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Authors: Hillary Carlip

Find Me I'm Yours

Find Me I'm Yours

Hillary Carlip

Find Me I'm Yours
Copyright © 2014 by Hillary Carlip
Published 2014 by RosettaBooks

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Cover design by Carly Schnur. Cover photo by Barbara Green.
ISBN e-Pub edition: 9780795343278

For our angel Ellen Weiss Kander, who has been watching over our bizayness since the beginning, and the rest of her clan whom we love and adore as our own: Gregg, Ben, Jake, and Kate Kander.


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Hope you enjoy!

XO Hillary Carlip

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.


Chapter 1


I'm pretty sure I spotted him at the 99¢ store, buying a can of deviled ham. Ya gotta love a boy who eats deviled ham AND appreciates a bargain.

Or that could have been him at the ATM carrying a tuba. Who frickin' takes a tuba to the bank?! I could easily fall in love with that.

Or he might have been at Intelligentsia, ordering a Dirty Chai and sporting a killer tattoo.

I think I see him everywhere. At the Laundromat with headphones on, not realizing he's singing along way loud; walking his one-eared dog.

But what am I gonna do? I'm too shy to go up to any one of these random strangers. And what would I say? “Hey, Random Stranger, I have reason to believe you just might be my soul mate”?

And, really, I can't even
the word SOUL. Back in the day it meant something. Like sweaty Gospel churches, or tortured love poems:

“If you were here, if you were only here,

My blood cries out to you all night in vain

As sleepless as the rain.”

—Sara Teasdale

Soulful, right?! But now SOUL has been so diluted, misused, and abused. Case in point:

(What, are there so many Horse Lovers they had to publish a second volume?)

But I'm certain he's out there. Well, most likely. Possibly. Maybe? I fucking hope so.

I've believed in true love since I was five years old and fell for a boy named Boo who took off all of his clothes while we were at the top of the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, and threw them into the Atlantic below. His mom bought a sequined cape off the back of a fire eater to place over Boo's naked body, and we rode the subway home, my first love covered in stardust.

There've been several boys since Boo (none with such a cool mom!) and every time I think, THIS IS IT! But then each Mr. HIM clearly does not see me as Mrs. HER since they: 1. Lied. 2. Cheated. 3. Said they just wanted to be friends. 4. Slept with my next-door neighbor (yeah, that was my most recent ex, Jason, who I was with for a year and a half). Good times.

It's been one month, one week, and four days since I broke up with Jason. It's a big improvement that I stopped counting hours and minutes. And at least I'm not so far gone that I ever counted seconds! I've been quite mature around this breakup. Here's proof:

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