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Authors: Marilyn E. Barnes

Family Affair

Marilyn E. Barnes


A Short Story of Greed
and Lust





Copyright © 2013 by
Marilyn E. Barnes

All Rights Reserved

Family Affair

Published By:
Marilyn E. Barnes


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, places, and incidents either are products of the Author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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For Ashley, Casey, Lindsey, and Karen, you are awesome. Thanks for encouraging me to keep writing.


Family Affair


Natalie smiled as the car pulled into the circular driveway of her new home. The landscaping and front of the home was like something out of a magazine, and she was anxious to get inside. She wasn’t shocked that the mansion was as beautiful as it was. After all, she’d married a millionaire. Even though her new husband was fifty-four years old, more than twice her age, for that kind of money, she could live with the age difference.

Shortly after meeting
William, although her mom didn’t approve, they were engaged. Their wedding was perfect, right out of a fairytale. He showered her with the best, not holding back on the spending. Natalie didn’t have to do anything but point out what she wanted and say no to what she didn’t want. And since he knew Norma, Natalie’s mother, wasn’t too happy with a man his age marrying her baby girl, he eased her concerns about the relationship with a few pricey favors. He never outright said it, but Natalie knew it was his way of keeping her mother quiet and out of their business.

walked into the foyer beaming, and the staff made a fuss over her, making sure she felt at home. Having a full staff at her disposal was going to be something she could easily get used to, and she couldn’t wait to fill her role as Mistress of the house.

Brookdale, welcome home,” one of the staff members said. “We will take all of your things up to your master. Mr. Brookdale is on the main terrace waiting for you.” He pointed her in the right direction before picking up her bags and heading up the stairs.

She took another look around the massive entryway and admired
the gorgeous crystal chandelier and grand staircase before she headed out to the terrace.

She stepped out on the terrace and called out his name.

He was reading a book and sipping on something dark on the rocks.

“Natalie, darling, you’re here. How was your flight?”

had to finish up a few minor details in Chicago before she could join him in L.A. He was in Chicago for business the night they met, and since he was tall, dark, and handsome with eyes blue enough to dive in, his twenty-five year old wife didn’t mind the age difference at all.

“My flight was fantastic,
love. It was so comfortable and much better than coach on Southwest,” she joked. He didn’t laugh. Natalie shook her head at his serious demeanor and thanked God her days of riding in coach were over.

“Well, get used to it
. We do it first class all the way.” William spoke properly, like a college professor, she thought. She knew she wasn’t so eloquent and made a mental note to work on her speech so she could speak like she belonged in his circle. “I have your entire day planned,” he continued, “and I want you to feel at home. I will have Frances show you around, and then Carl will take you to the spa and get you all prettied up and then shopping to find a dress. Tonight, my son is coming into town, and he can’t see his new stepmother looking like she just walked out of a trailer park.”

didn’t like that comment. She was gorgeous, and although her nails were a bit longer than average and her new bright red highlights weren’t what William was used to, she felt she was far from trailer trash. But she didn’t want to argue with him on her first day home, so she agreed to make whatever changes her husband felt she needed to make. He pressed a button on the intercom and called for Frances. The maid was there in a couple of minutes to give Natalie a tour of her new home. In each room they entered, Natalie’s eyes lit up like a kid at an amusement park. She knew she was going to love living there.

“Come, Mrs.
Brookdale, this way,” Frances said. Natalie followed her into the master bedroom. “This is your master suite, and as you can see, every amenity you need is in this room. Your sitting area is over there and the fridge, wet bar, and coffee station is over here. And, if you need anything at any time, day or night, these intercoms are all over. You just press this button and talk. If there’s something you don’t need right away, you press this one and someone will answer you within five minutes,” she said, indicating another button. Natalie thought five minutes was pretty fast for something you may not want right away.

. Thank you, Frances.” Natalie smiled. She noticed an ensemble lying on the bed and walked over to it. “What is this?” She touched the silk blouse and then picked up the skirt and held it up to her waist.

“Those are for you to wear today. So go in and shower and get changed, and the car will be right out front for you

noticed the name brand labels on them and smiled even brighter.
, she said to herself, and quickly began to undress. A couple minutes into her shower, William stepped in with her. She was surprised to see him in a sexual mood that early in the afternoon, but she didn’t mind. Even though he was over fifty, he was fit and didn’t have a problem with getting an erection. But keeping one was an entirely different story.

He caressed her shoulders and kissed her neck, and she felt his
cock stiffen. She wondered if he was going to fuck her long enough for her to have an orgasm, because that normally didn’t happen. Turning to face him, she kissed him.
What did I get myself into?
she wondered. She’d married a man older than her mother, who couldn’t make her scream during sex. She knew that was a huge mistake, but figured it would get better.

She closed her eyes and hoped it would last
this time as she let him lick and tease her hardened nipples. They were hard as rocks and he did a hell of a job when it came to pleasing them. He rubbed her pussy and she moaned, still hoping that this would be the day she climaxed with her husband inside of her instead her making it happen for herself after he was done.

He stepped back and started to stroke his dick, and she knew he wanted her to give him head, so she squatted and wrapped her lips around his shiny, smooth head. She bobbed her head up and down,
taking him in as deeply as she could. She wondered how he could take her sucking him for such a long time, but when it came to penetrating her, he’d cum within seconds. She teased his head with her tongue and played around with her own clit. She was wet and ready to have him inside of her. She wanted him to put his face between her thighs, but unfortunately, that was a no-no for his old ass.

She stood, smiled at him, and said, “Fuck me,
baby. Make my pussy cum.”

His blue eyes danced and h
e smiled back at her like he was up for the challenge. He sat on the shower seat, and she straddled him and began to ride his cock slowly. She moved her hips back and forth and within a minute, he told her to hold on. The frown on his face let her know that he was trying to hold it, so she stopped until he could regain his composure.

“Okay,” he said
. She began to move again, but he couldn’t take it. “Stop, stop, stop, stop,” he said two minutes later.

She rolled her eyes. She couldn’t
even get close to an orgasm because he was breaking her rhythm with the pausing every other minute. When he gave the go-ahead, she began to work her pussy on him again. He grabbed her ivory ass cheeks tight and called out her name. He had done it again.

!” she said out loud, not meaning for it to come out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry,
darling,” he said. “I tried, but I just couldn’t hold it. Your pussy is just so damn good.”

She knew
it was, but that wasn’t an excuse. She had put the same good pussy on other men before him and they’d sustained, so she was livid. She got up, rolled her eyes, and went back to her shower.

sat for a few minutes then got up and went to the other end of their massive walk-through shower and turned on the sprayers. “And by the way, that side is my side. Can’t you tell the difference in the height of the shower heads?”

looked at the side she was on and then the other, and realized that it was truly his and hers. The heads and sprayers were lower on the other end.

“I see,” she said with
annoyance. He wanted to point out the obvious, did he? “Can’t you tell your wife is not satisfied?” she murmured under her breath, since he was pointing out the obvious.

She showered in silence while he sang. She knew why he was singing, because he had
an orgasm. She stayed in longer than he, and when he left the bathroom, she removed the handheld sprayer from its holder. She turned the showerhead until it landed on pulse, and then sat back on the tiled bench and did what she had to do to relieve her aching clit. She imagined being with her ex-lover, Michael, a professional when it came to pleasing her pussy. He had a magic stick and a masterful tongue that she imagined she’d never get over.

He’d fuck her beyond climax and still stand tall to give her more, even when she didn’t want it. She let out a loud moan, thinking of how his big
cock used to caress her skin from her forehead, trace her lips, down her neck, explore her nipples, cover her stomach, and end up in her pussy to give her injections of satisfaction. She closed her eyes tighter at the thought of him pulling out and then going down to please her with his wet, skillful tongue. He was the type to hold her hips and not let go, even when she said the safe word. The memory made her climax with a loud moan.

rushed in to make sure she was okay.

“I’m good, never been better,” she said, smiling. She knew then that the shower was going to be her favorite place in the house.




Natalie, I’d like you to meet my son, Chase. Chase, this is my new bride, Natalie,” William said.

smiled. He kissed the back of her hand and looked her up and down. She assumed he was pleased with the way she looked—her slim waist, curvy hips, and rounded breasts. She’d gone braless under her evening gown and all the men’s eyes had gone to her slightly—hardened nipples when William introduced her.

skin glowed from her trip to the spa earlier that afternoon and her dark brown hair gleamed under the outdoor lighting. Her luminous green eyes popped under her shimmering shadowed eyelids, emphasizing her long full lashes.

“It’s a pleasure,” he said. The look he gave
Natalie gave her goose bumps. He was a young, handsome version of her husband, and she wondered if William looked that delicious when he was Chase’s age.

“Nice to meet you too,” she said, trying not to smile too brightly in front of
William. She was instantly attracted to Chase, but she knew damn well she’d be skating on thin ice if she even tried something so dangerous.

“Likewise,” he said
, still holding on to her hand.

She slid her hand out of his slowly, trying not to acknowledge his advances, but the look in his eyes made it clear that he wanted more than just the introduction. She looked away quickly, because she had that same feeling.

She wondered if William noticed his son giving her a can-I-play-with-your-pussy look. She certainly noticed it and almost answered aloud.
Yes, you can. And I’d love to play with your cock

could tell his thoughts were interrupted immediately when he heard his dad say, “Let me introduce your new stepmom to the governor.” He turned to his dad and nodded as if he hadn’t been checking her out.

took her around, introducing her to more guests at his soiree, and somehow, her and Chase’s eyes kept locking. She’d try to look away, but she could feel his eyes on her every move. He had no shame, Natalie thought. He undressed her with his eyes right in front of his dad.

She was at the buffet table trying to identify
what was on the fancy trays when she heard him speak. “Are you enjoying your evening, Mrs. Brookdale?” he asked her from behind.

“Yes, this is
lovely. However, I have no idea what the hell is on these fancy platters,” she said.

He laughed. “Well, this is escargot, and this is caviar
,” he continued pointing out all the foreign dishes she had never eaten before and she frowned at them. “And this right here is cheese and fruit,” he said laughing.

“Well, cheese and fruit it is,” she said
, putting a few cubes of cheese and a couple of strawberries on her plate.

“So, why did you marry my dad?” he asked bluntly, not beating around the bush.

“Well, Chase … Your dad is a very intelligent man. He is smart, funny, and distinguished, and—”

“And rich
,” he said, cutting her off.

s, that, too,” she said and looked away. “But that is not the only reason I married him,” she said. The smirk on his face let her know he wasn’t buying it.

Natalie, then tell me, what other reasons could there be? Is he fucking you like a man in his twenties or like a man in his fifties?” he asked.

She wanted to wipe the
smug grin from his face. “Well, Chase, I don’t think that is any of your business,” she said defensively.    

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