Freedom Saga 1: Heaven's Light










Marcus Johnson










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those wishing for an end to tyranny


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - The Future

Chapter 2 - Political Games

Chapter 3 - Halting Blades

Chapter 4 - In the Gutter, In the Sky

Chapter 5 - Fangs and Raknas

Chapter 6 - The Plan

Chapter 7 - Negotiation Breakdown

Chapter 8 - Departure Celebration

Chapter 9 - The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 10 - The Verdict is

Chapter 11 - Scattering to the Winds

Chapter 12 - Running, Running, Gone

Chapter 13 - Kalmar Revisited

Chapter 14 - Learning about Freedom

Chapter 15 - Physical Limitations

Chapter 16 - Valis’s Gamble

Chapter 17 - Smoke Them Out

Chapter 18 - Finding a Path

Chapter 19 - To the Hinterlands

Chapter 20 - Operation Prism

Chapter 21 - Dissonant Hearts

Chapter 22 - A Giant Mess

Chapter 23 - Disrupting Eruption

Chapter 24 - Caught in the Net

Chapter 25 - And When He’s Gone

Chapter 26 - Colony System Seven

Chapter 27 - Changing the World

Chapter 28 - As Things Come Together

Chapter 29 - 102 Light-years Away

Chapter 30 - 80 Light-years Away

Chapter 31 - 72 Light-years Away

Chapter 32 - 67 Light-years Away

Chapter 33 - 60 Light-years Away

Chapter 34 - 46 Light-years Away

Chapter 35 - In Chains

Chapter 36 - Myden’s Lecture

Chapter 37 - The Freedom Launches

Chapter 38 - The Maidens’ Victory

Chapter 39 – Headquarters

Chapter 40 - Columbia Besieged

Chapter 41 - Seles’s Arrow

Chapter 42 - Mira’s Song

Chapter 43 - The Trial

Chapter 44 - Brian’s Apology

Chapter 45 - The Mylor Protest

Chapter 46 - Kailion Besieged

Chapter 47 - The Odairan Decision

Chapter 48 - Degan Celebration





“Memento Mori…”

Brian opened his
eyes and slowly sat up on the bed as the voice echoed through him. He stood and
went to a full sized mirror and noticed his left eye was glowing red.

“Memento Mori…”

“I heard you the
first time,” he said to the mirror. His reflection moved off line and grinned

“I’m only saying
what you already know,” the reflection said using his voice.

“I know I’ll
die,” Brian said, “But not today.”

“You know it’s
your fate.”

“Of course,” he
shook his head, “I’ve been living on borrowed time for years.”

“Then why fight

“I won’t give in
to you,” Brian said. “Not since I saw the truth.”

“Truth?” the
reflection asked. “What truth do you speak of?”

“You enslaved
your people and then experimented on them,” Brian said. “You kill anyone or
anything capable of opposing you. I can’t submit to such an evil being.”

“You say that
now but in the end I’ll win.”

“Never!” he
shouted while clenching his fist in defiance. “You’ll never win as long as
they’re alive.”

“Then I’ll
destroy them. One by one everyone you love will die. You’ll watch as I kill
them,” the reflection grinned again, “Those who oppose me always lose.”

“Your arrogance
will be your undoing.”

“Perhaps, but I
doubt it. A mortal like you can’t win against something like me.”

“I’ll try.”

mortal,” his reflection said. “Why not join me? Imagine what we could do
together. Imagine the world where the Warrior and I are united. The whole
galaxy would bow before you. With order established the peace you seek will
come.” The image reached out with its hand and offered it to Brian.

“Never,” Brian
closed his eyes and shook his head, “Get out of my mind!”

“Memento Mori…”

“Memento Mori…”

“Memento Mori…”

The voice
trailed away as it echoed through him once more. He opened his eyes and stared
into the mirror. His left eye glowed red as he touched the reflection of his

“My soul is
cracked. Like a broken mirror I can never be whole again. Am I doomed to this
madness for the rest of my days? Will I never sleep soundly again? Is there an
end to it? Will peace be there waiting for me in the end?” He stared in the
mirror again. “No, the end is not where I belong. I’ll fall along the way as
the last brick to complete the road. Hopefully she’ll be able to open the


* *


Seles woke up
covered in sweat and short of breath. She glanced at the mirror next to her
bed. The curtain splitting the room in half was down; she noticed Baed was
looking at her.

“What is it?”
Baed asked as she rubbed her eyes.

“I had a really
strange dream,” Seles said.

“What was it

Seles held her
head in her hands. “I was standing on a strange planet and gazed into the blue
sky. I saw a single moon hanging in the air when a second appeared out of
nowhere.” She paused to gather her thoughts. “Something happened…something

expression changed. “It sounds like what happened to the Braiden.”

She shook her
head. “I wasn’t standing on that world, or even Kalaidia.” She started shaking
with fear in her eyes.

Baed went over
and held her. “What’s wrong Seles?”

“The signs I saw
on the streets were in his language.”

“It was another
memory of his, wasn’t it?” Baed asked.

“No, not a
memory,” she said as tears came to her eyes, “His world’s future.”


Chapter 1 - The


Seles and Brian
walked from his room on the Avoni into the sunlit cityscape of Dega Jul. Brian
stood just under six feet with long brown hair kept in a ponytail. His eyes
were blue green, skin pale, and he wore a short beard and mustache. Above and
below his right eye remained the scar he obtained during his battle with Dreka
eight years prior. He wore his usual dark green exoskeleton armor and matching
cape, both of which had motif of a dragon. On his belt he wore a long, straight
bladed sword called a
. Seles was the size of an average Kalaidian
at a little over four feet in height and matching figure. She had long, blue
silver colored hair and deep purple eyes. Her skin was paler than Brian’s. She
wore the uniform for a Kalaidian, a simple loose white shirt with a darker
colored skirt. On her feet she wore matching brown boots. On her ankle and
wrist she wore a silver anklet and bracelet respectively to show her rank as a
lieutenant. Through her hair the tips of her pointed ears showed. She noticed
Brian was extremely distracted.

“It’s still
bothering you, isn’t it?” she asked.

He waved his
hand in defeat. “I can’t get it out my head these days,” he said. “I feel like
I’m going crazy.”

Seles took his
hand. “That’s what you’ve got me for,” she smiled, “Keep on living and don’t
give in.”

“I’m trying,” he
said. “So, to change the subject and avoid speaking of my madness I’d like to
ask how they’re coming along.”

She sighed.
“Remember, I’m training along with them.” The two enjoyed the weather as a
shuttle in the distance closed on their position. “They should be ready by the
end of the year.”

“Good,” he said.

“What concerns
me is the High Council these days,” Seles said. “When Avoni returned everyone
welcomed the crew as heroes. But as time passed it’s gone in the opposite

“Telling the
truth will do that.” He stared towards the sun while screening his eyes with
his hand. “They listened but heard nothing. With all the evidence in front of
them one would think their urgency would be ignited.”

“That’s why you
came up with this plan,” she said.

“True, but it
wasn’t all my doing Seles. Without Veda and Shiken Ka the financial backing
would’ve never appeared.” He watched as a squadron of mobile suits flew over
them. They were shaped much like the Phase Rakna but armed with lances and

“Looks like the
Confederation is showing off their new models,” Seles said. “They’re flying
second generation suits already.”

“Third if you
consider the Mjolnir the first generation,” he said.

“Are you ever
going to have it overhauled?” she asked.

“It’s not like
he’s an old man,” Brian said.

The shuttle
landed behind them guarded by a pair of Phase Raknas. Valis and Zae emerged
from the Avoni and went to greet them. Valis stood a little taller than Seles
and had long, violet hair and aquamarine eyes. Her uniform was the same as
Seles’s save for the silver circlet with three leaves on the front showing her
rank as a captain. Zae was the same height with long forest green hair and blue
eyes. Her rank circlet had a single leaf angled to the right, showing her rank
as a lieutenant commander.

“She’s told you
the plan, right?” Brian asked.

Seles nodded.
“Valis’s never failed in a prediction like this. I don’t like though.”

“I understand
why you’d feel that way,” Brian said.

“Are you two
ready to go?” Valis asked. “You know how impatient Veda can be.”

“Sure,” Brian
said as he headed for the shuttle.

Seles looked at
the Confederation mobile suits patrolling the skies. “No, I don’t like this
plan one bit.” She followed Brian into the shuttle. Zae relieved the pilot and
took the control while Seles joined her in the front. “So you’re still on
escort duty?”

“My choice these
days, not by anyone’s orders,” Zae said. She closed the back hatch and flew the
shuttle to the Kein estate. “It’s been awhile since I had a chance to fly

Seles smiled. “I
know the feeling all too well.”

Valis tilted her
head and closed her eyes. Brian leaned back to relax while watching her body
language. She opened her eyes and met his. “Are you ready for this?”

“I’ve been ready
since the day I came to space,” he said.

“I’d rather not
go through with this, but there looks to be little choice in the matter,” Valis
said. “The politicians are looking to shut down our organization before it gets
off the ground. The easiest way is to take down the symbolic founder.”

“I’m glad Veda
and Shiken Ka took such a role in running it though,” Brian said. “In the end
I’m just a military officer.”

“No, you’re
still my precious
,” Valis said.

He noticed her
smile with the hint of sadness in her eyes.

Zae’s com
flashed. A look of surprise came to her face. “Are you sure?” she asked.
“Alright, I’ll inform them.”

Valis turned her
gaze away from Brian. “I can guess what was reported. Today is the day?”

“Yes,” Zae
responded. “They’ll be making their move at midnight.”

“Are you sure
about this?” Valis asked.

Brian looked her
in the eyes. “If it leads to peace I’ll endure any suffering or humiliation. I
gave up my life for the cause the day I met you.”

“Brave words,”
Valis remarked. “I’d expect nothing less from you Brian.”

Seles glanced
back at him.

“Is something
wrong Seles?” Zae asked.

“No, nothing,”
she said.


* *


Deep within a
massive asteroid on the edge of the Degan star system a secret base had been
built over the last four years. Grigon gazed at the massive metal structure
above him when Jesela walked over with a tablet computer in hand. She was the
same size as Seles but had long, lime green hair and golden eyes. She wore the
standard Kalaidian uniform and a rank circlet showing her rank as lieutenant
commander. She noticed the birdman was admiring the vessel in the dark above

“Are will still
on schedule?” she asked.

“Of course young
lady,” he said before cawing. The Malcovin rubbed his clawed hands together. He
stood a head shorter than a normal human with long grey feathers showing his
age. His hands and feet were much like a bird’s while his face was dominated by
a large black beak. “How goes the special models?”

She called up
the images on her tablet. “The Aegis has been overhauled to match the others.
The Minerva and the Gemini are just about ready.” She switched over to the next
set of images. “The Siren and the Artemis only need their special systems

“Make sure you
finish the Artemis first if it comes down to a choice,” Grigon said.

“Why are you so
interested in that one?” she asked.

“If the plan
Valis sent us earlier is true Seles is going to need that mobile suit.” He
gazed up at the ship in the dark. “No matter what happens we must launch this
vessel on time. If he can’t lead the way then she must.”


* *


Veda gazed into
the clear water of a white stone fountain in her garden. She turned to see
Valis with Brian and Seles. She stood the same height as Valis and had long,
dark blue hair with the hint of silver in it. Her eyes were the same as
Valis’s. She wore a tight fitting blue and white uniform and a rank circlet
with three emerald studded leaves. Despite being over a hundred and seventy
years old she looked only a little older than Valis. On her belt she wore a
blade. She flipped her hair back and smiled as she went to
greet them.

“It’s been too
long Valis,” Veda said. She took the hands of each of them. “And you as well
Brian, and you Seles.”

“It’s good to
see you,” Valis said.

“You look
great,” Brian said.

“My mother sends
her regards,” Seles said.

Veda nodded.
“She sent me a message a few days ago. Thank you Seles.”

The three guests
looked around.

“Where’s Lord
Ka?” Valis asked.

Veda shook her
head. “He sent a message a short while ago explaining he couldn’t make it.” She
motioned for them to step inside a small building nearby. Once everyone was
inside the door close and the lights came on. “We’re safe to speak in here.”

“What’s the
problem?” Brian asked.

“Lord Ka and his
associates are being held up by Confederation forces at the border of Shandi
territory,” Veda explained.

“How much do you
think they know?” Brian asked.

“Probably a lot
more than we suspected,” Veda said. “I was hoping we’d be able to reveal
ourselves on the first liberation mission. But I think we’re going to have to
move quicker than anticipated.”

“Hiding an
organization as large as ours is impossible,” Valis said. “That’s why we
planned for such contingencies.”

“Of course,”
Veda said. “How’s the Avoni?”

been overhauled and all the mobile suits are ready to go,” Seles said.

“What about the
Raulno?” Veda asked.

“Kivi and her
crew are currently in orbit,” Valis said.


* *


Jabril sat at
her desk in the capital building. She stood a few inches taller than Seles with
long, silver blue hair and purple eyes. She wore a tight fitting uniform
similar to the one Veda wore on Dega Jul. She gazed at the amount of work
before her on the monitor and let out a resigned sigh.

“I’ll take care
of this later,” she said before pacing around the room. After a few minutes the
spring air drew her to the window. She gazed upon the streets of Vaelis, the
capital city of Kalaidia Prime, when a knock came from the door. “Come in.”

“Sorry to intrude
prime minister,” a parliament secretary said. “But Ambassador Jita would like
to meet with you.”

Behind the
secretary floated the bronze and red exoskeleton of the Mylor ambassador. The
shape of the elaborate metal skin was that of a humanoid cat the size of a
human. She looked to her subordinate.

dismissed,” she said.

“Of course,” the
secretary said before closing the door behind her.

“It’s not like
to you appear without warning,” Jabril said.

“What I bring is
urgent news,” Jita said in his metallic, echoing male voice. “The move will be
made at midnight, Degan time of course.”

“What position
has your government taken on this issue?” she asked.

“We can
guarantee his life,” Jita said. “But his freedom will be stripped away. The
decision has already been made.”

She shook her
head. “Brian and the Avoni returned four years ago from a journey no one
thought possible. Not only that, but they came with information on the Greys
proving the Confederation is under threat not centuries from now, but decades.”
She stared the Mylor in his red glowing eyes. “Brian’s a hero Lord Jita. He
should be treated as such.”

“I agree,” Jita
said. “But the High Council has spoken. Heaven’s Light will be crushed.”


* *


The second shift
of engineers finished their work in the main launching bay of the Avoni. Daes
walked the room from end to end while checking each mobile suit as she passed
it. Each of the humanoid giants stood thirty five
tall and
gleamed silver and blue. Each mobile suit carried a matching shield and
blade with a pulse cannon on its back. Daes was the same
height as Valis with long crimson red hair and deep blue eyes. She wore the
standard Kalaidian uniform with a rank circlet showing her as a lieutenant
commander. At last she came to the end where the Mjolnir stood stationary. The
Mjolnir stood at forty
in height and had the same weapons as the
Phase Raknas. Unlike the others, the green and white mobile suit was crested
with dragon motif and had a pair of massive dragon like wings on its back. She
took the elevator cord up to the cockpit and relaxed in the seat.

“You’re looking
as lovely as ever Daes,” the mobile suit said with a voice identical to

She smiled. “You
say that every time I visit.”

“Only because
saying it makes you smile,” the mobile suit said.

She closed her
eyes and breathed in the air while stretching and relaxing once more.
“Sometimes Mjolnir, a smile is the only thing one needs.”

“I don’t

She leaned
forward and patted the console. “Someday you will. By the way, your sisters are
nearing completion.”

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