Free the North! (Free Trader Series Book 5)

Free the North!


Free Trader Series
Book 5


By Craig Martelle


Copyright © 2016 Craig Martelle

All rights reserved.

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Cover Illustration © Tom Edwards



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To the love of my life

the sparkle in your eyes brightens every one of my days




Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Helping Paw

Seeing the Trade

Back to New Sanctuary

Meeting Old Friends

Reunion at New Sanctuary

A New Plan

The Call of Old Tech

Construction of Something Incredible

Blooding the Pups

Heading North

Villages on the Ocean

Into Devaney’s Barren

The Wagon Exploded

The Oasis


The Heat

A Refreshing Break

Oasis 03 – Tiskanay’s Pause

The Tortoise Consortium

Taking the Plunge


Everything’s Different, but the Same


“There Will Be No Provincial Government”


The Warehouse

Securing Cameron

The Road to Jefferson City

Can’t Abide an Outpost

The Dark Clouds of War

The Story of Jocelyn

The Governor


A New Governor

The Power of Hope

It’s a Man’s World

Yowls, Nips, and Purrs

Some Personal Business

Missing ‘cats

Race to Water

One Down, Two to Go

Another Sacrifice

02, then 01, then…

The South

Cygnus Rising Humanity Returns to Space

Chapter 1 - Fire!

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About the Author




The summer of 2016 has been filled with deadlines and publications. I’ve kept my head above water because I’m surrounded by some great people.

James M. Ward helped me with Micah’s penultimate sword fight in this story, which helped to make things as realistic as possible. No one survives in this business alone. Having a friend like Jim to look things over is comforting and improves the quality of what we can give you, the reader. You deserve the best we can deliver.

Michael Anderle has been an exceptional mentor and partner as I broke into the indie publishing business. He was honored to have his name as my premier protagonist in this book. Governor Anderle and Michael have nothing in common besides the name. Michael is a great man who has gone well out of his way to help others.

I attended my 35-year high school class reunion this summer (2016). Many of my classmates from so long ago have read some of my books. You were all so kind with your words, and a couple stopped by to tell me in person – Penny Heister Sanchez and Lori Bessler Wissing. You made my day. Thanks to Chris “Shakes” Vogt, Diane Sauegling LaPier, Steve Kann, and Jackie Meyer Thiltgen for setting everything up, finding a gazillion people who didn’t want to be found, and then encouraging them to come. Fun was had by all.

I want to thank some readers by name as they are the ones who we look to when we’re feeling a little down. Diane Velasquez and her sister Dorene Johnson are powerhouse readers, ready for anything I throw at them and always willing to give feedback. Norman Meredith is a new addition to the team and has provided valuable input to me and my process. The following people have also been very kind with their comments. Chris Rolfe, Monique Lewis Happy (also one of my editors), Norman Meredith, and so many more. You great people help make every day that much sunnier.

One last word for my friend, Bill Rough – he helped me with some plot devices on my End Times Alaska – Return and I inadvertently left him out of those acknowledgements. There’s no excuse for that kind of oversight. Bill has always done me right and has an exceptionally keen insight into the human spirit.




Hand drawn map of the norther region of Planet Vii.



Humans and the Intelligent Creatures


The Hillcats (‘cat)

              The Golden Warrior – also called G, G-War, and Prince Axial De’atesh, can share his mindlink with others

              Fealona – from G-War’s home village

              Treetis – A young ‘cat, very much like G-War


The Humans

              Braden – The Free Trader

              Micah  – The Warrior, Partnered with Braden

              Axial & De’atesh – Braden and Micah’s twin children

              Bronwyn – Gifted child, able to speak with all creatures

              Jocelyn – Governor Anderle’s wife

              Dr. Johns – a clone, leader of the survivors from Cygnus VI

              Candela & Tanner – the first Free Traders born in the south

              Zeller – a Free Trader, from Trent, the same village as Micah

              Young Tom – a blacksmith from Whitehorse

              Mattie & Caleb – Micah’s parents


The Hawkoids

Skirill – also called Ess
Zyena – Skirill’s mate, born on the RV Traveler, also called Zee

The Tortoid

              Aadi – First Master of the Tortoise Consortium

The Aurochs

              Brandt Earthshaker – King of the Aurochs

              Arnie – Zeller’s partner in trade, pulls her wagon

              The Queen – Brandt’s queen that he rescued from Toromont’s Run


The Lizard Men (Amazonians)

              Zalastar – Leader of the Amazonians

              Akhmiyar – one of Zalastar’s best warriors and leader in his own right

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