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Fulfilling Her Fantasy


Fulfilling Her Fantasy

A Masters of the Castle Novella




Tabitha Black



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Fulfilling Her Fantasy



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Chapter One


you all for coming, and for taking the time to attend this meeting."
Master Marshall smiled, which instantly softened his icy blue gaze. "I
have an announcement to make."

glanced around the vast chamber in which, in the evenings, the nightly Supper
and Shows were held. Now, at midday, it was filled with Castle staff… all the
people who helped make this the best BDSM resort possible… dungeon monitors, all
the permanent kitchen bitches, Little Maids, butlers, stable hands, Nannies,
governesses, Salon and Wardrobe attendants that mingled in so seamlessly
amongst the guests that no one would know they weren’t guests themselves. They
gazed at him; a sea of respectful, expectant faces.

most—if not all—of you no doubt know, we have been meaning to do
something to honor our dearly departed Founding Master Don's memory. Something
of which he would have approved; and something which would have tickled

took a deep breath, waiting for the stab of grief he still felt when thinking
about his friend to pass. Glancing across the vast chamber, he caught sight of
Kaylee, an expression of love and encouragement in her soft gray eyes. With
renewed energy, he continued. "After much ribald discussion, we've decided
to hold a charity auction in Don's name, right here at the Castle. Submissives
will be able to put themselves up for sale, and Dominants can purchase them. We
want this to coincide with the New Year's Eve celebrations, so the event will
take place on the thirtieth of December."

the collective gasp which rippled around his team, he held up his hands.
"I know that's just a few short weeks away, but we've already set up ads
on Fetlife and in a few other places online, and we figured we'd have a much
larger attendance if we schedule it for a holiday period. Winter is normally
our quietest season, so I have no doubt that if we all work hard, we can make
this a roaring success. I know I can count on you to give this your all. The
auction period will be from Tuesday evening, when the actual purchasing takes
place, until ten o'clock Friday morning. There should be no shortage of
Dominants who are keen to bid generously in order to spend three whole nights
with the submissive of their choice. And, after some deliberation, we have
decided to match the bids—that is, for every dollar spent at the auction,
the Castle, too, will donate one dollar. This should raise a tidy sum for
charity in our beloved Don's name."

spontaneous round of applause broke out, and Marshall gave them another smile
before raising his hands to shush everyone once more. "Anyone here is
welcome to take part. Submissives will fill in forms listing their likes and
dislikes and, of course, their hard limits, which
be respected. As usual, sexual favors will not be included automatically…
that will be left for the participants to decide. Are there any

one of the dungeon monitors, raised his hand. "How much will it

Marshall raised an eyebrow, and grinned, "for the submissives. The
Dominants will pay standard Castle rates just as they would for any other three
night stay—not including the amount they end up spending at the

of the governesses asked whether it was to be a closed event, or whether there
would be other guests staying as per usual.

this will not be a closed event. I can't say for sure yet how many submissives
will want to take part, but I think the Castle is large enough to accommodate
both regular guests and auction participants."

always fantasized about being bought by a handsome man who then goes on to do
whatever he wants to me," Selena piped up. "Can I take part?"

was a ripple of laughter. Marshall fixed his gaze on her. "You'll have to
take that up with Master Bill, sweetheart."

curls bouncing, Selena pouted. "That's a 'no', then. Fooie."

know what I'm going to do to you in a minute, just for asking that
question," Bill reached over and tugged her hair, to more laughter.

if we have a submissive on stage and no-one bids for them?" Jackson was
leaning against the far wall, huge arms folded across his chest. "That
would be awkward."

already considered that possibility," Marshall answered him. "There
will be contingencies in place in the highly unlikely event of that
happening." Then, when no more questions seemed to be forthcoming, "I
hired each and every one of you because you share my passion for this place.
You are all excellent at what you do, and the Castle would not be the top BDSM
resort it has become if not for your dedication and hard work. I realize that
I'm asking you to work over what is essentially the most important holiday
period in our calendar, but that's just the way it is when you're in the
hospitality industry. Still, I would like to extend my gratitude and announce
that everyone who works through the last two weeks of December will be
receiving an extra little holiday bonus. Just to show my appreciation."

there be fireworks?" Selena's hand shot up even as she spoke again, to
renewed ripples of laughter.

most certainly will," Marshall replied, evenly. "And Bill, I'll have
a signed gag permit waiting for you in my office, just in case you'd like a
moment's peace."

husband nodded and grinned, as the vivacious blonde crossed her arms with another
dramatic pout, and more chuckles echoed off the stone walls of the chamber.

taken up more than enough of your time, everyone, so I'll let you get back to
work. Please keep an eye on the staff message boards for updates about this
event as and when they are decided. Thank you for coming."

everyone began to shuffle out, Marshall ran his fingers through his pale blond
hair and sighed.

is a great way to honor Don." Kaylee slipped her hand into his and kissed
his broad shoulder. "He would have adored the idea."

pulled his wife into his arms. "I miss him," he groaned.

all do, my love," Kaylee whispered. "But if anyone can take an idea
like this and turn it into a roaring success, it's you. And you know I'm here
for you every step of the way."

his lips in her neck, the Master of the Masters inhaled her sweet scent and
held her for a moment. "I know," he said at last. "I love


you do it?" Ellen said, wickedly. "I think it's such a hot
idea!" Pouring more oil into the palm of her hand, she began to rub it
across her friend's shoulders, soothing the tight muscles.

don't think I'll get a chance." Janice closed her eyes and sighed.
"Bound to be the busiest time for us Wardrobe attendants. Oh, this is

so tense. What gives?"

don't know. I guess December always makes you feel lonely when you're single.
At least, it does me. Ouch!" She squealed as Ellen applied additional
pressure to a particularly vicious knot on her right shoulder.

be such a baby. You can take far worse." Ellen giggled. "I've watched

don't remind me." Janice buried her face in her arms to hide her blushes.
"I had no idea we'd managed to draw such a large audience until I turned
around and saw all those people ogling my bare butt."

crimson bare butt," her friend corrected her. "You should know better
than to cheek a Dominant—especially in public. Fancy telling him he
shouldn't wear tight hose."

was only being honest. He had scrawny legs! As a Wardrobe attendant, it's my
job to make everybody look good. Just like it's your job here at the Salon.
Except you make them feel good as well. If you keep doing that, I'm gonna start

free," Ellen said, rubbing her knuckles up and down Janice's spine.
"Anyway, that entire incident was ages ago. I'm sure everyone's forgotten
it by now."


either. I heard your shrieks from across the way and came running, only to be
greeted by the sight of that geriatric applying a small wooden paddle to your
bouncing butt until your ass was as red as your face!"

was pretty strong for such a wiry, slender man. I was surprised. I guess looks
can be deceiving," Janice said, with a shudder. "But as you said,
that was ages ago. I just can't believe that was the last form of play I've
had. Nothing since then."

Ellen sounded horrified. "Why don't you just do something to get yourself
into trouble, like the rest of us?"

curls bouncing, Janice shook her head. "That's just it. I want play, not punishment.
There is a difference. Well, for me there is, anyway. I want to be teased and
tormented by a gorgeously dominant alpha male who pushes me to my limits but
doesn't break me—God, I just want a good, hard play with someone
seriously sexy."

we're at the Castle. This place is crawling with handsome alpha males; many of
whom you count as close friends. Have you considered just asking someone?
Master Alan? The twins? Master Grimsley? Master Collins? Master Davis? If you
like the smell of hay, there's Master Brody." Ellen paused. "Or, if
you prefer a woman, there's Mistress Hardwick, Mistress Casey… shit, just go
into the kitchen and get under Cook Connie's feet—"

okay, you can stop listing everyone who works here," Janice said, smiling
into her forearms. "I've known them for at least as long as you

begs the question, how come this lovely body of yours," Ellen gave her
friend's towel-clad buttock a playful pat, "hasn't been spanked, paddled,
caned or brought to any other extremes of pleasure and pain in so long? You get
days off, I know you do. You're not one of the dowdy maids."

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