moaned, shaking her head from side to side as her climaxes became a single, long orgasm that thundered through her like a wave of lava.


Then he was out of her and lifting up, grabbing her easily to flip her over, and lifting her hips into the air. His cock was immediately at her opening again, and driving inside of her once more.


"Oh dear god!" she cried as his cock found new depths to plunge into, and the sensations of his strokes changed into a storm of twisting, aggressive voracity. "Elias!"


His cock’s thick size, and the heat he stroked inside of her, was unbelievable. Biting and clawing at the pillows she struggled to grasp clarity and focus. Then his hand was gripping her long, blond hair and pulling her back, arching her up onto her arms, and using his grip to pound into her even harder.


The climax roared through her. Her abs clenched and spasmed. Her thighs quaked as though caught in a wind storm. Her breasts swayed and flushed with scarlet. Her nipples were so painfully hard she pulled at them in an attempt to release their agony.


Then she heard Elias moan, and then he screamed, and she felt the rush of his climax inside of her. She bucked and twisted as her body responded to his release, redoubling her own incited riot. His hips thrust hard and then harder still, smacking her ass with loud spanking sounds as he pulled back on her hair to keep her there and meet each powerful thrust.


He released her, and she fell forward onto the mauled pillow, clutching at the bed, wailing her bliss.


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